Outrageous Fortune (15) (Arthur Hiller, US, 1987) Bette Midler,Shelley Long,Peter Coyote. 99 mins Lauren Ames (Long) is a squeaky-clean, insullerably accomplished woman, intensely dedicated to her lite-long ambition to be an actress and play Hamlet. Sandy Brozinsky (Midler) is a sassy, brassy broad who thinks a Hamlet is something you make with eggs and whose last acting assignment was in the lilm Ninja Vixens. When they

, encounter each other at an audition for tamed tutor Korsenowski mutual antipathy and seething bitchiness immediately till the air.0nce more we enter the comic landscape of the Odd Couple in which an ill-matched duo are unwittineg thrown together and, through outrageous adversity, develop a lovingly sentimental friendship.

The plot, and there is an inordinate amount at it, finds our two gals horrified to discover that they have been sharing the same superstud who has now laked his own death and absconded with the stolen prototype or a deadly virus. A tormer CIA agent turned traitor he hasn't reckoned on the

live-action cartoon combining non-stop action. crazy situations and deadpan wit. Edinburgh; ()deon

0 La Belle du Jeu( PG) (Jean Renoir. France. 1939) Marcel Dalio. Nora Gregor. Jean Renoir. 113 mins. Contrasting amorous intrigues among the working and middle classes during a weekend hunting party are the focus for Renoir‘s celebrated sublime comedy drama. Edinburgh; Cameo

0 Rembrandt (PG) (Alexander Korda. UK. 1936) Charles Laughton. Elsa Lanchester. 88 mins. Sober. intelligent biographical portrait ofan artist. with Laughton in fine fettle during his peak screen years. Glasgow; GET

0 Repo Man(18) (Alex Cox. US. 1984) Emilio Estevez. Harry Dean Stanton. 92 mins. Bored LA punk takes up a job as a repo man (one who repossesses cars for finance companies) and an old hand shows

Edinburgh; Cameo 0 Rita, Sue and Bob Too (18) or (Alan Clarke. UK. 1987) Siobhan Finneran. Michelle Holmes. George Costigan. 93 mins. See panel. Glasgow; Cannon Sauchiehall Street. Edinburgh; Cameo

0 Room With A View (PG) (James Ivory. UK. 1985) Helena Bonham Carter. Maggie Smith. Simon Callow. 117 mins. Crisply realised. near-perfect evocation ofthe E. M. Forster novel Edinburgh; Dominion 0 Round Midnight ( 15) (Bertrand Tavernier. US-France. 1986) Dexter Gordon. Francois Cluzet. Lonette McKee. 133 mins. In the Paris ofthe late 1950s a young French jazz fan looks after bebop legend Dale Turner lest he drink his weary body into the grave. Relentlesst touching character study. Glasgow; GFT

O Sebastiane ( 18) (Derek Jarman. Paul Humfrees. UK. 1976)

him the ropes. A deserved cult classic.


vengeful lury at two women who have been done wrong and they set all in hot pursuit across the plains and deserts of America. ' Outrageous Fortune is a dumb, bland horribly protracted larce with very few genuine laughs and star performances that employ merely broadness and caricature to portray their admittedly

Leonardo Reviglio. Barney James. Richard Warwick. 85 mins. The exile and persecution ofa Roman captain in AD3()3 who has intercedcd on behalfofa Christian sentenced to death. provides the focus for Jarman‘s debut feature. The first film made entirely in Latin is also renowned for its depiction of male nudity and homosexual passion in a characteristically forthright manner. With subtitles. Edinburgh: Cameo o The Secret ol My Success (PG) (Herbert Ross. US. 1987) Michael J. Fox. Helen Slater. Richard Jordan. lllmins. Country bumpkin Fox comes to big city Noo Yawk to make his fortune. Capany performed yuppie high jinks. Glasgow; Cannon Clarkston Road. Strathclyde: Kelburne

O Shoah (Claude Lanzmann. France/West Germany, 1986) Part One 274 mins. Part Two 292 mins. Massive and undoubtedly important documentary which seeks to trace the present day reality of the Holocaust rather than tread the archives to seek its historical roots. Lanzmann's probing camera visits the still-remaining ovens of Auschwitz and conducts a number of searching interviews with both the survivors of the camps and those who worked in them. The profusion of detail and the haunting faces of many of the witnesses. each with their own tale ofsuffering. make this painstaking examination ofscars that will not heal an overpoweringly moving screen testament to events that should never be forgotten. Glasgow; GET

0 Stand By Me (15) (Rob Reiner. US. 1986)Wi1Wheaton. River Phoenix. Richard Dreyfuss. 88 mins. Looking back to a special summer in his youth. middle-aged writer Dreyfuss recalls the camaraderie of his childhood chums as they brawled.

cartoonish characters. Midler camps it up, Long deploys a familiar prissiness and Coyote is rather charmless as the apparently irresistible womaniser. UnderArthur Hiller’s characteristically anonymous direction this is a wet blanket of lilm and all concerned are capable of much better. (Allan Hunter)

bragged and traded ingenious obscenties during a vital weekend in his growing up and future development as a storyteller.

