0 Kids aims to provide Info. about mm in and around Edinburgh and Glasgow for children and young people. Please send details not later than to days before publication.


Activities and Fun

0 BALLERUP HALL ( 'ivic ( ‘entre. liast Kilbride.

Certificate Presentation for Rainbow Three Reading Parade Hi 38 Aug. u..‘~tlpiu. All the summer reading the children have done over the holidays is rew arded with certificates. plus prizes for the best Rainbow picture. lots of fun with Punch and Judy. badge-. mask- and model-making activities. Admission free. 111p per activity.

0 GLASGOW ARTS CENTRE 13 Washington Street. 331 4530.

Autumn enrolment lini-olmem for children's Arts and (rails classes (Thursdays. 4.3lipm ) and the children's Saturday morning Music Project w ill be on Tue 35 and Wed 3b. loam-4pm.

0 GROSVENOR Ashton Lane. 3394398. Caley Kids Club Re-starts Sat 3‘) Aug. 3pm-4.3llpm. l‘or 4-14 year olds. 511p. Modelled on the old-sly le Saturday morning cinema clubs for children. the cltib. which is open to all. shows features. cartoons and serials. follow ed by games. competitions and turns on the stage. The new serial will be Professor Proper with ('harlie Drake.

0 HAGGS CASTLE 11111 St Andrews Driy e. Pollokshields. 437 3735.

Saturday activities re-start on 33 Aug at 3.15pm. Free. Nobooking.

Sat 22 Weaving (8-12 years).

Sat 29 Storytime and Drawing (4-6 years).

0 THIRD EYE CENTRE 3511Sauchlehall Street. 333 7531.

Aileen Paterson Sat 22 Aug. 3.311pm. L1 .511. Aileen Paterson. together w ith her most famous creation. Maisie the ls'iltcn. will be reading and drawing for children.

0 WINTER GARDEN l’eople's Palace. (ilasgow' (irecn. 55-1 (1333.

lnsethoo until Aug 38. Mon-l'ri loam-4.30pm. Last chance to catch the Dolphin Arts (‘entre's Insect Zoo at the Winter(iarden. with its small and hairy specimens of spiders and crickets.

Exhibitions 0 HAGGS CASTLE lllllSt Andrews Driy c.

Pollokshields.-137 3735. Mon-Sat Mam-5pm; Sun 3pm-5pm.

A801: 01 Surprises Limit :4 Aug. Boxes hewn from all manner of unlikely materials. including reindeer horn and a hazelnut. for all manner of purposes.

EINBURGH Activities and Fun

0 CITY ART CENTRE Market Street. 335 3-134.

'I'o accompany the Child's Play 'exhibition a number of amusing games and shows have been organised for children. Free with entrance to the exhibition - first come. first sery ed.

Come and Draw L'ntil sui 3: Aug. 1(1am-13noon. 3pm-4pm. Sun 3pm-4pm.

Materials will be provided for children to draw their views of the exhibition and the work will go on show the following day. Puppet Show with Mr Bones Sun 33. 3pm-4pm. Puppetry and patter.

Puppet Workshops Mon 34-Sat 3‘) Aug. Lunch time puppet shows and morning and afternoon puppet making workshops run by Malcolm Knight of the(iarret Mask and Puppet ('entre.

Mon 24 lllam- 13 noon Make instant puppets out of everyday things. (5-S years); 13.3flpm-1.3llpmLanchesler Marionettes Show; 3pm-4pm Spongee Puppets from polyfoam (S- 111 y ears).

Tue 25 Illarn-13iioon Make polystyrene body puppets (7-1 1 years);

1 3.31 ipm- I .3llpm Punch and Judy Film; 3pm-«ipm 1 low to get the most out of working glove puppets.

Wed 26 lliam- 13noon and 3pm-4pm Puppet Workshop.

