by an armful of reliable performances from old hands and the usual flashes ofwit and wisdom. but still just apleasant time-passer for both director and audience. Edinburgh; Odcon 0 Room With A View ( PG) (James Ivory. t'K. 1985) I lelena Bonham Carter. Maggie Smith. Simon Callow. 117 mins. (‘risply realised near perfect evocation of the I: .\1 I~orsternovelinwhichan apparently delicate English rose blossoms into a passionate young woman aftcra romantic encounter in Florence. Sheer dclrglit I-dinbiirgh; Dominion o Rosa Luxemburg ( PU) (Margarethe Von 'I rotta. West Germany. 1986) Barbara Sukowa. Daniel ( )Ibrycliski. ()ttoSandcr. 124 mins. Surprisingly conventional. ponder ous. time-hopping biographical portrait of revolutionary Rosa. blending the personal and the political in 21 st iitteyy hat staid manner. At least Sukoyy a’s pertormaiice brings a little passion to the proceedings. Glasgow; (ill 0 ‘Round Midnight( 15) (Bertrand I av er'nier . l ‘S I-rance. I986) Dexter Gordon. I-ianeoise (Tu/ct. Lonctte .\1cKee 13 3 mins. In the Paris of the late 1951 Is. a young l'rench jazz tan looksafter bebop legend I)alc ‘I‘urner lest he drink his weary body into the grave. Relentlessly touching character study. Edinburgh; (aritco o Ruthless People ( 18) (Jim Abrahams. David and .Ierry Zuckcr. US. 1986) Bette Midler. Danny De Vito. 94mins. Insultingly' unfunny satire with wealthy entr'enpreneur De Vito losing his wife to inept kidnappers. Glasgow; Grosvenor o The Secret 01 My Success (PG) (Herbert Ross. LS. 1987) Michael]. Fox. Ilelen Slater. Richard Jordan. 111 mins. Country bumpkin Pox comes to big city Noo Yawk to make his fortune. Capany performed yuppie high jinks. Glasgow; Cannon Sauchiehall Street. 0 Shakespeare Wallah ( PU) (James Ivory. India. 19651Sl1ashiKapoorliclicity Kendal.Geoffrey Kendal. 122 mins. A troupe of Anglo-Indian strollingplaycrs per form Shakespeare throughout the length and breadth of India. Teenage daughter Kendal falls in love with rich Indian play boy Kapoor who already has an .ictrcss-iriistress. Dusty. .iuli ibiogi aphical drama with a modest intent and simple execution. Glasgow; GM 0 She‘s Gotta Have III 18) (Spike Lee. US. 198m 1 racy (arrrila Johns. Redmond llieks. Spike lee. 8'5 mins. Spirited. sy mpathetie comedy otsexuat manners with a snappy script and tIuidtechnique that marked an auspicious debut forits young. gifted and black writer director star. Highly recommended Indiubtrrgh:Cameo O Shivers t 18) (David Cronenbcrg. Canada. 1975) Paul Hampton. Lynn I.oyyry . 93mins. Something nasty in the w ate r turns the inhabitants ofToronto into cannibalistic nymphomaniacs. Fevered (‘roneirbei‘g medical horror with an element ot dark social satire and a rather iioioioiis stomach eruption scene. So there Glasgow ; GI’T 0 Superman IV: The Quest tor Peace ( PG) (Sidney J. I‘urie. t'K. 1987)(‘hristopher Reey e. ( ieiie llackman. Margot Kidder. Shamelully shoddy . bargain-basement actroii-orientated adventure that sadly tails to raise the mediocre standard ofthe Glasgow . Cannon Sauchiehall Street. Izdiiiburgh; Cannon. Lothian; Cannon. Stiathely dc; (‘annon Greenock. Cannon Kilmarnock. ()dcon Ayr. Odcon llanulton 0 Three Amigos ( PG) (John Landis. US. 1987) (‘hey y- ('hase. Steven Martin. Martin Short. 105 mins. Dreadful comedy -musical-fiesta-dog with Steve and (‘o searching for laughs in old Mexico. ()nly two laughs. Strathclyde; Kelburne. Rittlto

