Norman Chalmers introduces Folk music on the Festival.

The image of a folk musician has migrated from the finger-in-the-ear revivalist to urban singer/songwriter and beyond. The term ‘roots music‘ is used currently to describe anything with a folk content. from any culture and allows all sorts of music not in a tradition. So here‘s a look at the Festival from a rootsy point of view.

From the 7th to 29th there are formal concerts and informal sessions every night in the Acoustic Music Centre. the performers including many of the best musicians/singcrs/entertaine rs from Scotland and the Centre expanding its activities this year to include an Irish production of Playboy ofthe Western World and various comedy/revues. The full list ofperformances is in the Fringe Programme or from the Acoustic Music Centre. Chambers Street Student Union. 16Chambers Street.

The major concerts of the Festival are in the Queen‘s Hall or the Assembly Rooms and line up quite a collection ofsongwriting guitarists. Voted Britain‘s No 1 folk artist. Richard Thompson has four solo shows at the Assembly Rooms as has Texas Campfire Tapes Michelle Shocked. Scotland‘s red troubadour Dick Gaughan and black American soul/blues man Ted Hawkins have a concert apiece at the Queen‘s Hall.

Scotland‘s Ossian are in concert with harp. pipes. fiddle and song at St Johns. West End. and the Easy Club‘s swing folk is waiting at Platform 1.Rut|and Street. From Bulgaria comes the startlingly beautiful vocal harmony and instrumental virtuosity of Balkana. South America is represented by Rumillajta. St Johns Church. West End; and Paja Brava who play in the afternoon for the duration of the festival at the Festival Club, Chambers Street.

The Venue. Calton Road, is the heavier end of rootsy rock. with an Afro/Caribbean week including Sambatucada. Brazilian dance music; Somo Somo‘s music from Zaire and Orchestre Jazira‘s highlife. The same venue promotes Not A Folk Week. affronting it with the Blubbery Hellbellies. the fattest band around; Deaf Heights brand ofcajun rock; Mike Heron‘s new band; We Free Kings‘ primitive high energy skiffle/folk and more'from Rumillatja.


HARP Moqu‘Au

Composer Ronald Stevenson taught his young daughter by-what else- encouraging herto make up pieces at the keyboard. and a book of these early compositions is soon to be published. Savourna has not stopped making or writing music and at the Assembly Rooms will present Harp Nouveau. based round her compositions for the small harp. ‘I think it's undervalued outside traditional music and hope to surprise people with its potential electrified and in a jazz/rock sort of band.’ Ateacher and performeron the clarsach or Scottish harp for many years and married to top harpmaker Mark Norris, Savouma is heading south to Bristol shortly on a Scottish Arts Council grant. to study and work in studio with Edward Williams. a leader inthe field of instrument/electronic composition. eagerto expand the possible range of sounds generated by the harp. ‘I love listening to good traditional music. but hardly play it myself now. I much preferto play inthe band.‘ Enjoying it with this exceptional young harpist are Dave Haswell, percussion and Wildcats Neil Hay and Rab Handleigh, bass and keyboards.


The Acoustic Music Centre is a folk festival within the Fringe. running lorthe duration in the Chambers Street Student Union, with

Canongate Musi?

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