Thurs 27 Warn 1 3noon Punch ck Judy - demonstration and lecture on how toset up( 13-10 years): 4pm Ian Turbitt performance: 3pm-4pm Make giant puppets from bamboo. withies and hessian for carnivals and gala days( 111- 16 years). Fri 28 lilam-13noon How to make and use Shadow Puppets. Part 3 3pin-4pm; lpm Karaghiozis, Eugenios and Spathans perform. $8129Ilium-13110011Makingmarionelies. a guide to advanced carving and jointing

( 13-15 years): 3pm--lpm Video of Kaspari Puppets; 4pm lan Turbitt performance. Mon 31 Aug-Tue1 Sept Theatre Workshop. run by Mr ()ky Doky.

Wed 2-Thurs 3 Peg Dolls with Meriel (‘airns. Materialsprovided. for 35p. for children to make their own peg dolls.

1"ri 4-Sat 5 Dance Drama with Martha Arnott. a member of the Margaret Morris Movement.

0 EDINBURGH BOOK FESTIVAL CHILDREN'S COMPETITION 35a South West ‘l‘histle Street Lane. 335 1915. Last chance towin a trip to Paris. an Amstrad computer ora £5111)L'K holiday voucher - ifyou‘re under 16 and know a thing or two about history. The lidinburgh Book Festival are running a Document (‘ompetition on the theme of Mary Queen of Scots until 33 Aug. Information from the address above.

0 MURRAYFIELD ICE RINK Riversdale Crescent. 337 (1933 (buses 13. 3b. 31 from city centre). Open daily from 3.3(lpm. but length of session varies. Ring for details. 711p (()(lp on Saturdays) plus 311p boot hire. Group Tuition Sundays 1(1am-11.3llam.£1 pltis 311p boot hire.

0 PORTRAIT GALLERY Queen Street . 556 5081 Animated Film Delightful animated film telling the colourful life of Mary Queen of Scots in 4111) separate scenes. made by 151) primary school children under the guidance ofJessica Langford of Izdinburgh's Film Workshop. (ireat care has been taken to make it historically accurate to serve as an introduction to The Queen is Image exhibition upstairs.

O YOUTH RENDEZVOUS South Bridge Resource and liducation Centre. LIntil3i) Aug. An international youth centre for young people of all nationalities. Cafe. lounge. day and evening performances by

local bands. drama groups. ceilidhs. folk evenings.

O WILKIE HOUSE (‘oyvgate. 335 3117i) Yoth Drama Classes livery Tue and 'l'hui's 4pm-h.3ilpm and Saturdays lliam-me. Approx 311p per session. For 8- l 5 year olds. and will gradually work towards another show . (probably for('hristmas). New members welcome.

Creche Mon-Sat ‘)aiii-~1.3lipm. Nominal charge. For children tip to approx 7years.


0 CITY ART CENTRE Market Street. 335 3-134. Mon-Sat lllam-bpm.

Child's Play L'nlil 5 Sept. £1 (35p) - all proceeds go to Save The Children. Also see activities and fun. See panel.

0 ROYAL MUSEUM OF SCOTLAND (‘hambers Street. 335 7534.


0 CANNON l.othian Road. 33‘) 311311.

An American Tail ( t ' l 1 Don Bluth. t '5.

10am. Sl mins. ('heck with venue for times. Disney-style animation is back with a vengeance. with super-producer Spielberg leading the way . It combines first class technique with a fairly sentimental tale full of standard American virtues about a group of Russian mice emigres who go in search of their fortune in America with a nice line in characterisation including a vegetarian cat ealled'l‘igerl

O DOMINION New battle 'I‘erraee. ('hurch 11111.44726uu.

Living Daylight51 P(il(John (‘ileii.t'ls'. 1987). 3.15pm. 5. 15pm.S. 15pm. £3.31). £3.41).£1.5liconcs)£1.3lloap.5.15al| seats LI .511. Too good to miss. too sharpto die. Bond is back with Timothy Dalton as the girl and gadget loving secret agent.

