MIAH'S, Forrest Road, Edinburgh. Followmg the overwhelming success of The Rat, accomplished restauranteur, Tommy Miah, has turnetl his hand to creating Edinburgh's lirst Tandoori style all day brasserie. Marbletl walls, specrally commissioned Casan prints,

antl an elaborate canopied ceiling provrde the perfect, light, airy atmosphere in which to while away an afternoon With the sublime Stella. And since the Bangladeshi bar snacks are everything we've come to expect from this chel, there IS no reason to leave when evemng rolls around. Unless it's to go next door to the

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THE DOME, Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow. A sign over the bar dictates the protocol; Take II easy. And as you smk into a wrcker armchair Sauchiehall Street fades away. Light streams in through high windows, overhead lans spin slowly, rermmscent ol days spent languishing in the colonies. By decree of the Governor, cocktails are hall price between Gpm and 8pm Mondays through Fridays, as well as on Sunday nights. A variety of luncheon dishes are on offer and coffees are served all day (even 'round midnight). The crowmng glory? Holding court at the bar, in all her imperial majesty, IS

THE ROCK GARDEN, Queen Street, Glasgow. They tlitlitlirstandthey're stilldomgitthe bestSolorthe liveliest, no nonsense saloon experience you're likely to find this far north of the Mason Dixon line, it's the Rock Garden. With an old pay phone, the Pabst Blue Ribbon banner antl a county ordinance from Rutland NY, the Rock Garden oozes authenticity. Lunchtime sees the downstairs bar servmg a delicious range of downhorne fare at a price to spare your pocketbook. With John Wayne, lilesize on the wall andJack Damels, largerthan life at the bar, you're guaranteed an evening of yankee


adgoinrng restaurant where you'll chance upon a complete chorce ol tandoori delights.

Stella Artois. Btit proceed wrth caution. For the empress IS a ternptress.

doodle dandy. And alter—a couple-a glasses-aStella you're not in Kansas anymore.