Part One of a new streetwise guide to food: Marina O’Loughlin on eating in Glasgow‘s Sauchiehall Street.

Although the halycon days oi the old Ferraris are no more, the Sauchiehall Street area is still well known as an oasis lorthe hungry. Perhaps the glamour has dissipated slightly, but an enormous number at places to choose irom, through Chinese. Indian, Wholetood, Italian, to the wonderfully stylish Bar Luxembourg.

0 Willow Tea Room 217 Sauchiehall St. (141 333 (1531 . 9.30am - 4.30pm. The genuine Macintosh decor. lovingly restored. is somewhat marred by the ocean ofonyx and gilt you have to wade through in order to reach it. Too. too lovely for afternoon tea. my dears. divine cheesecake. (Remember to keep the pinky crooked. ) (Afternoon tea £3) 0 Ciao 417 Sauchiehall St. (141 333

13-10. Last orders Mon - 'l'hurs 11pm.

Fri Sat lam. Authentic Italian ambience - none of your strings of plastic garlic. Magnificent ceiling and yards of window. Recommended: the mega-ices and anything with ltalian sausage. (For two people with wine about £111)

0 Third Eye Centre 3511 Sauchiehall St. (141333 7531. Last orders 5pm. Bustling wholefood cafe within the gallery cum bookshop cum theatre. Soups. vegetarian stews. salads. wholegrain cakes etc. Never a thick.

oozing steak au poivre in sight. (For two people about {(i)

0 Loon Fung 417 Sauchiehall St. (141 333 1341). One of the few (ilasgwegian (‘antonese to feature a comprehensive Dim Sum menu. Some marvellous (Fun Kuo) some distinctly nast (steamed lotus dumpling). Be brave. Large and comfortable. with a good proportion of affluent (‘hinese diners. (For two with wine about £35)

0 Bar Luxembourg 197 Pin Si. (141 332 1111. Last orders 11pm. A slab of Marbella descends on Pitt St. (‘ool. airy and very glamorous. a vast improvement on its location’s predecessor. l.a Marelle. although I worry about the shelf life of the fresh-cream furnishings. Brand new. so fttll food report next issue.

0 Ghandi 331 Sauchiehall St. (141 333 llll55. Last orders 13 midnight. (iaudily over-the-top interior with 'star studded' roof. but recently the food has been on the up and up. Worth revisiting for their succulent patias and a nice range of unhackneyed specials. (For two with wine about £19)

0 Pelican Blonde 533 Sauchiehall St. 11-11331 7333. Last orders 11pm. Very pretty indeed. Looks as though it was designed by Mr Kipling during his French l-‘ancy period - sugar pink


Is it a deli? A butchers? A wine bar? A cotiee shop? A restaurant? An oft-licence? A coniectioners? A bakers? It’s the Miller Street Catering Co, and all oi these.

Ever since the demise oi Fraser's Food Hall, the city centre has been a desert tor those whose tastes lie beyond Littlewoods and Lewis’s. 0K, there’s Marks and Spencer, but have you ever tried buying one slice oi smoked ham, or a single portion oi cheesecake? Not on. In one tell swoop the Miller Street Catering Co aims to put an end to all this, and augment iood-buying expeditions by altering their wares within the ambience oi a select wine bar. Have a glass oi wine while buying your loaves, or a cappuccino and line Belgian chocolates beiore you pick up your sausages.

The brains behind this adventurous project are three partners who have come to catering through unlikely routes. There’s Steve Gilchrist, an accountant; Alexander Mlllar, a sales executive and Ranald Naismlth, a geologist (1).

Steve Gilchrist says: ‘We all have an enormous interest in load and drink,

and want to provide an all-encompassing service tor the city. We're basically aiming at people with the same priorities giving them what they want.’

As well as the regular menu ieaturing salads, hot roast beet sandwiches and stuiied peppers and potatoes, there’s also a breakiast menu starting irom 8am. No more boozy business lunches, that institution beloved oi Dallasites arrives in Glasgow-the Power Breakiast.

li this were not unusual enough, they are also providing home deliveries— phone in an order and it will arrive on your doorstep, guaranteed.

‘We’d also like to be as receptive as possible to ideas irom our customers— li what you’re looking ior isn’t available, let us know and we’ll do our best to rectily the situation. We’re extremely service-orientated. It's an idea that has met with a great deal at success in Australia, and with more and more people in Glasgow opting ior an urban Iiiestyle, we hope to achieve the same kind oi success here.’

The Miller Street Catering Co is at 1 Miller Street, Glasgow Gi iGG, 041 226 5368. Open Mon—Sat Bani—10pm.

and icing blue with lots ofcupids. Burgers. chili. lasagne with the occasional more adventurous item - chicken satay. stilton and avocado toasts. (For 3 with wine about £15)

0 Baby Grand Elmbank Gardens. (1-11 348 49-13. Last orders midnight. Piano bar and restaurant - all food cooked to order. (‘an get fantastically busy especially after 11pm and standing in the narrow bar is no fun at all - get a seat to avoid being squashed to death by yuppies. Venison sausages and the pastrami.

o Newbery's 923 Sauchie iall St. (141

33-1-1891. Last orders lll. 15pm. Another Macintoshian restaurant (must be the proximity to the Art School) with nice touches - conservatory. pianist not quite disguising its hotel dining room status. .\'ot exactly queucsat the door. either. l-‘rancophile nicnu- duck. scallops. steaks. liegon sauces. (For two with wine about L411)

0 Sannino (i1 lilinbank St. 1141 333 3565. last orders midnight. Despite the bizarre proliferation of pix/a parlours in (ilasgow (why !.\ this'.’i

swiss cheese and dill pickle club sandwich both excellent. (For two with wine about £13)

Sannino is still ntiles ahead. Best pizzas. best valttc. ( l-‘or two with wine about £111)



Phone 0292 70047 for more information and evening bookings.

OpeningI Sin 25tli_]n/y

6 '1 'lie Cross, I’i'esiii’ick’

Only 45ininniesfi’tiin {/1(’((’llfl’(’ o/‘(J/usygoii'

Plenty ofil'ree Par/ciney ()pen— 'Iilini's, Fri, Sat, 7.30- 10pm



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