Denone Hammersley Until Sat 29 Aug. Tropical prints and paintings.

O FREEMASON'S HALL 96 George Street »———— 226 5257 9. Mon-Sat 9am—6pm.

Two Hundred ol the Best L‘ntil Sat 29 Aug. The Fringe Poster has been chosen for the past eight years from a children's competition. This year nearly 3.000 submissions were received from l 14 schools it's a new record. 200 designs by artists aged 5-l8 have been selected for this exhibition.

The Canterbury Tailors are Coming Mon Ill—Sat 2‘) Aug. 600 pictures by Derek Collard. illustrator of Wilde and Tolkein. O FRENCH INSTITUTE 13 Randolph Crescent. 225 5366 Mon—Fri 9.30am—lpm and 2pm—5.30pm.

Claire Bretecher- Cartoons Until Fri-l Sept. The Posy Simmonds of Paris (with extra barb). Bretecher‘s cartoons take an irreverent look at life.

..,, :1 o FRUITMARKET GALLERY 29 Market

poignant note to this exhibition as Beuys was going to come to the gallery and make an installation for the new space upstairs. However he died before he was able todo so. Two hundred previously unexhibited works from the collection ofCarolinc Tidsall (see below) will be shown. See Festival Arts Feature.

Witches Point: History at the Landscape Sat S—Mon 3l Aug. Photos by Paul Vlissingen and text by Caroline Tidsall ofWitchcs Point. at remote spot on Loch Maree. Journalist (former (iuurtlitm art critic) turned filmmaker. Caroline Tidsall has recently completed a Channel Four film on Betiys.

0 George Wyllie - Book Table L'ntil Mon 31 Aug. The scul'.’tor Cieorge \N'y llie has compiled a special tribute otdrawings and text to 21 yearsofthe Demarco(ia|lery.

0 THE EDGE Drummond Street. 557 522‘) Daily l0am—2am. A number of exhibitions held at this ‘lringc on the

fringe' y enue. Artists show ing include Fmirmarkey Ganem Edinhmgh Ora case at Salle shocking lull stop?The SITCCL 335 33‘33- During E95103” Mon-Sat three graduates of Edinburgh College of David sane chucks an “mow athis shielding hands otthe figure abovethis nasty 10am—7pm; Sun l.30pm—5.30pm. OutSldC Art . one graduate from Belfast and a paintinee picasso's -Head or e Woment and cartoon. goes some way to suggesting that FCSUVHI Tue-Silt ll‘lilm-5-30Pm: Sun security guard at the National (iallery of waNeau's tsea'ed Musician' afe among the former is the case. but the uneasmess Iiilpm-Sfillpm- C IO-‘Cd MO". LlCCnSCd Scotland. Exhibitions run until Sat 22 - remains, ea c.

o EDINBURGH CASTLE: NEW MUSEUM enisrs as ghosts on“, genes select stage. sophistication. He has had sophisticated 52" 1.950Pl-FsltnburghInternational .\ton -Sat 9.30am (Sunday s opens lpm ) to Undemeem "wee ,eremees to me pest painters like Rauschenberg and lhlarhol go Festival exhibition of this young and 5.50pm (last ticket at 5.05pm). .\ttiseum figures inhabit a kind 0' dosed. belore him and has soaked them In. Hts work COUVCDIlOn-brCilklng American artist; free with entrance to castle (£2 adults. £1 monoehmmaiie "em, like a 3. o, in many talks in the cool. sell-assured tones ola Described as 2} ‘pznntcr of modern life he cones). Phone 225 753-1 for information. cases. a blue movie. Gallery visitors making super city-dweller and affords hlm the liberty Puts mgCIhCT Images from film-SR

The Story at the Scottish Soldier1600-1914 re, the care “ester” and glancing at or playing with morals and people. a liberty thggfiiphs {ind 0‘th Palmmgsr

This new museum dedicated to that tnerianeev on the way. may miss the skeyeh he shares with the urban way of lite itself. furprlsmgly disconnected in his work and w ell-known figure in kilt and sporran in the “Wham, comet. so casuallymmwn His blend ol style and subtlety writ large ls Chitrgcid “"Ih lumitf'." andlc‘nsmn .- This carrying musket or pipes. includes in. u would not be out or piece in a cheap operatic verging towards decadence. Though exhibition and the Sautcht Collection at tw enty-tw o fully dressed and whiskery pomography magazine and n cenainly it may be dressed In the past and faded lht‘ ROB” SCOIII—‘h Academy W‘mdc 3” Scottish soldiers w ho have beenspccially seems outefp'aee inme Fruitmarket “mes. comm. his voice isa hafshand igntetrtnar:tins-ltciintexmorthe many made. When you reach the cannonsat the - 7 ° . ' rCU 18 X HI Ions Is year.