0 FILMHOUSE l.othian Road. 33Sb3S3. (‘hildren‘s Saturday matine 1 b will re-start in Sept after the lidinburgh li'ilm l-estiv al ends.

0 ODEON ('lerk Street. ob“ 7331.1‘ickets £3 (cones L' l .511) for perfs commencing before opm. L371) (cons £3) for perfs commencing afte r (ipm.

Living Daylights 1 PG) (.Iohn (ilen. l 'K. 1087) 111.311am(allsealsLl.511). 1.45pm. 5pm. 8pm. Spying made chic. suave and sophisticated - Bond is back. The Aristocrats ( 1's. wuft‘gang Reitlierman. 197(1) 78mins. Voicesol Maurice (‘hevalier and liva ( iabor. 'l‘ill beginningof Aug. 1.3llpm (not Sun). 3.5llpm.(ipm.83(1an Disney classic in which the feline fraternity of a household is threatened with losing its inheritance. btit right prevails!


0 ROYAL LYCEUM THEATRE ( irindlay Street. 33‘) 7411-1. Open Day 5 Sept. 11.3tlain-4pm. ('oming

Child's Play. City Art Centre. Edinburgh. David. aged 12, obviously had the most tremendous time making the ‘Moonscape with Space Cratt' out of Lego which is on view in this exhibition. as well as a highly resourceful mind. It easily rivals Hew's (aged 15) Meccano Spotter Plane inthe same cabinet. Both are part of an extensive exhibition devoted to Toys through the Ages (from the Victorian era to the presentday) and one of its charms is the carefully recorded detail about each toy given inthe accompanying catalogue. Young Ben Grant tor example was so anxious to start playing with Thumper. the balding and home-made rabbit in cabinet A, that Mrs Grant neverhad time to sew on his ears. Thumper also got left on a bus in Australia, and is evidentiyluciry to have made it to Edinburgh afall. Upstairs a VIP cabinet includes a Teddy lent by Joanna Lumley ‘which will be much missed lorfhe duration otfhisexhibition' and, sitting rather stiflly together, a somewhat motley collection from the leaders olthe main political parties. All loyallysport party colours and are lowered over bythe huge rather matted bear in blue corduroy dungarees belonging to the Prime Minister. The Princess Royal has loaned BlackAngus, a big bruiser ol a bear. and from Lord Hailsham comes a big white rabbit with pink ears and matching nose. As Edinburgh‘s hugely popular Museum of Childhood has shown. there is an unexpected enthusiasm for exhibitions of this sort, and this one certainly shouldn't be missed. A pull-out competition torchildren (aged 7-10 and 11-14 years) is included inthe catalogue, entries to be returned by 1BSept. (Sally Kinnes)

up soon is the l.yceum's highly popular Open Day w hen the theatre opens upits backstage secrets and reveals all.

RESTAURANT: 'l'ue—Sat (evenings only) 'I'able D‘l kite and a la carte menus

Wide range ofmeals available

7 ()l.[) l-‘I.Sll.1l.-1R/\'I:7' (LOSE lib/NIH 'RU/l

BRASSERIE: Seven days: lunehtimes and evenings

(HI-335 5428

Set out on Safari

No price increase in 19871

Setout now on Safari to Blair Drummond on an inclusiveticket

that admits you to all these attractions.

Game Reserves, Pets’ Farm, Performing Sea-Lion Show, Giant Astragiide, Jungle Cruise, Adventure Playground, Picnic and Barbecue Areas, Car Parks and lots or other attractions

Thrills of cinema 180 50p extra.

Open Daily until 5 Oct 1987 loam. last admission 4 309m Party bookings

available at reduced prices if paid in advance

Blair Drummond Safari and LCISUTC Park, nr Stirling Tel (07861841456

4) Exit 10 OH M9- A84

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