to the stage tor Docherty and Hunter. whose career began with The Bodgers. The Edinburgh revue group were something olan institution at the Fringe tor live successive years and they have re-lormed (give or take a tew) torthe Fringe Benelit concerts in George Square Theatre this year (held to raise money lora new Fringe Oltice). Being on the same bill as Rowan Atkinson is perhaps prool it they needed it, thatthe Bodgers are indeed a Fringe success story. Docherty and Hunter went on to write lor Lenny Henry. Mel Smith and Bhill Grys-Jones. Saturday Live and Spitting lmage, amongst others, each 01 which ottered a ditterent chaHenge:

‘In some senses puppets are the best becausethey don‘t light back,’ says Hunter. ‘And they can explode it you wantthem too. Maybe Mel Smith could explode, but we haven’t tried him. Though bythe same token you need a stronger idea really tor Spitting Image because the puppets can’t help you as actors can.’

Attertwo years olwriting mostly tor otherpeople. however, they have begun to teel the pull backtowards

i pertormingtheirownwork.

‘You begin to teelyou’re writing in a bit 013 vacuum.’

; says Hunter. ’Atter a while

you begin to missthe adrenalin ol pertorming.’ o The Couch. Hunterand Docherty, Pleasance Theatre (venue 33). 60 The Pleasance, 556 6550. 9-15 Aug. 12.15 (midnight). [Fr but not in brochure]





{3.02s #Mfiw’.



Back in Edinburgh. bigger than ever. and boasting 01 a plot tor ‘world cultural domination’, the Nicaraguan Solidarity Campaign is clearly in lighting lorm to celebrate eightyears since the revolution.

H0 is the Club Sandino, presented in association with The List. Here torthe tirsttime would-be ‘Contra-killers’ can partake ot cocktails 01 that name. Apparently the rum used as its base has been maturing and gathering strength tor almostas long asthe campaign. lt’s served to a background 01 jazz, salsa, Calypso and soul music, so with opening hourslrom 11pm to 3am. you can expect to be downing it

between dancing.

llyou do teel like sobering up there's no shortage otvirulent Nicaraguan cotlee plus whatthe NSC's Daryl Upsall calls ‘A Chilean version ota Cornish pastie which originated in Wales.’ But ‘Empenades’ are just the tip 01 the iceberg; hotter even than the music, there will be a spread of‘Cantina‘ salads. tortillas and other Latin-American delicacies.

The NSC is in no doubt that the club will be packed. The London version took £8000 in twelve weeks earlierthis year, and is seeking a bigger venue tor its reopening there this Autumn. Meanwhile Festival visitors and Edinburgh residents can rest assured that the Club Sandino will never be ina better position to accommodate wandering celebrities. It will also have its own guest DJs, Wendy May. Simon Booth and Gilles Peterson.

‘There are going to be a lot at surprises’. says Upsall. it seems you are more than likely to catch a glimpse ol the stars appearing in the NSC’sthird Festival cabaret and benelit, Night tor Nicaragua: Part3. Robbie Coltrane, Jenny Le Coat. Skint Video, Tom Robinson, Harry ‘Stavros' Enlield and more have been signed up torthe show. (Stephanie Billen)

a Club Sandino, Liberty’s. Edinburgh Playhouse, Mon—Sat.10—29 Aug. 11pm—3am.

o NighttorNicaragua: Part 3. Usher Hall (Venue 119), Tickets trom the Assembly Rooms. 226 2427/8. 30 Aug, 7pm, £5.50 (£4).


With only a tew weeks to go belore the Festival began. Brighton’s Cale Zerb was a hive 01 activity. The connection? Almost everyone in there belonged

to Brighton's Zap Club -and that meant almost everyone was involved in plotting how to take over Edinburgh’s Rose Street.

Yes, having resurrected the beleaguered Hole in the Ground venue last year. this time the Zap Club has decided to use a whole street as its venue. Atthe heart at the eventwill be ‘the lap Club' itselt— Rose St’s ‘The Pub' translormed into a centre tor late night music, comedy. and other nightclub activities. ..

‘lt’s the opposite end at the scale to the Fringe Club,’ say the organisers. The Brighton-based sealront club with a growing reputation tor cabaret programming around the country. will be bringing Edinburgh a ditlerent line-up ol tour orlive cabaret acts pernight; amongthem pertormers as diverse as Bloolips. with transvestite comedy. The Vicious Boys, Glaswegian

comedian. Arnold Brown,

Some Like it Hot. (goootime gals with goodtime music),

/'n nd ‘poetry’s answerto _. / colonel Gadalli‘. Attilathe .1, Stockbroker.

Not to be outdone. sponsors Alloa Brewery are ensuring that theirtive other pubs in Rose Street will be otteringtree entertainment every evening. Says Zap publicist Simon Evans, who booked the acts. ‘They’re all completely the wrong places tor most live pertormances- small. two roomed. eccentric sizes. split levelled. L-shaped. you name it.’ As a result. the entertainment is likely to be resourcetully intimate, teaturing Hawaiian serenaders. the Waikiki Songbirds. and acts like wandering magicians. gypsy players. and the odd piece 01 character comedy- don’t look now butthat tramp could be a pertormance artist.

During the day there will be a permanent Rose Street Carnival hosted bythe alleged (ratherthan legendary) strongman and comic, J.J. Waller. ‘My routine does tor comedy what Einstein did tor beetles‘. he explains. leaning overlrom another cale table. In tact this established busker, who’s even managed to stop New Yorkers in theirtracks belore now. will be interspersing ‘bits and pieces in the Tommy Cooper tradition’, with live chat shows with you as the celebrities. Hose Streetwill also be packed with roaming musicians. jugglers and unicyclists. Interested potential pertormers should contact J.J. Waller between 11 and 12 every morning to book a spot in the day.

And that’s not all-the man with the hat and the sideburns turns out to be Ian Smith. ‘The Vagabond King‘. sell-proclaimed ‘mascot‘ ot the Zap Club. .and the eccentric perlormance artist. poet and sculptorwho’ll be introducing videos atthe Zap Videotest at Elders. Watch out tor a ten minute short entitled ‘Hevenge ol the Carrot’. . .(Stephanie Billen)

0 The Zap Club. Alloa Pubs and pedestrian area, Hose St. Venue 69. o The Zap Club (nightclub) in The Pub. Bose St. Tickets at the door only. 7-30 Aug. 10.30pm-Aam. £3 (£2.50) Sun-Thurs. £3.50 (£3) Fri 3. Sat. 0 Alloa Pub Cabaretat Paddy’s. Scott’s Bar. Rose Street Brewery. Auld Hundred, The Kenilworth and Elders. Hose St. 7-29 Aug. 8-11pm. Free. (The Zap Videotest. Elders. Hose St. From 8pm. Free.) 0 The Rose Street Festival. 7-29 Aug. All day. Free.

The List 7 - 20 August 3