regally-coloured prints the touch of treasure.

Rocket 6-1. A Packet of Greyhounds 7

Aug- 2 Sept. A sculpture installation; a bronze edition of 6 by the young Iinglish artist Nicola I licks.

Raku: Tradition and Innovation 7 Aug-2 Sept. Raku is an old and perilously unpredictable technique in which Controlled results are very difficult to obtain. The pot is plunged straight from the kiln into water or straw and the restrlt can be very beautiful or a blackened mess? Perfected by the Japanese w ho favoured raku for tea bowls. this exhibition shows work by two contemporary potters. Elizabeth Raebtirri and Is'keiko

liasegaw a.

New Silverwork by Roger .‘yforris.7 Aug ‘2 Sept.

0 THE SCOTTISH MINING MUSEUM lady Victoria ('ttllit'ty .

Newtongrange. .‘vtitllothian. no} 7519. Tue Fri Illarn l.3(lprn; Sat Sun

Noon- 5pm; Iliurs late operiirtgb.3ll~ Rpm. Prestongrange ( bctw een Prestonpans and Musselburgh) fire In Illam 4pm.

Sat Sun Noon 5pm \‘isitor (critic. Ilistoric ( ‘ornish Beam I-ngine and displays showing coal mining through the ages.

0 SHERATON HOTEL] l-estiy al Square. Daily during hotel hours

CIOTS Exhibition Mon 111 Sat 2‘) Atig. The Campaign for an International ( )pera Theatre in Scotland shows its plans.

Irene Muir Throughout Aug. Artist-in-Residence at the Playhouse Theatre 1981) R3. Muir is inspiredby things tlieatr ical She has been workingon paintings based on the Russian Dance season and besides the Sheraton w ill be exhibiting at Jenners and Austin Reedon Princes Street.

0 STILLS GALLERY 1115 Iligli Street. 557 1141). Tues- Sun I lam (tprti.

Fay Godwin: The Scottish Photographs tjntil Sat 5 Sept. A much celebrated British photographer. known for her landscapes. Fay Godwin's Scottish work is drawn together for the first time (see panel).

0 STOCKBRIOGE BOOKSHOP 26 North West Circus Place. Stockbridge.

Festival of Books Sat :4 Sat 29 Aug. Mon—Sat 9am-6pm. Sun 12.3llprn—5pm. Books reflecting the themes ofthe Festival. include works on Russia. Mary. Queen of Scots and published plays being performed this year.

0 TALBOT RICE ART CENTRE ()Id ('ollege. University of Edinburgh. 667 101 1 ext 4308. Mon Sat. Illam- 5pm. Sun 2pm-‘5pm.

Made from Girders Fri 7 Aug Sat 12 Sept. Celebrating the grit of Scottish industry in photographs.

Jewels of the Ancients 7 Aug 12 Sept. Fabulous gold. silver and precious stone jewellery from 3.0le BC to the seventh century. Selected from the lift Sackler Collection of Ancient Near Iiastern Jewellery.

0 TENT 7 Princes Street Gardens. Daily Illam—7pm.

Design Exhibition 14-23 Aug. Fourlarge

and colourful silk banners by Louise Gibb.

specially commissioned by the Tent organisers. Since it started six years ago. the Tent has become the main venue for design in the Festival. showing high quality work.

0 THEATRE WORKSHOP 34 I lamilton Place.

225 7942. Open all day .‘y‘lon-r-Sat.

The Castle and the Woods Until Sun 31 Aug. Aerial photography by Patricia MacDonald.

O TORRANCE GALLERY 29b Dundas Street. 556 6366. Mon Fri 1 lam~6pm; Sat 10.30am 4pm.

Scottish Landscapes by Tom Shanks. Recent Work by David Martin and Jewellery by Margot Gardiner Ill-29 Aug. 0 369 GALLERY 2ft” ( ‘owgatc. 225 3013. Mon—Sat Noon- 5.30pm.


Netherbow. Edinburgh

Hoping for the best but prepared for the worst Tabitha Salmon was continually amazed by the immense hospitality of her Russian hosts when she went to Moscow to drawthe everyday life of its people for two months last year. They pressed food and chocolate upon her. and. given hall a chance would have fixed her up with a husband also. appalled that a young woman at her age (31 ) should still be unmarried.

The trip had been entirely her own idea following a chance discovery that the London borough oi Lambeth was a twin borough with Moskvoretsky in central Moscow. Her proposal to each of the councils thatshe should go to Moscow to draw and hold a subsequent exhibition of work in London. met with surprisingly swift acceptance. and a lack of oiiicial interference ordiificulty characterised her whole trip.

