A CELEBRATION OF MARY, Y H QUEEN OF SCOTS Queen Street, Edinburgh 031-556 8921

~ . . , W 9July 4 October ;A .thh w Admission £1 Concessions 50p

THE QUEEN'S IMAGE This exhibition is in two sections. The first

provides a rare opportunity to \'i(‘\\' authentic portraits painted during M 211')"S lifetime. 'l‘he second consists of a dramatic series of history paintings illustrating key episodes in her life. supported by the Morrison Construction Group

THE QUEEN'S WORLD In association with the National Museums ofScotland the exhibition assembles a fascinating variety of treasures linked with Mary. along with portraits of her friends and enemies.

Also on show



/‘/' _ ,7" ’v r.“ .l A NATIONAL GALLERY NEW SCOTTISH ART ; . j I, ,’ /---v

7" j Belford Road, Edinburgh 031 -556 8921

,; - Lj” or “ODERN ARI 9 August -25 October Admissmn l~ree . g“

m l

/ j I ' 'l‘his major exhibition features new work from 17 r - . .‘ . . '- - ' / Q, A” j I‘ \, ’1 young Scots. Includmg painters Lampbell. \\ Ismewski. l ‘x 4 -~ v ll l*"(‘l"' l()‘l) 'll I _‘J. llow son and (.uIIIt ant p Iotogiap It is ,o x In ant ()lillt . I "j j ()ne ofthe most ambitious projects staged in Scotland 1 '5 ' j \31. i this decade. the exhibition includes speciall\' commissioned j NATIONAL j '9 g Installations b} l)a\1(l Math. l\dl( \\ llllt l()l(l and Sam .\mslt }. M A: -‘ Sponsored bx' SHELLUKLIMI’I‘EDQZ?

' GALLERY I FRENCH MASTER DRAWINGS FROM STOCKHOLM A“ A" F S OTLAND WA. The Mound, Edinburgh 031-556 8921 N A’ I ‘l I 7 August 11 October Admission £1 Concessions 60p j A selection of 12.3 drawings from the Nationalmuseum Av * 4‘ A Stockholm. whose holdings of l’rencli drawings are among

the most distinguished outside l’rance with examples by Poussin. \Vatteau. lioucher.Chardin. Delacroix and Rodin. G A I II j R I I lS

Originated by the Drawing Center. New York. with grants from British Airways. the National Endowment for the Arts (LS:\) and the New York State Council on the Arts.

Also on show Landseer‘s Monarch of the (ilen. on loan l


from Guinness l’lL‘. l’lus our new Benjamin \Vest.

OPENING TIMES ALL GALLERIES: l()-(ii\1on-Sat ll -ti Sun (l’estival) l()-.‘3 Mon-Sat 243 Sun (( )therwisel

42 The List 21 Aug— 3 Sept