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g , . 1°§:§:§:§:;:;:;.;.§ CASTLE TERRACE ' Mldmght 21555555555555; (behind Usher Hall) - 3) AUQUSI 5:553:35: Cabaret, theatre, music; new 3 TH EATRE 132312533335 faces and old plus amazing WORKSHOP '3'??? site structures, incredible Venue 20 food, stalls, THE WORKERS 226-5425 BEER co serving into the I I I I

Tickets £3.00 13352333153 early hours, It's the place to be don’t miss it! See Dally Dlary/press for programme or rlng box office:

_ 0312286613 HOLOGRAMMATIC Lo c O ghzstftnltlsigacggigligday B A C H - , 1‘ " , ' A ., ' performed by the American

harpsichordist and composer Margaret F abrizio


comedy, tragedy, high drama and low farce in a Political 1 1 t 12 7 13 AugUSt at Adventure Story with laughs- by Andy Martin

CALTON CENTRE (upstairs) 121 Montgomery Street August10_22(notSUn,at9.15pm Venue 94 Prestonfield House Hotel,

£3 (£2). Tel: 031 661 9121 Priestfield Road. Tickets £3




Nottinghamshire Young People's Theatre and Dance Company.

——_.__. Fringe Firsts “— “EVERY ONE A WINNER” 6.00pm IOth- l4th August

\— “HELLO WORLD” - 6.00pm I7th-2lst August.


M:\.\'.-\( SI MI NI

(0702) 713333 W W SWe/d'é’c/Ioo/—


ZE Performing daily IOth- I4th August at “The Mound" |.00- I.30pm presen S . t I “The Wireworks Playground" 2.30-3.00pm A N “The Nottinghamshire Venue - 5.30-6.00pm and during Fringe Sunday in Holyrood Park. AN ENGLISH TRANSLATION —— OF THE MODERN JAPANESE PLAY Tgfifgfiggggggfigg" BY ZE NYA HAMADA Exhibition at the Nottinghamshire Venue lOth- l4th. l7th-2Ist IN MARCO’S LEISURE CENTRE da‘"f'°m 3'30” The Nottinghamshire Venue Theatre Arts Centre GROVE STREET, from AUGUST 12to 23 D,,,es,,ee, N IGHTLY at 6pm Edinburgh ADMISSION BY TICKETS ISSUED FREE FROM THE {321.7355 Nottinghamshire County Council FESTIVAL FRINGE OFFICE Education

44 The List 7 20 August