With temperatures well below freezing it was certainly a vodka-imbibing. watercolour-freezing experience (she changed to oil pastels instead) and her animated drawings show all the thickly-bungled figures and blue-cold air expected of a Russian winter. Entering into the spirit of things. Tabitha was determined to bring back to Britain a pair of ‘valiniki'. a unique but unfashionable sort of felt and hairy Russian welly boot. even though no sophisticated Moscovite woman would be seen dead in them. Like many consumer items they proved notoriously difficultto obtain. but a ‘iixer' friend who thrived on making arrangements eventually procured a pair.

it was a city lull of contradictions where women occupied many top professional positions but found the idea oi an English husband making his wile breakiast in bed ‘hilarious' and women were also as likelyto be doctors as labourers on building sites.

Visually it was a 'crazy mix' of style and period. ‘Moscow is on a colossal scale. which is either terrifying orvery exhilarating and it's very crowded —you feel asthough you are part oi a massive cfock.‘ Although it had none of the almost sinister presence of Leningrad. it wasn't without its idiosyncracies. like the way ‘everyone walks at the same speed. like a relentless slow march.‘ (Rosemary George)

Moscow: A Private View Sat 9- —Sat 2*) Atig. Mon-Sat Noon-6pm. A major exhibition ofcontemporary Soviet artists the first of its kind in Britain. Part ofthe lnterrtational Festival (whose theme this year is the arts of Russia).

Continuing the Tradition: Twenty Twentieth Century Scottish Artists Until Sat 26 Sept. Director of the 369 Andrew Brown makes no secret of his admiration for what he sees as the traditional values ofScottish painting. as shown in the work of Mc'l‘aggart. through Redpath. Ifardley and Blackadder to the young (‘aroline MacNairn (see panel).

0 36911igh Street. Daily Illam- 5pm. Paintings from the Warwick Arts Trust Collection LIntil Sat 2‘) Aug. Contemporary British Abstract Expressionist painting.

0 WARE ON EARTH l5 Ilowe Street. 558 1276. Mon—Sat Ilium-6.30pm; Sundays by appointment.

Bronzes and Drawings by Nicola Godden L'ntil Fri 28 Aug. The l larnmersmith Flyover in London can be a dreary and traffic-snarling place. From 31) July it will be made a little more interesting when Nicola (iodden‘s recent commission is unveiled. It is a 9 foot high. polychrome man. made from fibre-glass and resin and will recline atop ()ueen Caroline 1 louse. This exhibition shows other work by the artist.

0 WASPS GALLERY Patriothall. Hamilton Place (near Theatre Workshop) Daily 2—7pm.

Festival Exhibition 8—29 Aug. Artwork and craftwork in this gallery within a honeycomb of artists' studios.

0 THE WINE EMPORIUM 7 Devon Place. Info 346 1113. Mon-Sat 1(lam—Xprn;Sun 11am—5pm.

Scottish Contemporary Art Fri 7- Sat 22 Aug. The Wine Iimporium ~ the only venue where you cart buy and taste wine 7 days a week. shows 3110 selected works by young Scottish artists. To be auctioned! Joe Keogh. Sculptor Until Sat 29 Aug. Joe Keogh is a young Glasgow sculptor who works in cardboard and copper.


0 ANNAN GALLERY 131) West ( ‘ampbell Street. 221 51187 8. Mon r-rr Vain-«5pm Sat 9.3llam- 12.3(lpm.

(ieneral selection of mainly Scottish work. 0 ART GALLERY 8r MUSEUM. KELVINGROVE 3573929. .‘ylon Sat ltlam -5pm. Sun

1 -5pm. Restaurant. [1)] \‘oluntaryguides are available free of charge toconduct parties or individuals round the main galleries. (‘ontact the enquiry desk.

Three Italian Etchers lfntil Strn 3n Aug. The etchers are Rosa. better known as a painter . but here show ing himself as able with elaborate figure-ctimpositions. his I-‘ull off/re (r‘r'mirsl 1663) being particularly fine; Piranesi. friend of Robert Adam. and in no small part responsible for the development of neo-classicisni; and Rossini who like Piranesi illustrated the huge masses of masonry which comprised ancient Rome. btit without his great skill. Incorporation of Glasgow Hammermen tintil Strn 31) Aug. 'l'raditionally made up of men who worked with a hammer . the lncoporation has been extended to embrace all light and heav y engineering trades like shipbuilding. Imagine metalwork like saddler's ironmongery. copper pots and pans. pewter communion cups plus metal keys and clock movements and you‘ll get sortie idea of the range of their skills and many examples of work and tools are on display. .\'ow ( ilasgow's premier trade guild. the Incorporation has historically enjoyed a particularly elevated social position. albeit a rather gruesome one. since the association of hammering with the trails of the crucified (‘hr ist meant they took a prominent position at religious processions. especially the feast of ( ~orpus ( ‘hristi. This exhibition celebrates its 450th anniversary.

