Scottish business t'irmament had

Glasgow. Yet. against the odds, they were soon to materialise. though not risen SO fast and SO high'; but in the romantic shape she had hoped beneath her achievement and for. bravado lay a gnawing loneliness Kick-started into action after brutal rejection by an intellectual railwayman who considered her socially and mentally inferior. she tossed her head at convention and. with true west-coast spunk. began to claw her way out of the slums. Overcoming the humiliation ofa self-inflicted abortion (a messy affair with a knitting needle). and the trauma of back-street rape. she rose from (To-op grocery girl to become a prominent. ifcontroversial. businesswoman. ‘No star in the

Weaving through her story is that

friend who marries Rory‘s ex-lover Matthew and becomes immersed in

battling with trades union politics and fired by the urge to improve the workers‘ lot. what had seemed the ideal wife has turned into an unpredictable millstone. Born and bred in Glasgow, Margaret Thomson Davis bring affection and


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LUNCH _ 12—2.30pm EVENINGS 6—1 1pm (last orders 10.30pm)

10,8mchor“ close Cockbu r‘m str‘eet: E DIN BLJ PGH

that nothing seemed able to assuage.

of Victoria, her better-bred and best

an all-consuming domesticity which is only spoiled by sex. For Matthew.

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228 5145‘) )"



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humour to its description. drawing a realistic picture of the city and times. with its riots. strikes and poverty. Treating her foible-ridden trio with tolerance and warmth. she spins a simple but racy tale around the theme oflove. ambition. and their awkward contradictions. (Rosemary Goring)

o Disorderly Breasts Sarah Boston and Jill Louw ((‘amden Press £5.95) One in twelve women gets breast cancer and one in six suffers some sort ofbreast disorder at some time in their lives. The majority of disorders are easily curable. particularly when detected early on. So when and how should you examine your breasts'.’ And what do you do if you find an abnormality"? What questions should you ask your doctor? What is a mammography"? Metastasis?

Boston and Louw give comprehensive and comprehensible details ofself-examination. diagnosis. treatment (traditional and alternative) and guidance on how to cope with breast disorders. They use the experiences of many women to pin-point areas where radical change is needed in patient care and in health education. Most important of all. they tell you what to do ifit happens to you. For prevention or cure no woman should be without a copy ofthis book. (Kristina Woolnough)


0 Rebel Without Applause Jay Landesman (Bloomsbury £12.95) Landesman. ex-American and ex-cultural entrepeneur. here presents us with the first part of his Life. He (inevitably) takes centre stage. with a few bit parts (like that of his long-suffering wife) thrown in for good measure. He tells ofhis participation in that manically self-absorbed era which introduced neurosis and the US fad for Analysis in the late ‘40s and ‘50s. Beatnik is apparently the generic term for it all (although the ()El) doesn‘t seem to recognise the word). So he angsts and free-loves his way through the years. subjecting Fran. his wife to the most inhuman form ofsexism leaving her at home with his socks while he has a wild time with the boys. Worse still. he wonders that she doesn‘t seem happy. But perhaps he'll turn over a new Ieafin the sequel.

Landesman is a rumbustious and witty writer who prods gently at the Big Names (Lenny Bruce. Woody Allen. (}.l.. Legman. Kerouac etc) who shared in this narcissistic cult. but he remains firme unapologetic. A colourful portrait of an innovative age is the end result although the scenario of men theorizing and belly-aching about their psychological well-being over a pint while the ‘Wee Wifie' suffers alone at home turned my stomach. (Kristina Woolnough)

I'm]: .1 ,> ostramclydes I - Buses

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This two hour tour with commentary is the key to the heart of Glasgow I (It includes a brief visit to the People’s Palace)

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