eastle w all. look out for the twosoldiers canary. A case 0' sane Shocmng mrgooa. concened one (“we saw) TSWA 30: canon HI" SCUIDIUFO um” 0nd flanking the museum entrance who don‘t Sllmmcr. A8 part OlTelm'ision South Mink. I e ' ' I v e I _ I I ~ _“ West's nationwide arts project. Kate order 0' me Thisue Eehibmon L-mil 0nd \\ ork by a young Edinburgh artist. :I‘d {this} Limit” 5 Iflhlfngt'd‘" will?“ Whitel‘ord has carved Celtic-type images summer. An exhibition celebrating the . EDINBURGH UNIVERSITY “Emmy :21“)?‘2“‘l(é'; en???) t L It? gt . otit ol‘the turfon Calton Hill. Best seen Most Noble ()rdcr ofthc Thistle. apurely (‘ t , , .5 e . 667 H” l. Mumpr- ii-‘fdp Us 'I‘ $091"): ssx Tlts from ahmc _ you can Chmhthc Nelson

. . . . . . ’U rt-L (In "L I in the I ilmhousc Pour a selectionol - . . - - .- Scottish()rderol( hivalry dating backto 9- _s b be 'k wi hv -n i' , - . .. . .. - ' ~- . M‘mumcm f‘" 45P' and get (‘ICIIIIIC‘ICW

, "m ~Pml “IL L I L “I imagcstakcnduringlhctilmingof . .- . . ' . -. . ' .. the I tth ccnturi- A magnificent green An Exhibition of Books L'ntil is Dec. An Meme. 1.” .8. 1,7,2, 1., ,,-,.-,* ,, , "III" “‘-‘ i‘“¥'d“-‘- ( "‘mbwngmmhc mantle. showered with golden thistlcs. , h'b't'nn n a kin r the C(mmh mm “mm ' L' ' ( J I (‘ 'l‘g um adJitCCnI Minimal MOHllmCm IS cx i i l T r L u .

“5 mad“ I“ h””‘“” Ihc-‘C knight“ and retiring Secretary to Edinburgh 0 FINE ART SOCIETY 12(ireat King Street. unhinunmi‘ly d'sc‘mI‘W‘id' Kate . Wk“ “'er P”~‘III0n In Ihlhdlhplith Universitv Press: Archie Turnbull.and 5560305. Mon—Sat 10am—6pm. I “hndord 'sulwtakmg pa” m the major ' ED'NBURG” COLLEGE OF ART Li'umm“ George .Viackie. designer to the Press Baltst- Designs tor Diaghilev and the Ballet 5m)“ "f “’“lcmPOW-V 3” duh“ Gallery“ Place Mon-Sal “lam-5.3“an sincei‘)55. Russes L'ntil Mon 23 Aug. Bakst is “mm” A” dunng “‘0 FW'V‘” (59° A" Emibmon 0' Recem work Em” M0” 31 O EDINBURGH ZOO Corstorphine Road. arguably the best-known‘eostume helm”

Aug David “mic. Matthew lush-sand 334mm. £2.50(£l .25). de‘signe'rin the historyofthcatre. Onelink ' G‘LLERY MODERN“ Bc'f‘m‘ Road' (imcmc Muses have hccn sponsored h} a Madagascar in Photographs L'ntil Sun 23 in the genius that was‘Diaghilev. hiswork 55" 8931- Dumg FCS‘W' M‘m—S?‘ Bull“ .(‘WHCIF I“ ilPPCftf In Ihl‘ FCSIIVH- Aug. 9am—4.30pm.Frce entry with for the Ballet Russes came tip with 1(kim-6pmlsu9 Ham—6pm outs'dc co'lecme sane” E‘hlblllon SCC COHCCIIVC admission to zoo. Photographs ofthc unforgettable attire for Nijinsky and the mea] Mon—5‘" mam‘spmi 5”" 2‘5Pmo

Rest. [D]

