wrath and punishment. The Belly of an Architect (Peter Greenaway. UK. 1987) Lustrous images adorn a cool and

surprisingly conventional

narrative from Drauglira'man '5 Contract director in which a increasingly allegorical

landscape in this reminder

of the unhealed wounds that still persist from

World War 11. Plus It's Not

Easy To Be Young (Juris Podniek. USSR. 1987) Disturbing documentary on disaffected Soviet youth.

Business as Usual (Lezli-An Barrett. UK. euckolded architect faces up to jealousy and death when his secure world crumbles around him.

Brian Dennehy stars. Plus

Academy Leader Variations (6 mins).

With Love to the Person Nextlo Me (Brian McKenzie. Australia. 1987) 11.15pm. Offbeat exploration of the lonely life of a Melbourne taxi driver. Plus Harry'sldeal Home (7 mins).


Roblnsonade, or My English

GrandfatheuNana Djordjadze. USSR. 1986) 5.30pm. Cannes prizewinner in which an Englishman is involved in the 1920 Georgian revolution.

Artiston Fire (Kay Armatage. Canada. 1986) 8pm. Documentary on the work of artist Joyce Wieland. Plus Wieland shorts.

Nuit Docile (Guy Gilles. France. 1987) llpm. Complex narrative involving a night of reckoning for a trio of people.


o FlLMHDUSEt Association 01 Independent Producers’ Seminar 2pm. Plumbum. orA Dangerous Game (Vadim

Tom Hulce in ‘Slow Dance'

Abdrashitov. USSR. 1986) 4pm. The secret life ofa star pupilwho covertly joins the local CID to fight crime and vice.

The Magic Toyshop (David Wheatley. UK. 198(3) 5.45pm. Interesting Angela Carter story ofa young girl's coming of age told as an adult fairytale with achilling

performance by Tom Bell.

Plus Black Dog ( 19mins) see Feature. I've Heard The Mermaids

Singing (Patricia Rozema.

Canada. 1987) 8.3flprn. Warm-hearted. quirkily engaging whimsy of a solitary woman‘s struggle to survive the traumas of everyday life. Recommended. Landscape Suicide (James Bening. US. 1987) 11.15pm. Sobering dissection of two sensational murder cases. 0 FILMHOUSE 2

Soviet Student Documentaries 5.3iipm. Clash of the Ash 1 l‘crgus Tighe. Ireland. 1986) 8pm. The story of a smalltown boy with an uncertain future. Plus Feathers (48 mins) an affectionate screen adaptation of the Raymond Carver short story.

Hostage (Frank Shields. Australia. 1987) llpm. Another objectionable and avoidable Shields story recounting the intense but true relationship between a lo year-old blonde hitchhiker and the young neo-Nazi she happens to encounter.



Soviet Seminar 2.311pm. Partition (Ken McMullen. UK l987)5.45pm. Adaptation of a short story that cogently unravels the fortieth anniversary of the

I ~€,—.’

partition of India. Robinson's Garden (.‘vlasashi Yamamoto. Japan. 1987)8.31lpm. A young Japanese girl drops out to try an alternative lifestyle in a revamped disused factory.

Double Messieurs (Jean-l-‘rancois Stevcnin. France. 1987) ll 15pm. Jean-Paul Belmondo- style spoof of a perpetual adolescent's refusal to grow up.


How the West Was Lost (David Noakes. Australia. 1987) 5.30pm. Dramatic reconstruction of the 1946 strike by the Aboriginal Pastoral Workers in Western Australia. l’lus Nice Coloured Girls ( in mins). Invocation (Jo Ann Kaplan. LR. 1987) 8pm. The work of Maya Deren and her interest in the Haitian religion Voudoun. Plus a selection of her short poetic films. 0 CANNON

Brand New DaylAmos (iitai. LR. 1987) 1 1pm. lirirvrliniii‘s concert film shot during the Revenge tour in Japan


O FILMHOUSET Association of Independent Producers Seminar 1 1am. Family Album (Alan Berliner. L'S. 198o) 4pm. Collage. documentary on American family life from the 19211stothe19511s. Plus See You AtWembley. Frankie Walsh (28 mins) Rita. Sue and 800 Too (Alan ('1arke.L'K. 1987) 5.45pm. Raucous comedy of manners in which two likely lassesesplore the possibilities and problems of uninhibited sexual freedom.

River's Edge ('1 im 1 lunter. 1..'S. 1987) 8.30pm. A motiyeless murder in northern California focuses attention on the exploits of dead-end kids

with no hope for the future

nor need to conform to society's moral codes. l’lus Zebu (7 mins). Suburban Angels (Carlos Reiclienbach. Brazil. 198o)11.15pm. Real life story of teachers in the crowded suburbs of Sao Paulo. Plus The Aural Worm ( 12 mins).


Ariait.‘K. 1987) 1 1pm. Various international ‘name' directors provide dramatic interpretations of their favourite opera

0 FILMHDUSEZ Workshop Events 10pm and 2pm.

The Surfer (Frank Shields. Australia. 1986) 5.3flpm. Dire Australian thriller hokum that makes hour—long American TV pap look like (T112671

93133.6; . .


Showing daily at 2.30, 4.40, 6.50 8: 9.00 until Thurs 13 August 3?

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