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‘The star of the Edinburgh CONTEMPORARY CONCE Fringe’ The Guardian and moves on toaprison Winston Churchill, says INTERNATIONAL giscipli't‘iznwkt:;t::):i::;:' Pivaro,.staledthatasociety b d db th it FESTIVAL OF _ giii'ltnyyol riot charges, but tcriiiiitseiiitl piiioniirsf‘m‘s'on NEW WRITING 5 ';¢ sentencedto solitary should be about August 1987 _ -, -- coniinement.Pivladro'h:sto punishmenlhyheing . . .- theiinalthi o i e de ri ed i ii - 11 World and BrltlSh ‘7 iiitiiiyalone, wherethe yoii'rzloctiieytiJ not Premiéres hideous loneliness saying it should be easy.

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Pivaro served nine months 2449 Aug 7.30pm. £4 (,3) in jail in 1981 lorburglary. [m

The play'srealism iswhat PUB BomBERs

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New work from Britain, France, ' 2 Germany and South Africa. Further details from the

Traverse Theatre, 112 West Bow, Grassmarket, Edinburgh EH] 2P1). \

_} THE TRAVERSE THEka 026 263;

' HAU T N "i ‘In one scene he’s tryinoto ' in 1974 two pubs were ! MAN 2 keep his sanity byrecdinil blown up in Birmingham. M E R M D S L E . . , inanities. by recdmo his“ Within a matterolhoursslx ham” "1:15 View lscoi'a'r' l limes table. things like men were arrested and, a resents “amid. e W "W" “a a that.’ Pivaro remembersthe little while later, convicted p wave 3. 'sgomem h. l solitude oi remand. 'I really otheing lRAterrorists. They zziniiip‘,.;::2ll.r.... ' .. " h‘ 't 's ea HOURS BY THE WINDOW againraised serious . I ge'virenafi; r y rifgalfizsefiggzrgozr:n§:n' by Margaret Douglas “Hash”? 3W" cgrhd'mns ; researched into this." rest there however. At This play explores the love story of Arthur and Cynthia Koestler which "[2832 2'22? :28“ an“, 5 came to a controversial conclusion with theirjoint suicide in 1983. This Eringe rzflects this; ? is an evocative and atmospheric theatrical piece. questions about August 10, 12, 14, 18, 20, 22 at 7.30pm imprisonment and justice STEVEN NEWMAN DOESN’T-EAT QUICHE 3'9 “mess” "Y "W9 l b Slan Pauenden theatre companiesthan any _ . . I . . . O otherissues this year. - An eXCiting first play by Stan Pattenden With delightful inSights into Perhaps the most exciting g teenage life in the Eighties. at all the productions, ; August 11, 13, 15, 17, 19, 21 at 7.30pm however. comesltom i . . Both plays are at the Cation Lounge, Calton Studios, Catton Road Amer?“ :he($,'l”lsit'f,e'1 5 For the flrSt tlme Market Theatre 9 can ave a 0m ica llll 8 9 ° Tickets from the Festival Fringe Box Office or on thedoor result. HAUPTMANN Ky , JO burg , regulars at the Festwal ,

John Logan considerslhe 2 bring an all-woman show. John case of Bruno Richard

Haupimann, executed.” i Perlman met actress and author

allegedlikidnappino and : Gcina Mhlophe in South Africa. killingthe baby son of

Charles Lindbergh, the : ‘I’m taking part in an underwater belly-dancing presents pilot. in1932. Logan's play, contest,‘ saysthe watery voice from behind the assuming Hauptmann's bathroom door. Will you belong? ‘Errr, it a Drama innocence, shows usaman depends on whether 1 win,’ IONAS FISHER ynsquinpsd ‘0 counle'll‘e Gcina Mhlope laughs right in your face, often, Aug10_12' 20_26 “moan” "waned 393m“ and itreally is infectious, Have You Seen a Cabinet I’ - Though only twenty-live, EZSdgleI)’;:c y it]? 1.5?lrlnggngt9thls.y:igs A" T d O“ ., Logan gamweq iouuos’eph ' in ‘ur‘g. estiva ,lS u. to ursting Wit e "me Jetterson Citations for his same spirit, but the story it tells is laced With COMEDY play when it was periormed frustration and regret, Aug 1 3-41 9m 27—29 by S‘O'Wie'd.7heal'e laSl Zandile (performed by Market Theatre, 2.30pm £2/£1 2:23:01: 2:393:33? Johannesburg) is Mhlophe’s simply-told tale of Bmish prefmeyr: (s H ) her childhood, warm and hectic while she lives _ . Venue 27 . Hauptmann Sionfin'eld with her grandmother in the city of Durban, The Roxburghe Hotel Theme. Assehbiy Rooms, grinding and incomprehensible when her mother (venue 3), 225 2427/3, 7-2g snatches her away to live in the harsh rural home Aug, 11 .30am. £4 (£3). [Fr] she’d left seven years before. Mhlophe both wrote the show and performs in it. No Those who saw Mhlophe at last year’s Fringe in the Market Theatre’s Born in the RSA may be

surprised to see that Zandile does not have the Form", years my“ pivam sweeping political themes that have marked most played Terry Duckworth in South African plays seen abroad in recent years. that national institution } Mhlophe plays Zandile first as an excitable child. Coronalion Sireel. but he 3 in love with her granny, sweets and bed-time

hungered ior something to get his teeth into. Now, suds behind him. Pivaro takes the main part oilhe

stories, then as a stubborn teen, grappling with menstruation. boys and her mother. But her performance, and that ol Thembi

tobnmious and aggressive. Mtshali as thegrandmother and mother, is convict Danny Monk in NO powerful and immediate precrsely because they FURTHER CAUSE FOR play ordinary, rounded people —- rather like CONCERN, a play about the ourselves. It is in daily South African life that the ifllUSlices 0' "18 07580" ! seeds of discontent and despair are sown. It is in “5‘?” “me” by me" the everyday that resilience and humanity have ,. Dav.'es‘ . l their roots. '

“or, m, creative sh b ,u, H 7 4 1 . pl:;§fo‘l’::'i:‘c:;fgg,‘:fm The play is undeniably about the lives ofblack

g ' ' egg. venue ' 5 pm ‘8" 229 3574 prisoan on an open people in South Africa. Zandile 5 mother is

l University course. n opens i forced to live in the Transkei, apart from her with a prison riot and 31993, l father, because the pass laws which controlled a

16 The List 7 20 August