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trade themselves at children's workshops: Mon - magic; Tues- dance; Wed - puppets; Thurs- storytelling; Fri mime; Sat - mask making.

0 Kids Kabaret, 10-29 Aug (not Suns). 10am (12.30pm), £4; Workshops 10-29 Aug (not Suns) 2.30pm (4pm) £2. Both by Artlab UK. and Control Suite T.l.E., Scottish Society tor the Mentally Handicapped, (Venue 102) [Fri


A painting, drawing and meet-the-pertormers ioIIow-up to some lively entertainment irom Mr Boxman trom The Last Resort and Steve Rawlings Irom Saturday Night Live Is the idea oi ART ACTION FOR KIDS. Pencils and paper provided.

0 Art Action tor Kids, Gilded Balloon Theatre 8 Studio (Venue 38), 7-9, 13-16. 20-23. 27-29 Aug, 3.30pm (5pm). £1.50. 228 2151. [Fri


Outstanding- and FREE tor children, students, 0840 and disabled -classlcal music irom the young

musicians oi the HELSINKI JUNIOR STRINGS (opening the Festival oi British Youth Orchestras with works by Hayden and Finnish composers Including Madetola) and the NATIONAL CHILDREN’S ORCHESTRA In lirst class and well-mixed programmes. .

o Helsinki Junior Strings, 8 Aug, 7.30pm (9.30pm), £3 (£1.50 P); National Children's Orchestra, 27 Aug, 12.30pm (1 .30pm). £1; .28 Aug, 7.30pm (9.30pm), £3 (£1.50 P). All at Central Hall (Venue 100), Tollcross and tree as above. lFrI


Angel ls pretty much a bad lot who'll probably come to a sticky and and whose rebellious denim-wearing gang divides the classroom Into two distinct camps.But she can sweet-talk her way round most things, especially it she wants to attract the iavours oi Brian- even Is he does lancy someone else. The teachers are neatly sorted Into the lazy (Warty Watt) the concerned (Dolly Divine) and the prim and proper dIsciplinarIan (Miss Ball). A iunny musical by the highly accomplished and very enloyable Forth Children's Theatre.



0 Angel, Forth Children’s Theatre (Venue 120), InverIeIth Church Hall,14-22 Aug, 7.30pm and 15 G 22 Aug 2.30pm. £2.50 (£1.50). Tickets irom Fringe Box Otiice or on the door.


Investigating the case oithe missing packet oi wine gums Isn’t exactly the sort oi case the local sleuth ieeIs is worth a constable 01 his calibre, but as It all ends happily. he can’t complain. A Let's Make an Opera-ster show in which the audience come In with the chorus and the cast sing the bits In between. For all the iamliy. By the same company SID SUD IN BUBBLE TROUBLE. a bubbly adventure ior3-9 year olds.

o The Great Wine Gum Mystery, 24-29 Aug, 10am (11am); Sid Sud In Bubble Trouble, 24-29 Aug, 11.45am (12.30pm) £1 .50. Both by the Welsh College oi Music 8 Drama, Harry Younger Hall (Venue 13)24-29 Aug. 10.00am (11am). £1.50 [F]


A day In the lite ot a body- trom the Inside. it's a male body and the brain wakes, the soul dreams and the body gets up, has a shower.

goes to work, gets drunk, IaIIs In love and tails in the river. Germs Invade and the soul threatens to live. By Richard StIlgoe lorthe much-acclaimed highly talented National Youth Music Theatre making their tweth visit to Edinburgh. (Their programme will also include revivals oi two oi thelriormer Fringe Firsts. The Roman invasion ol Ramsbottom, and The Ballad oI Salomon Pavey.) o Bodywork. National Youth Music Theatre, George Square Theatre (Venue 37) 7, 8. 9, 13, 18, 21 Aug 7.15pm (9.15pm), 8, 14, 16, 20 Aug1.45pm (3.45pm) 11, 15. 17, 19, 21 Aug. 4.30pm (6.30pm), 16 Aug 10.30pm (12.30am) £4.50 (£3). 687 3704. [Fr]


Cecll the goat. explosives expert and chemicaistester (tipping a drum oi ’Grokill'

There's nothing twee about

good time) gives me Mrs

Bloomwell a hard time oi it

with his sunglasses-wearing, gruil goat pals (who also sporta nice line in sunglasses). A puppet show by perennial and much acclaimed Fringe pertormers, Overthe Top Puppet Company (not tor the under 48). And especially tor very young children (3 years upwards) they also present HERBIE THE CLOWN In his latest adventure.

0 Three Bully Goats Gruii. 8-22 Aug (not Suns), 4.15pm (5.15pm) and 6.30pm (7.30pm), £1.50; Herbie the Clown, 8-22 Aug (not Sun), 1.45pm (2.30pm), £1.25. Both by Overthe Top Puppet Company, Church oithe German Speaking Congregation (Venue 103) Fr]


which usually Iind ever-more elaborate and iunny ways to put across a moral. There’s usuallya plot involving a world take-over at the very least and some oi the most interesting oi hoodlum sidekicks (who this yearare Beestee Boys). Wonderwoman, who is in semi-retirement and running a sweetshop oii Lelth Walk Is iorced back Into the limelight as Superman has been

brainwashed by the evil energiser, the HorrorScope

. and the country Needs herii It is to have any hope at all

oi deieating The Big Noise (and saving the world).

0 Vlonderwoman and Superkid Battle to Save the Universe Irom the Biggest Baddest Baddle Ever (XVII), Theatre A.C.T., (Venue 101), 7-30 Aug (not Mons 17, 24), 3.50pm (5pm), £2.50 (£1.50). Tickets 557

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