O The Tiger's MilIt(PG) (Adrianna Angel and Fiona Macintosh. UK. 1987) 30mins. Documentary on women in Nicaragua by London’s Four Corners' Film Workshop consists largely of black and white photographs accompanied by a voice-over reading extracts from interviews with those from varying social and political backgrounds to explore their sense of solidarity. Edinburgh; Filmhouse

0 Top Gun (15) (Tony Scott. 133. 1986) Tom Cruise. Kelly McGillis. 110 mins. Hunky pilot Cruise proves his worth in the air and on the ground. Some breathlessly effective sequences in this patriotic barf-out bonanza. Glasgow; Cannon

C larkston Road

0 When The Wind Blows ( 1’0 ) (Jimmy '1'. Murakami. [SK 1986) With the \oic‘csol John Mills and Peggy Ashcroft. 85 mins. Five staranimation eriliyensthis otherwise monotonous and talkatiy e version ofthe Raymond Briggs book 111 which an impossibly naive elderly couple face the challenge ot the nuclear age w ith the same spirit that brought them cheerfully through the blitz. I-.dinburgh; Cameo

o The Whistle Blowert PG) (Simon Langton. UK. 1986) Michael ( ~ainc. Nigel Havcrs..lames Pox. .lohn Gielgtid. 104 mins. Gaine is a patriotic British business man worried that his son. a linguist iii the Russian section of (i(‘l I(). is about toquit a secure future because of his youthtul paranoia about the sleazy . murderous duplicity of the class-run British Secret Service. However. when the son is tound dead in art accidental tall. he begins to suspect foul play and decides to investigate I'urther.

Good subject matter is yy asted in this competent btit old-fashioned routine British production. A certain current fascination with the workings of .\tl5. Thatcher in power. a solid citizen forced to open his eyes to a less then w ondei'lul vision of his beloved country » it all adds up to wonderful filrnic potential that goes completely unfulfilled. Despite generally professional craftsmanship all round. What could have been a British .llissing is merely lost. Iidinburgli: Dominion


Friday 21-Thursday 27

This section gives details ot programmes showing at cinemas in central Scotland over the next week. Readers are advised that programmes may be subject to late change at any time.

Cinemas operating a tamin discount scheme allow an adult accompanying a child to ‘U‘ and ‘PG' certificate programmes to gain admission tor the same price as the child up to 6pm.

W 0 CANNON Clarkston Road. Muirend. 637 2641.£2.00()AP£1.Familydiscount scheme operates.

I. The Gate ( 15) 6. 15pm. 8.30pm: Sat also 2.30pm.

2. The Living Daylights (PG) 5pm. Spin; Sat also 2pm.

3. Top Gun(15)8.45pm; Sat also4.35pm. Beverly Hills Cop ( 15) 6.55pm; Sat also 2.45pm.

0 CANNON Sauchiehall Street. 332 I592. £2.50(£1.30).

1.Jaws: The Revenge (PG) 1.20pm. 3.45pm. 6.05pm. 8.35pm.

2. Superman IV: The Quest For Peace ( PG) 1.20pm. 3.45pm. 6.05pm. 8.35pm.

3. The Gate (15) 1.30pm. 3.45pm. 6pm. 8.45pm.

4. The Secret at My Success (PG) 1.45pm. 4.45pm.8.15 m.

5. Police Academy IV: Citizens 0n Patrol (PG) 1.15pm.3.35pm.

Pee Wee's Big Adventure (U)5.50pm. 8.35pm.

0 CANNON GRAND 18 Jamaica Street. 248 4620. £2 (£1 ).

Adult movies. Phone for details.

