by Edwin Stiven A Medieval Ballad-Play in Scots Edinburgh Festival 1987 by W i l 1 i am She ke speare ASSEMBLY ROOMS, George Street Mon 17th—Sat 29th (not Sun 23rd): 8pm , . . . Tickets £4.25 (£3.25 concession) As po 1 gnan t as I have seen - Guard 1 an available from 0.3] 226 2427/8

'A brilliant group' - Radio Forth

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At St. MARK’S UNITARIAN CHURCH Castle Terrace, Edinburgh

Thursday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday, Friday, 20th August 24th August 25th August 26th August Saturday at 8.00pm at 8.0091“ at 8.00pm at 8.00pm 27th, 28th, Tickets £3.50 Tickets £3.00 Tickets £3.00 Tickets £3.00 29th Ausufl Concessionary £2.00 Concessionary £2.00 Concessionary £2.00 Concessionary £2.00 at 8.3093“

Tickets £3.00

Concessionary £2. Phllllda Bannister 1 Suzanne ".99.", Mezzo-Soprano M.zzo,soprano -;‘ with A'pm smafl E Suzanne has studied in Classlcal Gunar Yorkshire, Belgium and . Germany and has taken part S'nce mey began work'ng 'll ability and Variety are in works ranging from 15th- 3. logeme' m me summer 0’ tW0 keywords ‘0 51100933 20th Century. including this 3'" 1986 Phillida and Alpin have the Trio Elan delivered the year the First Performance PM“): A. PM” I -3 Men given a number 0' recna'S goods in tull measure. . . of Roger S‘eptoe-s Cantata Davld McArthur h rhomc y in and around London. audiences everywhere -In Winters- Coid Embraces Plano ."c 0|.” 000'?" Their programmeot I‘Songs especially those still Diex Her programme ,Some “New toneJayering Class ca . If for Vo'ce add Gu'ta' Ulllamlliar Willi QUllaf includes Roger Steptoe's in the Schubert being .You are ‘agluy mv'ied '0 'nC'Udes Ar'as by BaCh' "1090. Will welcome the Chinese Lyrics (2nd set) especially note-worthy . . . hear an arm“. bringmg ms Hande'v and Ca'da'a- 5°”95 varied and exciting and other En lish and s h II t m” and cons'derable and Foikson s b g c "mam ca 8 or great wers to bear on a piece 9 y . programme Ollefed by the German songs. muslcal sensitivity which it p0 Granados, Falla. Weill and

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Britten. Magazma Guitar Magazme.

Tickets for all performances are available from the Fringe Ticket Office, 1 70 High Street, Edinburgh Subject to availability at the door on the evening of the performance.

26 The List 31 Aug— 3 Sept