O ROYAL MUSEUM OF SCOTLAND Chambers Street. 225 7534.

Mr Wood's Fossils Until to Aug. Intriguing and locally discovered fossils plus a fossil shark from Bearsden and the worlds oldest harvestman spider - possibly lunch for the Bathgate amphibians.


0 CANNON lothian Road. 229 3030.

An American Tail ( ti) (Don Bluth. US. 1986). 81 mins. (‘heck with venue for times. Disney -st_vle animation is back with a vengeance. with super-producer Spielberg leading the way. It combines first class technique with a fairly sentimental tale full of standard American virtues about a group of Russian mice emigras w ho go in search of their fortune in America with a nice line in characterisation including a vegetarian cat callchiger!

O DOMINION Newbattle Terrace. ('hurch Hill. 447 2660.

Living Daylights (PG) 2. 15. 5. 15.8. 15 £2.70.£2.40. £1.50concs)£l.2()oap.5. 15 all seats £1.50. See Odeon for description. Police Academy 4 ( P( i) Probany until l4 Aug (and thereafter StarTrelt IV) but check with venue. 2.30pm. 5.30pm. 8.30pm. Prices as above but no £2.70 tickets.

0 FILMHOUSE I.othian Road. 228 6382. (‘hildrcn's Saturday matinees will re-start in September after the Edinburgh Film Festival ends.

ODEON (‘lerk Street. 667 7331 . Tickets £2 (cones £1 .50) for perfs commencing before 6pm. £2 .70 (cons £2) for perfs commencing after 6pm.

Living Daylights (PG) (John Glen. L'K. 1987) 10.30am (allseats£1.5(l). 1.45pm. 5pm. 8pm. Spying made chic. suav e and sophisticated »- Bond is back.

The Aristocrats (1'S. Wolfgang Reitherman. 1971))78mins. \"oicesof Maurice (‘hevalier and Eva (iabor. Till beginning of August. 1.30pm ( not Sun). 3.50pm. 6pm. 8.20pm. Disney classic in which the feline fraternity of a household is threatened with losing itsinheritance. but right prevails!


0 LOCAL SWIMMING POOLS (ilenogle. Infirmary Street. Portobello. l.eithand Dalry. Into tel. 667 7211.

Swimming programme Until 15 Aug.

0 JACK KANE SPORTS CENTRE Niddric Mains Road. 669 0404. Until 14 August. 10am-l2noon and 2pm-4pm. Playsessions Lots of activities including treasure hunts and bouncing on Marvin the inflatable Monkey. For 5-14 year olds. Also treasure hunts and face painting. 10p under Ills. lop over Iils and gymnastics (for girls) and aerobics classes for the over 12s. '

Gymnastic courses and Aerobic classes For girlsov er 12 years.

0 MEADOWBANK SPORTS CENTRE London Road. 661 5351. [Intil 13 August.

Sports Play Sessions 10am- 1 2noon. plus the special super soft play equipment on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 50p per session. Coaching Afternoons. Athletics. badminton. basketball. fencing. judo. table tennis and trampolining. For Ill-15 years olds (except judo. open to all over6) 511p each session.

0 ROYAL COMMONWEALTH POOL I)alkeith Road. 667 7211.

Ring for details of Inflatables (at all swimming centres. including Sundaysat R(‘P 10am-12noon and 2pm-4pm). Learn to Swim (RCP Mon-Fri9.15am-10.15am; Dalry Mon-Fri Sam—llamand Portobello Mon-Fri 9am~11am. adults 12noon-5pm) and. atthe RCP Diving (9. 15am); judo (lilam- l2noon) and fencing ( 1pm-3pm).

Theatre 0 PAVLA'S PUPPETS In a mysterioustale

about a ( iingerbread House for the over 4s!

Fri 7 Day idson's Mains Park. 111.3(lam Fri 7 Saughton Park.3pm.



One of the most painless ways to sort out the good from the not so good at the Festival will be Radio Scotland‘s daily Festival View Mon 10—Fri 28 8.40am (not Sats or Suns). repeated at 1.40pm forlate risers. It will include International Festival reviews. Fringe round-ups and interviews. chiefly looking at shows which have opened the night before. The first programme on Mon 10 has a suitably Russian theme with reviews of Gorky Theatre of Leningrad‘s History ofa Horse and Sivcrko. the high-leaping. beautifully-costumed folk dancers from Archangel on the icy north coast. International Festival shows on Tue 11 include Juno and the Paycock by the Gate Theatre. Dublin and Raun Raun Theatre Company.