0 CINEMA Southgate. East Kilbride.()3552 31020. [D] cinema 1.£2Child/UB4()/OAP £1. Closed MoniTue.

t. The Living Daylights (PG) Fri 21—Tue 25. 7. 15pm; Sat also 1.30pm; Sun 6.30pm.

2. Uncontirmed.

0 GROSVENOR Ashton Lane. IIillhcad. 339 4298. [D] with prior notification. £2 Child/UB40/Studcnt/OAP£1.20.

1. Name of the Rose (18) 2.30pm. 5.30pm. 8.15pm; Sun 8. 15pm only.

2. The Gate(15)2.45pm.6.30pm.9pm; Sun 9pm only.

See also Glasgow Lates.

0 ODEON FILM CENTRE Renfield Street. 332 8701. Bar open from5.30pm. Mon—Sat. £2.75 ()AP Child £1.50

1'B40 Student eoncs £1 .50 available as adverhsed.

1. The Living Daylights(P(i)5pm.8.10pm; Fri and Sat also 2pm. Closed Sun and Mon.

2. Closed Until dsept.

3. Closed until turther notice. Reopening soon new 4-screen complex.

0 SALON Vinicombe Street. 339 4256. [D] with advance notification. Matinecs. Adult ('hild£1.50()AP/UB4050p. Evenings. All seats£l .50.

The Morning Atter( 15) 2pm. 7.30pm.


Rose Street. 3326535. (.‘afe/bar open 30 mins prior to evening perf. closes 9pm. [D] on application to box office. No smoking. Mats. £1 .S()(Student/UB40 £1.10). Fri mats. £1 .30 (All concs 50p). Evenings. £2.40 (Studentr‘UB40£1 .60). All perfs (‘hild/OAP£1.10.

o FRIDAY 21:

Gothic ( 18) 2.30pm. 6pm. 8.30pm.


Shakespeare Wallah (PG) and The Europeans(U) 1.45pm. G0thiC(18)6pm. 8.30pm.

0 SUNDAY 23:

Prick Up Your Ears ( 18) 6pm.8.3()pm.

0 MONDAY 24:

Shivers ( 18) and CatPeopte(18)2pm. Prick Up Your km 18) 6pm.8.3(lpm.


Prick Up Your Ears ( 18) 6pm. 8.30pm.


84 Charing Cross Road (U) 2.30pm. 6pm. 8.30pm.


Prick Up Your Ears ( 18) 6pm.8.3()pm.


0 GROSVENOR Ashton Lane.

Fri 21/Sat 22:

1. Ruthless People(18) 11.15pm. 2. No Mercy(18) 11.15pm.


O CAMEO llome Street. 2284141. [D] Bar open Mon—Sato—I 1.30pm; Sun6—1 1pm. £1 .20 for 1st and 2nd perf; £2 forthird perf; £2.90 for last perf.

Fri 21: Prick Up Your Ears ( l8) 2. 15pm. 4.30pm. 6.45pm. 9pm.

Sat 22: Blue Velvet ( 18) 2pm. 4.20pm. 6.40pm. 9pm.

Sun 23: Blue Velvet ( 18) 2pm.4.20pm. 6.41 1pm. 9pm.

Mon 24: Alter Hours ( 15) 3pm. 5pm. 7pm. 9pm.

Tue 25: She's Gotta Have It(18)2. 15pm. 4pm. 5.45pm. 7.30pm.9. 15pm.

Wed 26: ‘Round Midnight ( 15) 3.30pm. 6.15pm.8.45pm.

Thurs 27: When the Wind Blows (PG) 2pm. 4pm. 5.40pm. 7.25pm. 9pm.

See also Edinburgh Lates.

0 CANNON Lothian Road. 229 3030. Bar: 1lam—2.30pm.5—10pm(Mon—Thurs).

llam—l 1pm (Fri/Sat). 5— 10pm (Sun). [D] cinemas 2 & 3 prior notification advisable. £2.90. £2.50Child £1.60. £1.500AP£1 (before 6pm). Family discount scheme operates.

t. Jaws: The Revenge (PG) 1.30pm. 3.45pm. 6pm. 8.30pm: Sun 6pm.