(ialleryt‘ordetails. Wildlikend . I. . .. ' . .. a . . .. . . . . .r . _ . c pcop c taken duringa rest. His work can also be seen re roduccd . Hockney Posters L mil Mon 31 Aug- An six-week visit accurately in the Official Festiv'ilp "'9 mm“ 'magmm“ "e" mm" A" sxhib'lwn of WIer hi on «mm “hum-s - ENGLISH SPEAKING umou IN SCOTLAND performance of Diaghilev Balletsdanced L."“_' 5"}? ~5 0“ Y0“ “d” ‘m'535dm PCS“ 3‘ h‘IUSChUId “1mm ‘0' I“'C"I."."Ci”5- 22 Atholl Crescent. Mon—Sat 10am—5pm. by a French Company from Nancy. Ainsley ‘8 hUgc 6”“ banncrhapgmg on the B“ k“““’" 3”” I” “‘5 W'immintl Pooh Scottish Art 1987. L'ntil Sat 29 Aug. Faberge and the Edwardians L‘ntil Mon 31 pom“) of the gallery: And '"S'dc‘ co'o‘" 1‘"dII'IIP5~h'5 Piiinllng and drfl“'Intl5 'Cnd 0 FESTIVAL CLUB 9— 15 Chambers Street. Aug. The Russian flavour continues in the and energy 1h: “Wk by these "mm-50"“ PUTICC‘IY I“ grilphlc Edinburgh International Cartoon Festival adjoining room with three easesof mm"? Sfofus's a??? {hf "5' 5'on ICPICSCm‘m‘IW 1987 Until Sat 29 Aug. Mon-Sun Faberge. the exquisite objects ofjewels 1:131:10 . COIL": thmtftppfgdridnm Edinburghlmages by Graham Maclndoe [Hum—notinand 2pm—5pm. Someofthc and gold much collected bvthe L “.“ng‘ L um“ ‘8 'r‘c‘” . L ""1511" MA"? Th'W‘h'b'II‘InM best of European humorists. tire-Revolutionary aristoc'racv. hwmr-V‘ h mCIUdCS SCUIpmrc (by David photographs moves from the Filmhouxc- o FILMHOUSE Lothian Road. 22a 6382. William 'Crimean‘ Simpson 132'3—1899 WC“ P""“?g’i‘l’hv“.‘bt' COM" and M‘Wlndm‘ “SCI” “1” Wmcr‘ "I Ihc CII)‘ Mon—Sat Noon—l lpm: Sun 6.30—1 1pm. Until Mon 31 Aug. The middle name savs O Donnell)‘ 'ns.mllm'(.)ns (by Kate “‘h'Ch I'L‘ '9‘" (“If”)? Ihs‘ humid but him Photographs lrom ‘The Last ol England' it all. \V'atercolou‘rs of elephants and ' W WW and 5am A‘"S'Cy).""d. . 3‘ C‘Immumttl "l" 'mP‘IIIL‘d- bl” the” L'ntil Sun 23 Aug. Photographer on The sahibs campaigning for the misguided P‘i'm'l‘g‘ (by Redfcm‘ “‘"fi'C‘ cumc mm; . . Face magazine. .‘vlikc Laye worked as stills good of the em‘pirei I “i'érlfliwwsm and Uthcrs)’ N0! m be mam" Kama" New wo'k L "I" 5”" 3“AU11- photographer on My Beautiful metlrelle 0 FIRST OF MAY BOOKSHOP 43 mm“ . . ' ' .' i I - . AGala Celebration Lntil Sun 23 Aug. ( andlemakcr Row 225 2612 Mon-Sat . . . mmkbpm gun lphyepm ' Performance beginsatopm.£4(12).The ( .- EXHIBr-HON ( Edinburgh 1977-1987: Ten Years olPopular Cf"?I'm"T‘gff""‘b"'i"‘."“ “We”? J r suugme [.nm em ,9 Aug Scullandk Glasgow-based Rotating Dancers. Visual . /// // r . , g I g fi‘ ' _I _ artist Keith McIntyre and musICIan Derek J J I J 1 largest radical bookshop celebratesits H) ht m [hr MS 1 myriad mam intoa I / r r, r, r r ( tenth anniversarv with a pictorial history (ug ( ( f ' - 3 . t ' v1. 1 . - . . g . ' performance based on the traditions and of bitterly contentious issues like nuclear lc cndeof Borders mum” Power. the Falklands War. the minersin Rfiamimcndcd " Lothian and the election oflocal Labour ' LEGEND AND THE ARTS. councils. - GATEWAY EXCHANGE 2—4 Abbeymount. 25 May to 3 September 0 FLYING COLOURS 35 William Street.225 661 0982- Mon-Sut9am-1 19m- 6776. Mon Sat 1 lam—(i m. Flash Bang Wallop! Until Sat 29 Aug. P . . ADMISSION FREE _ Pasquale Basile L'ntil Sat 29 Aug. The T Mitre-110m can 801 2m CYCIUI Wh'k‘ . Mon-Fn' 9.30-5 (Festival 930-830); classical world through the irreverent eyes waiting for the doors toopcn- Duskystlll . «nor In ofa contemporary Italian artist, life and the British obsession for flowers sat 9'30'1’ Sun 2'5 ()rganised in association with the Italian and imimiilfif [WUOIIhC S“PISCISIIIIIIISS 5C0 D .4 Institute round the corner who also boast a foyer CXhIh'll‘m- Nationgl Library of Scotland. George lV Bridge Festivalexhibition. George Blair—Photomontage UntilSat 29 Edinburgh EH1 tEW Tel 031-226 4531 _J Scottish watercomurs Mon “psi” 39 Aug Aug. Are there Job Centreson the moon’.’ o FORTH GALLERY 5;. [-‘rmh sircc1557 Has your dinner party ever been upset bya 3746. Mons—Sat 10.30am—5.30pm. Commando leaping through the window?

44The List 21 Aug— 3 Sept