A near perfect evocation of children on the brink ofadolescence. beautifully judged. immaculately acted. touching and funny. A complete winner. Edinburgh; Filmhouse 0 Subway (_ 15) (Luc Besson. France. 1985) Christophe Lambert. lsabelle Adjani. Michel Galabru. 102 mins. lmpetuous peroxide safe-cracker Lambert has fallen head over heels for the scintillating Adjani and hopes to win her by fair means or foul. A stylish thriller likened to Him Edinburgh; Cameo 0 Superman IV: The Quest For Peace (PG) (SidneyJ. Furie. US. 1987) Christopher Reeve. Gene Hackman. Margot Kidder. 95mins. Superman tries to rid the world of nuclear weapons but arch enemy Le Luthor is having none of it. Shamefully shoddy instalment that fails to raise the latterly mediocre standard of the series. Glasgow; Cannon Sauchiehall Street. Strathclyde; Odeon Ayr o The Tales of Beatrix Potter (U) (Reginald Mills. UK. 1971 ) 91 mins. The Royal Ballet Company provide their musical. dance interpretation of Beatrix Potter‘s renowned animal adventures. Edinburgh; Filmhouse 0 The Third Man (PG) (Carol Reed. UK. 1949) Joseph Cotten. Orson Welles. Alida Valli. 100 mins. Writer Holly Martin comes to post-war Vienna and unravels the strange demise of his friend Harry Lime. Wonderful Oscar-winning classic made when Reed was at his peak with the famous zither music. chase through the sewers. philosophical chit-chat on a ferris wheel. arresting photography. impish performance from Welles. Play it again . . . Edinburgh;


0 Three Amigos (PG) (John Landis, US. 1987) Chevy Chase. Steve Martin. Martin Short. 105 mins. Dreadful comedy-musical-fiesta-dog with Steve and Co searching for laughs in old Mexico. Only two laughs. Strathclyde: Rialto

0 Toni (PG) (Jean Renoir. France. 193-1) Charles Blevette. (‘elia Monlalvan. 9(1mins. An ideal example of the beauty and lyricism in Renoir's early sound work and. with La Reg/c (114 Jon. part of a rather special double-bill. Edinburgh: Cameo

0 Top Gun ( 15) (Tony Scott. US. 1986) Tom Cruise. Kelly McGillis. 11() mins. Hunky Tom proves his worth on the ground and in the air in this patriotic barf bonanza with splendid aerial scenes. Glasgow; Grosvenor

o Videodrome (18) (David Cronenberg, Canada. 1983) James Woods. Debbie Harry. 88 mins. Woods is a programmer for a pirate cable station who becomes intrigued and then obsessed with a bizarre, untraceable channel that triggers hallucinogenic fantasies in this initially intriguing but ultimately unsatisfactory film with eye-popping special effects. Glasgow; GET

0 The Whistleblower (PG) (Simon Langton. UK. 1986) Michael Caine. Nigel Havers. James Fox. John Gielgud. 104 mins. Patriotic businessman Caine has his eyes opened to the skullduggery and deceit at the heart of the British Secret Service when his rebellious son. a GCHQ employee. is found dead in an accidental fall and he attempts to investigate what really transpired.

A strong cast and a good subject are wasted in this lacklustre. old-fashioned thriller that can‘t match up to the more exciting reality ofthe Peter Wright case and the real skullduggery at the heart of the British Secret Service. Edinburgh; Dominion 0 White OlThe Eye ( 18) cf.» (Donald (‘ammelL US. 1987) David Keith. Cathy Moriarty. Alan Rosenberg. 111 mins. A seriesofritualistic slayings in small-town Arizona throws suspicion upon audio engineer Paul White (David Keith). whose troubled past and obsession with Apache magic seem to point towards his guilt in the matter.

Downright weird effort from Donald Cammell. collaborator with Nic Roeg on l’wj/m'mrma'. which marries an electrifying visual style to an odd narrative that mixes ecological and mystical ranting with slasher movie bloodletting. 'l'he quite splendid absurdity ofit all eventually proves perverscly winning. (ilasgow; GET 0 Working Girls ( l8) (Lizzie Borden. US, 1986) Louise Smith, Deborah Banks. Liz Caldwell. 91 mins. This feminist examination of middle-class prostitution presents the establishment almost as an alternative social structure. It‘s a thesis that has aroused some

controversy but the admirably restrained treatment works in its favour. Edinburgh; Filmhouse

12The List 21 Aug— 3 Sept