OBLOMOV, 116-122 Byres Road, Glasgow. These tlays in the Westendesstraat you'll fiiitl a bar that Will redefine your idea of a Dutch treat. Inspired by a night of capricious abandon in an Amsterdam 'brun cafe' of the same name, Oblomov isthe first bar to bring a traditional Netherland look to Glasgow. Because it's open all tfay you'll have plenty of time to check out the bric a brac, ranging from antigue clocks and biscuit tins to a refurbished Dutch televrsmn. And, jllSl like the Heineken, it was all deftly smuggled from Holland. Btit Ublomov's real coup decor is its light fixtures. No two are alike. Ask for advrce on some deKuypers Iigtieurs, then go a few rounds With Stella and you'll be a dutchman too.

DILLINGER'S, Kings Stables Road, Edinburgh. John Dillinger's guys and molls are back in town and Edinburgh may never be the same again. So pack tip your troubles in a Violin case and head on down to 28 Kings Stables Road to dance the nights away Thursdays through Sundays. With two dancefloors, a (IUflllNllel/Bll light show and lavishly stocketf bars, you could well forget that bathtub gin was ever the order of the day. And, if you're in the mood for snuggling tip to the Silver screen With the notorious Stella Artois, Dillinger's got you covered wrth srxteen Videos on one wall. Hidden cameras on the ceiling mean it'll take more than an old fetfora to keep you incognito from the mob on the street.

ODDFELLUWS Forrest Road, Edinburgh. Latin lovers vyill delight in the promise proclaimed by the sign over the door, 'Amicitia, Amor et Veritas'. 1A loose trans lleltJfl: Wild times Will be had by all.) A reassuringly subdued colour scheme contrasts deep maroons and blues wrth eclectic bits and bobs. Like a sign offer ing hot baths for 3p and cold ones for 2p. A litib of activny in the evenings, the lunchtime atmosphere is tfecrdedly laid back. Biiilt on the site of a former asylum, Oddfellows reflects its heritage by haying insanely low prices at happy hours. And Chief Drivmg Bull's favourite firewater, the maddening Stella Artois, is on tap at the island bar. How much odtfer does a place need to be?