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Below: Punk. Russian style. usually lilac. red and Above Right: Apaunchy These cartoon drawings by sea-green. Punk in Russian charactertrom the Georgian V. Sisoev were on show in is 'Pank' - you can see the Tbilisi State Puppet Theatre an exhibition in the Moscow word spelt out in the who are renowned iormei, suburbs. They are donein picture. the letters standing beautilul designs. They are the Style 0' Who" - 0'“ '0'“ tor PtOQTBSSiVB presenting a total otthree aft that is View tntticatE. Anti-military National shows at the Festival.

with dazzling colours. Kostume.

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. . . - in Russia,these are rapidly “WW ' I‘: 'r becomingtashionable -‘ .. H : here.though sold at several w”; s ' times the cost.

Below: Map ot the spacious. chandeliered Moscow underground.

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Two examples ot the rare chance to see Russian theatre at this year's Festival.

Left: The lamous Gorlry Theatre trom Leningrad present Tolstoy's ‘History at A Horse' during the World Theatre Season at the lntematlonal Festival. Right: The Moscow Studio Theatre of the South West present a Russian ‘tringe' version at ‘Hamlet' on the Fringe atthe Assembly Rooms. See Theatre Preview Section tor more on Russian drama (page 13).

~ August 5