Modern Scottish Prints 1 'ntil Sun 211 Sept. A good cross section of work is brought together here and it argues as strongly as anything against there currently being any recognisable ‘Scottish School'. There is strongly contrasting work in The Scout's/i

Bestiary. an unbound book published last 7 year and illustrated by 7 well- known artists including] trite Redfern. Bruce McLean. Adrian Wiszniew ski and Stey en (‘ampbell Other fine work comes from Robert (.‘olqhoun and Albert Ir \ inc and in Deal/i on u I’ult' Horse Sheila .\l.rcl-ar latte mixes print techniques to rcmat kable effect. Losing flesh and substance. the horse and rider will obviously soon be fossilised. a part of the htrniotis forming leaves into which they are soeifcctiy ely decaying.

APresentlrom Mauchline t not H -\trg Beautifully finished wooden souvenirs named after the village of Mauchline tn Ayrshire. where it was produced Itctyy cell the 1820s and 193‘). A craft whrchgrew with the tourist trade and the 1 ise of rail travel.

0 OLYTHSWOOO GALLERY llil \Vcst (ieorge Street. 226552”. Mon I ll Illam—-5.3llpm: Sat Illarn lprii

0 THE BURRELL COLLECTION I’ollokshaw s Road. 64‘) 7151. Mon-Sat Itlarn 5pm. Sun 1—5pm. Rest. [1)]

The glittering prizes of one man‘s wealllt shown under one roof. The surrounding park offers a taste ofthe country

The Age oIOaIt'l'hroughorit l‘lS' I'IIL'IISII oak furniture from the scv ertlt‘crillt century.

Lace Indefinitely. I.ace from 15111 tot th century from all over the world

0 COLLINS GALLERY 1 'niversrtv oi Strathclyde. 22 Richmond Str:_-ct. 55.‘ 44llilcxl 2682 2416. Mon I ri Illillll 5pm. Sat 12- 4pm.

0 The Unpainted Landscape t ’ntrl Sat s Atig. An alternative approach to landscape with photography . It xt. sculpture and some paintings by :11 rrsts including 1 lerman dc Vt ies_ Dong (Kicker. ('hris Drur'y'. 'lliornasloshur (.‘ooper and lair llarnilton I‘IIIILly

The Blasted Oak Fri 14 Atrg Ill -1 Sept llie grand old oak. now in declining numbers. has always had a place in folklore. .11 t .lllkl history. In this exhibition a number of artists including Arrnitage. Beuv s. Constable. Nash and Turner explore the oak'spower and fascination over the ages. 0 CYRIL GERBER FINE ART 1 Is West RegentStrcct.22l 3W5 \ion I"l 9.3lIam—5.3llpm. Sal 9311:1111 12. 3' lprrt

. ITS \Vtfisl I‘IL'PL‘III Streel.221637(1Mon— Sat Illarn 5 3Hprn. The (iallery will be closed until Inc 11 Aug.

0 FILMWORLO DC L'ourcy \ Alt rule. 5 (‘ressw ell Lane. 339 S555

The 007 File L7ntil end Aug. A 25th anniversary exhibition of James Bond film posters and stills.

0 FINE ART SOCIETY I34 Bly llrsw . u n! Street. 332 4027. Mon vl’ri ‘).3l)ani~-5.3tlpm. Sat Illani lpni.

James McIntosh Patrick: Works on Paper 5--2‘) August. To coincide with a large retrospective currently being held lll Dundee. Patrick's home town. .rnd his 811th birthday . the I’irtc Art Societv rre showing a selection of his r ccent watercolours.

0 GLASGOW ARTS CENTRE 12 \‘vaslrrrrglt in Street.2214526. Mon Fri lflam Llprn.Sat Ill—5pm.

SummerExhibition Limit wch 2b -\trg. Drawings and painting. w eay ing. knrtw car and photography by students from this year's classes. Workshops in all these subjects should be on offer again i it till next September.

0 GLASGOW PRINT STUOIO 12S Ingram Street.552()7ll~l. Mon Sat Illarii S ,‘sripm. Scottish Landscape Prints s Aug It) A 11g Made tip from submissions and from stock.

SCOTTISI'I PTIOI Open SROW I’lllf IL's Illl IIlls show must be submitted by 15 Aug Contact Print Studio for details and entry forms.

. OF ART if!“ Rt'ttfrcw Street. 332 9797. Craig Advertising Awards 1 'ntil further notice. Newly—devised aw ards for design

students in Scottish art schools and

The List 7 2t) Aug-list 57,