Amongst the new colour-Coordinated cafe his message seems doubly effective. Blair asks us to take a look at the images which pound into our lives through the media and not to take the colour supplement image straight up.

0 GRAEME MURRAY GALLERY 15 Scotland Street 5566(1211Tue—Sat 11am—5pm.

The Rigorous Imagination Until Sat 19 Sept. An alternative on a more restrained scale to the show at the GMA. Less sweeping gesture and more meditation. Artists exhibiting include James (‘ramb. Felim Egan. PeterJoseph. Iain Patterson and Kate Whiteford (who also appears in the Vigorous Imagination. GMA ). See panel. 0 HM GENERAL REGISTER HOUSE Princes Street. 556 6585. Mon—Fri iiiam—4pm. The Queen and the Scots Throughout the summer. The famous Franco-Scottish Alliance of which Mary was so much a part has not gone unnoticed in thisexhibition which has its accompanying explanatory notes printed in both English and French. It is a documentary -style exhibition. a little over-heavy on text. btit giving a flavour of life in Scotland in Mary 'stime when the Reformation was first taking a grip and the first man in Scotland was hanged for heresy.

Scotland and the Netherlands L'ntii October. A small exhibition in the entrance hall. The not unhistoric surname Fleming is one of the few remaining hangovers from the inflttx of Flemish weavers who were invited to Scotland to pass on their skills so as to boost Scotland‘s textile industry following the 41X) year-old act of 1587.

e GREYFRIARS KIRKHOUSE CAFE Candlemaker Row. Mon—Sat 1(1am—ll.3()pm.

Exhibition oi Sculpture and Painting L'ntii Fri 28 Aug. Work by two recent London graduates Kate Bernstein and Anna Oliver.

0 HANOVER FINE ART 104 Hanover Street. Mon—Fri 10am—5.30pm: Sat 10am—4pm. Festival Exhibition Until 1 Sept. Showing work by Shield Anderson. Pat Beveridge and Steven Proudfoot. plus jewellery and hand engraved glass.

0 INHOUSE 28 Howe Street 225 2888. Mon—Sat “lain—6pm.

Richard Sapper L'ntii Sat 29 Aug. Sapper is the man who made those classic. thin. matt black lamps which make the Anglcpoise look like a dinosaur. He also 0 iTALIAN iNSTlTUTE 2a Melville Crescent 226 3173 Mon—Fri 1(1am—5pm (closed I—2pm).

Robert Bossagiia L’ntii Fri 4 Sept. Images of Rome in the surrealistic light ofthis

Roman photographer.

designs computers. clocks and potsand pans. (‘onsuitant to Fiat and Pirelli to name but two. he is an italian who is in the business of shaping our lives.

0 IXIA 4-1;: George Street.

Wood. Ceramics and Glass t'ntii Sat 39 Aug. Daily during Festival. except Suns, iiIam—(tpm. Work by Keith Maloney. Iilaine Dick and Anita Pate.

O KINGFISHER GALLERY 5 Northumberland Street Lane.

Opening Exhibition This new gallery opens with an exhibition of work by a selection of artists includingJohn Bellany. Alan Davie. liamish Lawrie and sculpture by Dame Elisabeth Frink.

0 JOHN NELSON 22—2-I Victoria Street. 225 4413. Mon—Sat liIam—5pm.

Early-19th century maps and prints.

0 MALCOLM iNNES GALLERY o7(ieorge Street. 226 4151. Mon—Fri 9am—6pm. Sat iiiam— 1 pm.

A Scottish Panorama t'ntil Sat 5 Sept. Historical views by artists like Raeburn. iioratio Mc('ulloch and .\'asmy th.

0 MANOR SCHOOL OF BALLET 4 Manor Place Daily Itiam—(ipm.

Patchwork and Appliqué by Peggy Reid L'ntil Sat 2‘) Aug. After missing the 1986 Festival. Peggy is back with more of her work.

0 MARTIN & FROST 83 (ieorgc Street. 225 2933.

Oriental Rugs: The Russian Dimension Daily except Sunday during the Festival. 9ant~—5.3(ipm. Rugs from Turkey and (‘hina are supplemented with richly-coloured examples from the Caucasus and Turkestan.

0 MERCHANTS HALL 22 iianover Street Mon—Sat mam—8pm.

International Photography L‘ntii Sat 29 Aug. 125th international Exhibition of pictorial photography by the Edinburgh Photographic Society. of which William (‘arrick (exhibition at the Portrait Gallery) was made an honorary member. 0 MERCURY GALLERY 2 3 North Bank Street. 225 3200. Mon—Fri Ii)am—5.3lipm; Sat Iliam— lprn. June Rediern L'ntii end Aug. Redfern is one of Scotland's most dynamic painters and exhibits this Festival after some absence. She was the 1985 Artist in Residence at the National Gallery in London and last year was Guest Artist at the University ofMinnesota. L'.S.A. Her work is well known in America and this country she is also exhibiting with the Vigorous Imagination show at the GMA. 0 NATIONAL AND PROVINCIAL BUILDING SOCIETY 49 George Street. Mon—Fri


Miniature Masterpieces

Tbilisi to Tashkent

Distant places materialize In two exhibitions at superb Soviet craftsmanship. At the City Art Centre “Miniature Masterpieces' shows lacquer-work irom Paiekh 300km North-East ot Moscow, while at the Royal Museum. Chambers Street. ‘Tbilisi to Tashkent' displays the decorative arts of the Caucasus and Soviet Central Asia.

‘Tbilisi to Tashkent' is the more enjoyable because it has a variety of exhibits, unusual-looking and expressive oithe lifester oi the communities that produced them. in the 19th century in Central Asia women were adorned all their lives - hence an armoury oi jewellery is on show. Further spiendours include costumes, carpets. an engraved pumpkin (1). weapons and exquisite embroidery.

‘Miniaiure Masterpieces’ suitors trom poor presentation. Beautiful though the painted Iacquerwork boxes are. there are too many of them too similar in style to encourage real appreciation of their charm. Also the literary and legendary source material displayed is iragmentary and not always placed where it

would be most illuminating.

Interestingly. both exhibitions demonstrate how tradition in the arts is kept alive in these parts oi the USSR- contemporary Central Asian pottery repeating 19th-century motiis and the Palekh artists painting scenes from traditional tales using the elongated iiguralive forms and flattened perspective of the ancient art oi icon painting. (Maureen Sangster)


Auction to be held at THE WINE EMPORIUM on 22nd August at 2pm

7 Devon Place-Edinburgh EH12 5HJ Telephone 0313461113. Open Mon to Sat 10.00am-8.00pm Sun 11.00am-5.00pm.


EDINBURGH 12 Great King Street. (131 5560305

GLASGOW 134 Biythswood Street. (141 332 4027

FESTIVAL EXHIBITION Faberge, Bakst and William Simpson

James McIntosh Patrick WORKS ON PAPER

5 29 August Mon—Fri 9.3(Iam—5 .3()pm: Sat lilam—lpm

8— 31 August Mon—Sat 10am—6pm; Sun 2—5pm



Robert Adams

Dame Elisabeth Frink

lames Cumming Alan Davie

David Donaldson Marysia Donaldson Archie Forrest Donald H. Fraser Hamish Lawrie



Wilhelmina Barns-Graham William Cadenhead

Alex Campbell

Brenda Lenaghan Ann Patrick

VIEWING August 10th September 15th 1987



Gallery open to the public lO-o each day except Sunday


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