2. Superman IV: The Quest tor Peace ( PG) 1.20pm. 3.40pm. 6pm.

The Gate ( 15) 9pm only.

3. Police Academy IV: Citizens 0n Patrol (PG) 2.30pm. 5.30pm. 8.30pm.

0 DOMINION Newbattle Terrace. 447 2660. Rest 10am—2pm & 6—1 lprn (Mon-Fri). 10am—1 1pm (Sat). Bar 12— 2.30pm. 6—I0pm (Mon- Sat ). ('incma not open Sun. £2.50. £2.20. Child £1 .20()AP£1 UB40/Students£1.20. (all pertscxcept cvng perfs in cinema 3).

1. The Living Daylights (PG) 2. 15pm. 5.15pm. 8. 15pm.

2. The Whistle Blower ( P( i ) 2.30pm. 5.30pm. 8.30pm.

3. Room With AView ( PG) 2pm. 5pm.b’pm. O ODEON Clerk Street. 667 7331. Bar 6—9pm. Partial wheelchair access. Tickets £2 (concs £1.50) for performances commencing before 6pm. Tickets £2.75 (concs £2) for perfs commencing after 6pm.

1. Blind Date (PG) 2pm. 4pm.6. 15pm. 8.40pm.

2. The Living Daylights (PG) 1.45pm. 5pm. 8pm.

3. Radio Days (PG) 1.45pm. 4pm.6. 15pm. 8.25pm.


Lothian Road. 228 2688. Bar(Mon—Sat. noon—l 1pm. Sun 6.301 1pm) Rest (Mon—Sat. noon—9pm). IE]

Matinees £1 .20 (concs 75p ); liarly evgs £2 (concs £1 .50); Main evgs and Double Bills £2.30 bookable in advance. No concessions on Sats.

The Edinburgh International Film Festival continues at Filmhouse until 23 Aug. Normal programming resumes on 24 Aug. Film Festival details are listed separately. 0 MONDAY 24:

1. Little Shop ot Honors ( t’(i ) 2.3tlpm. 6.45pm. 8.45pm.

2. The Lavender Hill Mob (1: ) and Passport to PimIiCO(U)7pm.


1. Little Shop 01 Horrors ( PG) 2.3llpm. 6.45pm. 8.45pm.

2. The Lavender Hill Mob (1:) and Passport to Pimlico (t:)7pm.


1. The Man with Two Brains ( 15) and A1101 Me ( 15) 2pm. Little Shop oi Horrors(1’(i) 6.45pm. 8.45pm.

2. Meta (PG) 6. 15pm. 8.30pm.


1. Mosquito Coast (PU) 2.30pm. The Man with Two Brains ( 15) and All 01 Me ( 15) 6.45pm.

2. The Cotton Club (PG) 2.45pm. Melo ( PG) 6.15pm.8.30pm.


0 EDINBURGH FILM GUILD Filmhouse. Lothian Road. 228 6382 ext 30. The 1987 8 Season commences 27 September and runs until March. Films in the programme include Room Wit/1A View. 7 ‘rue Stories. 'Rouml Midnight. Berry Blue. Heavenly Pursuits, Salvador. Men. The Sacrifice and Mosquito ( 'ous‘t. The year also includes various social events. night classes and talks.

The annual membership fee of£ 17.50 allows free admission to all main season films and discount prices on other Guild events. Membership is av ailable now.

I : l '

0 CAIMEID Ilome Street.

Double Take Meet the Astra Zombies

1 1. 15pm (Tickets £4.50; (‘oncs £3) Runs nightly until 29 Aug.


0 CANNON Princess Street. Falkirk.0324 23805.

56 Itic list 21 Aug— 3 Sept