Kaleidoscope are enviably ‘doing' the whole festival in two hours, devotingtwo full and four half-programmes to their

coverage. It starts on Mon 10. 9.45pm with

a preview presented by Guardian theatre critic Joyce McMillan and continues that week with an interview with Mark Ermler conductor of the Orchestra ofthe Bolshoi Theatre on Wed 15. 9.45pm. Mary Queen of Scots who is making a prolonged come-back this year is the theme on Fri 14. with reviews of Schiller's Mary Stuart directed by International Festival director Frank Dunlop and the It cam' m” a Lass exhibition of the Stuarts at the National Library. Also that evening Raun Raun Theatre and the Melos Quartet from Stuttgart (plus Fringe shows to be decided). Other Kaleidoscope programmes hope to include the following: Fri 21 . 9.45pm the Berliner Ensemble. The Cameri Theatre from Tel Aviv. the Russian Tbilisi State Puppet Theatre. the West German opera company Alte Oper plus contemporary Scottish art at the Vigorous Imagination and contemporary Russian art in Moscow A Private View at the 369 Gallery. Their final slot will be Wed 26. 9.45pm with (probably) a review of the Chinese dance drama. The Soul of the Terracotta Army. the (‘hinese Kunju MacBeth. the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra and Stomu Yamash‘ta. the Japanese percussionist. Each Kaleidoscope programme will be repeated the following day at 4.30pm (and the following Monday in the case of a Friday broadcast). Tuesday Review R Scotland. 11. I8 and 25 Aug. 6.30pm will also be lookingat Festival themes and people. To freeload on the Festival get along to the Cafe (‘ontinental in the BBC Queen Street Studios where the Art Sutter show will be broadcasting live every day with a choice of ten Fringe shows. R Scotland. Mon 1(L-Fri 14 Aug. 3pm—5pm. Tickets free. Radio Forth will be broadcasting Festival City Radio from 10 Aug. Mon—Fri. 6—7pm. Gone. for now at least. are the days when Forth split the wavelength in one of the most exciting pieces of broadcasting attempted by a local radio station. producing a special radio station for the Festival. Still you can console yourselfwith Alex Shuttleworth‘s celebrated impersonation ofa Fringe

reviewer a certain Dudley Fudge. The Ticket Trelt will give up to date ticket information throughout the day at 9.30am. 11.30am. 2.30pm and 4.25pm. and from 10— 1 5 Aug Jay Crawford's 10am—1pm show will come from the Spicgeltent in the Book Festival with reports on the Film and Book Festivals.


0 Festival Cinema (STV) 10.30-11pm Scottish Television delves into the celluloid view of this year‘s Edinburgh Festival. if they can find a presenter!


0 Citizen Kane (BBC 2) 8.35-10.30pm Welles' staggerineg cinematic debut film about the rise and fall of a Hearst-like newspaper magnate . Probably the finest film in the world. 1941


o The Bolshoi from Edinburgh (STV) 7.45-9pm

History-making live broadcast of the 1987 Festival opening concert that is also being transmitted to Western Europe and the Soviet Union.The Bolshoi Theatre Orchestra perform Rimsky Korsakov and Mussorgsky.


o The Godfather Saga (BBC 1) 10.10-11.45pm

First of a five part television version of Francis Coppola's Oscar-winning epics starring Brando.Pacino.De Niro.Keaton etc. 1972 &1974.


0 Festival the (STV) 6.20-7pm

Sheena McDonald and Julia Dow present the first of Scottish Television‘s magazine programmes offering news.views and reviews of Edinburgh’s cultural jamboree o erooltside (C4) 8-8.30pm

500th episode and the big wedding day has finally arrived.


o Nazi Hunter: The Search for Klaus Barbie (STV) 10.30-12.20 am

Timely. well-regarded TV film starring the ever-improving Farrah Fawcett as Beate Klarsfeld. a young German woman who dedicated herselfto the task of bringing the Butcher of Lyons tojustice. Tom Conti and Geraldine Page co-star. 1986


O Acropolis Now! (STV) 11pm-12 midnight Hank Wangford and Morwenna Banks art the hosts for this year's live late-night sampling ofthe Edinburgh festival and fringe.


0 Festival cinema (STV) 9-9.3opm Someone explores the Russian content in this year‘s Film Festival.

0 Love Me Tender (STV) 10.30- 1 2.30 am Star-studded (Boy George. Duane Eddy. Ben E. King) tribute to Elvis Presley who died on 16 Aug 1977. The beginning ofa weekend of films.concerts and saluteson all channels.


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