The ONLY SHUU for the 2 6 gear’olds

Hon,i0th, - Fri.2lsl,Aug.(Nol Sun,i6ih,) 3 BILLY—COATS GRUFF and 3 LITTLE PIGS Dail 11. 15 43.111. BUSTER BROWS Adults , 25/27 Market St, Children £1.50

Bookin s 226 4224 I Frin e Office 226 5257 iii: 9 JOHN-~PEEL-PUPPET filF

PEEDIE PRODUCTIONS present Edwin Muir and The Labyrinth

a new one-man play by George Mackay Brown withlohn Broom as Edwin Muir

Venue 28 Greyfriars Kirk House, Candlemaker Row August 10 15, 1pm, £2.50 (£1.95). Box Office 031 225 3626

National Association of “J Youth Orchestras r presents its eighth annual 5 FESTIVAL OF BRITISH YOUTH ORCHESTRAS With guests Helsinki Junior Strings and Hong Kong Youth Symphony Orchestra. 8 29 August 1987 CENTRAL HALL, 'IULLCROSS, EDINBURGH Performances at 12.30pm and 7.30pm.

British youth orchestras and ensembles from Dorset, Gloucestershire, Lothians, Glasgow, Bedfordshire, Fife, Bromley, Durham (Palatine), Central Region, North Yorkshire, Perth, Strathclyde, the National Children's Orchestra and guest appearance by Caledonia Brass. Full details from Cami Main, NAYO, Ainslie House, 11 St Coime Street, Edinburgh EH3 6AG Tel: 031-225 4606

. Tickets: Lunchtimes £1; evenings £3 (OAP’s £1.50) from NAYO (as above), or Fringe Box Office, 170 High Street, Edinburgh.

Children/Students/UB40's/DisabIed FREE ADMISSION to all performances.



by Sarah Ferguson 8c Ian Henry

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...;m everyday talc oi rape and incest

2 0090 «4.0m Aug 10 22 (no! Suns/

£3.00 £200 CHAPlAlMCY CENTRE, Bristo Street Venue 23 tucknts from tho Frnme Box Office and at the venue




“original, creative. sheer brilliance” venue 7 4.15 pm tel: 229 3574




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One oi the places uttering most tun lor children this year will be the CHILDREN'S FAIR althls year's Book Festival in Charlotte Square. There will be pop-up book- making, story-reading, teddy bear-picnlcking, ilction will be coming to lite tram the Nancy and Barnaby books, the Amazing Pullin will be in periormance and Eric Carle, made a colourlul caterpillar into a delightful book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

0 Children’s Fair, Edinburgh Book Festival, Charlotte Square, 8-23 Aug, trom 11am (10am on18, 19, 29 8 21).


Indulglng all that Is charming and delighttul about the very disgusting and revolting, Roaid Dahl came up with Mr and Mrs Twit, the sort oi couple who like to grow plaque on their teeth and eat porridge when it's cold and lumpy. Open iiand Theatre Company, who presented Dahl’s very successtul Revolting Rhymes last year present THE TWiTS, a iamily show tor 6-10 year olds and above.

0 The Twits, Open l-ia'nd Theatre Company, Theatre

Workshop (Venue 20), 10-22 Aug (not Sun 16), 12.30pm (1 .45pm), £2.75 (£1.90). 226 5425 [Fr]


Major-General Non Stick Frypanne (played by a genuine kitchen implement!) has been ruling the kitchen with an iron will and his saucepan army lortoo long. Tired at being stirred, lrled. beaten and battered the lood is revolting. Peeved pies and sulky sausages join the rebellious gang oi cakes and buns and they are going to bite, sorry, light, back. And all in a puppet booth!

o The Revolting Food, Brog's Travelling Puppet Theatre, The Arden Project at Marco's, Marco’s Leisure Centre (Venue 98) , 23-28 Aug, 12.45pm (2pm) £2 (£1.50). 228 2179 [Fr]


A duck called Alice and a troupe oi clowns have to run this circus, since all the animals have done a bunk. So they will be needing lots 01 help trom the audience. Children can also get along to the circus workshop betorehand and mug up on a law skills tlrst. Tuition tors year olds and over in acrobatics, )uggilng, uni-cycling and general

clowning around.

0 The Magic Circus, 9-11 and 15-18 Aug. 12.30pm (2.15pm) £2.50 (£2); Workshops 9-11 and 15-18 Aug. 10.30am (12.15pm) £2. Both by Magic Carpet Theatre, Marco’s Leisure Centre (Venue 98), 228 2179. [Fr]


Mr Punch’s answerto Shakespeare's Macbeth is MacPUNCH, a witty and light-hearted version at the original, played by a mixture at masked actors and glove puppets and in which there are lots 01 deaths but none at them permanent. For 6-12 year olds.

e MacPunch, Artlab U.i(. and Control Suite T.l.£., Scottish Society lorthe Mentally Handicapped (Venue 102) 10-29 Aug (not Suns) 1pm. £2. [Fr]


The green-haired magician in a white lab-coat perlorrning magical rope tricks is the nutty Protessor x, one otthree acts ton-11 years olds in a morning of KIDS KABARET. There will also be an appearance by Sparky and the Magic Piano and storytelling irom Theatre Seanachaldh. In the altemoons children can team all the tricks otthe

26 The List 7 20 August