at Edinburgh College of Art. Lauriston Place. Work ranges from abstract to figurative. comic to political. Mostly Scottish.

0 DANISH CULTURAL INSTITUTE 3 Doune Terrace 225 7189. Mon—Fri 10am—5pm:Sat 10am—3pm.

Eight contemporary painters trom Denmark Mon 10 Aug—Fri 11 Sept. A groupof painters chosen from the Spring

Exhibition of 1985 at Charlottenborg. Copenhagen. 0 RICHARD DEMARCO GALLERY Blackfriars Church. Blackfriars Street (offIIigh Street). 5570707. Joseph Beuys and Gerard Gaslorowski Sat 8—Mon 31 Aug. There is a poignant note to this exhibition as Beuys was going to come to the gallery and make an installation for the new space upstairs. I lowever he died before he was able to do so. Two hundred previously unexhibited works from the collection of Caroline Tidsall (see below) will be shown together with work by the French Gerard Gasiorowski. who died the same year as Beuys. Ricky Demarco was the first to show both artists in Britain at the beginning ofthe 70s. Witches Point: History oi the Landscape Sat 8—Mon 31 Aug. Photos by Paul Vlissingen and text by Caroline Tidsall ofWitches Point. a remote spot on Loch Maree. Journalist (former Guardian art critic) turned filmmaker. Caroline Tidsall has recently completed a Channel Four film on Beuys. O DESIGNER FRAMES AND GALLERY 11 Hasties Close. Cowgate 225 2774. Mon—Sat 10am—5pszun Ham-4pm. Sax Shaw Until Sun 9 Aug. Watercolours and tapestry work. 0 THE EDGE Drummond Street. 557 5229 Daily 10am-2am. A number of exhibitions held at thisfringe on the fringe venue. Artists showing include three recent graduatcsof Edinburgh College of Art. one graduate from Belfast and a security guard at the National Gallery of Scotland. Exhibitions run from 10-22 Aug. 0 EDINBURGH CASTLE: NEW MUSEUM Mon—Sat 9.30am (Sundays opens 1pm) to 5.50pm (last ticket at 5.05pm). Museum free with entrance to castle (£2 adults.£1 cones). Phone 225 753-1 for information. The Story oi the Scottish Soldier1600-1914 This new museum dedicated to that well—known figure in kilt and sporran carrying musket or pipes. includes twenty-two fully dressed and whiskery Scottish soldiers who have been specially made. When you reach the cannons at the castle wall. look out for the two soldiers flanking the museum entrance who don‘t blink. Order oithe Thistle Exhibition Until end summer. An exhibition celebrating the Most Noble Order of the Thistle. a purely Scottish Order of Chivalry dating back to the 17th century. A magnificentgreen mantle. showered with golden thistles. was made to honour these knights and takes centre position in this display. 0 EDINBURGH COLLEGE OF ART Lauriston Place Mon—Sat 10am—5.30pm. An Exhibition of Recent Work Mon 1(l—Mon 31 Aug. David Ilosie. Matthew Inglis and Graeme Magee have been sponsored by a Berlin Gallery to appear in this Festival. Enterprising Scots Collective Gallery Exhibition see Collective Gallery for details. Hockney Posters Mon 10—Mon 31 Aug. An exhibition of posters by an artist who has been a household name for twenty years. Best known still for his swimming pools and tulips. his painting and drawings lend themselves perfectly to graphic representation. Edinburgh Images by Graham Maclndoe Sun 9—Sun 30 Aug. This exhibition of photographs moves from the Filmhouse. Maclndoe seeks out corners of the city which lie low during the Festival. but have a community. not imported. but their


Stills Gallery. Edinburgh

Historically landscape has always been the place where debates about morality are set in an, as the South Bank Show on Fay Godwin's work points out. Manet's Deleuner sur I'Herbe or Titian's Sacred and Proiane Love readily spring to mind. The debate has been continued into the twentieth century, re-tocussed on environmental issues and it is partly to this aspect ol landscapethat Godwin is drawn. She has recently become involved with a project to photograph the area around Doverthreatened with unknown consequences ii the waste disgorged bythe Channel tunnel drilling is dumpedthere. Having had cancer- and recovered -nature and natural remedies have also taken on an increased importance ior her liie.

Hertone is oiten full of irony as in her picture of a target deer set amongst beautiful woods in Balmoral, whose metal chesthas had the contents of a rifle unloaded into it. In “Italian Church. Scapa Flow' the church, apparently built in the middle oinowhere, which looks like a corrugated-iron, barrel-vaulted shack has an incongruous decorative stone Iacade, complete with portico and carved cruciiix. A path irom the portico leads to a rickety. domestic-style wooden gate, beyond which lies grass and fields.

What comes across most in her landscapes however is the sense oi someone who has isolated exactly what they iind tascinating about a place - the juxtaposition of round, newly-harvested bales oi hay next to the stark and ancient standing stones on Orkney for example. ‘Big, Lerwick’, is typical olthe way she integrates iorm with ideas, as the eye is led through a broken bench which overlooks a vast, craggy rock and beyond it the spidery shape oi an oil rig. Hers isa highly personal voice. quickerto ironythan

humour, and especially sharp in the desolate.

but resonant emptiness oi Glencoe. (Sally Klnnes)

e EDINBURGH UNIVERSITY LIBRARY George Square. 667 1011. Mon—Fri 9am—5pm (but check with venue).

An Exhibition oi Books Until 18 Dec. An exhibition marking the contribution ofthe retiring Secretary to Edinburgh University Press. Archie Turnbull. and George Mackie. designer to the Press since 1955.

O EDINBURGH ZOO Corstorphine Road, 3349171. £2.50(£1.25).

Madagascar in Photographs Sun 9—Sun 23 Aug. 9am—4.30pm.Free entry with admission to zoo. Photographs ofthe wildlife and people taken during a six-week visit.

0 ENGLISH SPEAKING UNION IN SCOTLAND 22 Atholl Crescent. Mon—Sat 10am—5pm. Scottish Art 1987. 6—29 Aug.

0 FESTIVAL CLUB 9—15 Chambers Street.

Edinburgh International Cartoon Festival 1987 Sun 9—Sat 29 Aug. Mon—Sun 10am—noon and 2pm—5pm. Some ofthe best of European humourists. A

0 FILMHDUSE Lothian Road. 228 6382. Mon—Sat Noon—1 1pm; Sun 6.30-11pm. Photographs irom “The Last of England' Sat 8—Sun 23 Aug. Photographer on The Face magazine. Mike Laye worked as stills photographer on My Beautiful Laundrerre and Derek Jarman's last major feature Caravaggio. Now one of the top stills photographers in the country. he exhibits in the Filmhouse Foyer. a selection of images taken during the filming of Jarman‘s latest. The Last ofEngIand.

O FINE ART SOCIETY 12 Great King Street, 556 0305. Mon—Sat 10am—6pm.

Bakst- Dsigns ior Diaghilev and the Ballet Husses Sat 8—Mon 23 Aug. Here Bakst can be seen in details. at your leisure. Ifyou would like to know what the costumes

looked like in action, book up forthe official Festival performance of Diaghilev Ballets based on the original and danced by a French company from Nancy. Faberge and the Edwardians 8—31 Aug. Again with a Russian flavour, the exquisite objects ofjewels and gold much collected by the pre-Revolutionary aristocracy.

William ‘Crimean' Simpson 1823-1899 8—31 Aug. The middle name says it all. Watercolours of Elephants and sahibs.

0 FIRST OF MAY BOOKSHOP 43 Candlemaker Row, 225 2612. Mon—Sat 10am—6pm, Sun lpm—Spm.

Edinburgh 1977-1987: Ten Years of Popular Struggle Until Sat 29 Aug. Scotland‘s largest radical bookshop celebrates its tenth anniversary with a pictorial history of bitterly contentious issues like nuclear power. the Falklands War, the miners in Lothian and the election of local Labour councils.

O FLYING COLOURS 35 William Street, 225 6776. Mon—Sat 11am—6pm.

Pasquale Basile Until Sat 29 Aug. The classical world through the irreverent eyes of a contemporary Italian artist. Organised in association with the Italian Institute round the corner who also boasts a Festival exhibition.

Scottish Watercolours Mon 10—Sat 29 Aug. 0 FORTH GALLERY 5a Forth Street 557 3746. Mon—Sat 10.30am—5.30pm. Oenone Hammersley Mon IO—Sat 29 Aug. Tropical prints and paintings.

O FREEMASON'S HALL 96 George Street 226 5257/9. Mon—Sat 9am—6pm.

Two Hundred oi the Best Mon 10—Sat 29 Aug. The Fringe Poster has been chosen for the past eight years from achildren‘s competition. This year nearly 3,000 submissions were received from 1 14

schools it's a new record. 200 designs by

artists aged 5—18 have been selected for

this exhibition.

The Canterbury Tailors are Coming Mon lO—Sat 29 Aug. 600 pictures by Derek

Collard, illustrator of Wilde and Tolkein.


Crescent. 225 5366 Mon—Fri 9.30am— I pm

and 2pm—5.30pm.

Claire Bretecher— Cartoons Until Fri 4 Sept. The Posy Simmonds ofl’aris. Bretecher takes an irreverent look at life. 0 FRUITMARKET GALLERY 29 Market Street, 225 2383. During Festiver .‘vlon— Sat 10am—7pm. Sun 1.30pm-5.30pm. ()utside FestivalTue—Sat mam—5.30pm. Sun 1.30pm—5.30pm. Closed Mon. Licensed cafe.

David Salle: Paintings and Drawings Sat .s' Aug—Sat 19 Sept. Edinburgh International Festival exhibition of this young and convention—breaking American artist. Described as a ‘painter of modern life‘ he puts together images from films. photographs and other paintings. surprisingly disconnected in his work and ‘charged with fantasy and tension'. This exhibition and the Saatehi Collection at the Royal Scottish Academy provide an international context for the many Scottish exhibitions this year.

TSWA 30: Calton Hill Sculpture Lintil end summer. As part ofTelevision South West's nationwide arts project. Kate Whiteford has carved Celtic-type images out ofthe turf on Calton Hill. Best seen from above you can climb the Nelson Monument for 45pence, and get a terrific view of the city besides. Clambering over the adjacent National Monument is unfortunately discouraged. Kate Whiteford will also be taking part in the major show of contemporary art at the

The List 7 20 August 53