16 o Musica Nova Smoke Room, Glasgow University. Further information: 332 7244. 6.3(lpm—7. 15pm. Free at door. James Dillon, Edward McGuire and Alan Brett in discussion talking about this evening‘s SNO chamber concert. John Purser is in the chair.

0 Musica Nova— 8N0 University

Chapel. Glasgow University. Tickets: 227 5511 (Ticket Centre). 7.30pm. £5 (£2.50). Grass. Folios for Guitar and Selection from Uta by the Japanese composer Toru

Takemitsu. Also. Parjayna-Vata by James Dillon and Pipes of Peace by Edward McGuire. featuring piper Robert Wallace. Conductor is Roger Bevan Williams.

THURSDAY 17 Glasgow

0 Musica Nova SNO Centre, Claremont Street. Further information: 332 7244. 10am—1pm Free at door. The SNO in an open rehearsal in preparation for tonight’s concert.

0 Musica Nova Smoke Room. Glasgow University. Further information: 332 7244. lllam—12.45pm. Free at door. Gemini continues its rehearsal of selected new works under Graham Treacher in the third SPNM Composers‘ Workshop.

0 Musica Nova Focus on Zimmermann Concert Hall. Glasgow University. Tickets: 227 5511 (Ticket Centre). 1pm. £3 (£1.50). Sonatasby



0 Scottish Opera Go Round Crawfurd Theatre. Jordanhill. 7.30pm. See Mon 14 for full description.

0 Musica Nova Smoke Room. Glasgow University. Further information: 332 7244. mam—12.45pm. Free at door. Selected new works rehearsed and discussed by Gemini. yesterday evening’s performers. David Bedford and Nicola LeFanu lead the session.

0 Musica Nova Concert Hall. Glasgow University. 'l‘icketsz227 5511. 1pm (Pre-concert talk at

1 1.45pm). £3 (£1.50). Julian Jacobsen and Andrew Ball perform works by Zimmermann. Robert Saxton. John Casken and Lutoslawski.

o Musica Nova B.A. Zimmermann—A Portrait Senate Room. Glasgow University. Further information: 332 7244. 2.3(1—4pm. Free at door. Siegfried Palm and Matthias Bamert discuss the German composer. whose music really only started to gain recognition after his death in 1970.

o Musica Nova Smoke Room. Glasgow University. Further information: 332 7244. 3.30—6pm. Free at door. The second SPNM Composers” Workshop (see ll).()l)am) with same personnel. but now moving on to other works performed in yesterday‘s Gemini

Alter a deadly dull summer, with virtually no music performances at all to speak of. Glasgow suddenly bursts into action with the seventh Musica Nova festival of contemporary music from Sunday 13 to Saturday 19 September. Held jointly every three years by the SNO and Glasgow University, its main emphasis is on living composers. this year’s three all in residence for the week of the festival. From Glasgow itself comes James Dillon (see Guest List) former piper and rock musician, while from England isthe 27 yearold Mark-Anthony Turnage. Also visiting Glasgow for Musica Nova will be Toru Takemitsu, the Japanese composer, whose work will not only be heard in the concert hall but in Glasgow Film Theatre in two special film screenings Kwaidan and Woman of the Snows and Empire of Passion.

another strong feature of the week. Apart from over a dozen concert performances with works by all four mentioned above, as well as several other living composers, there is the first Musica Nova Electra-Acoustic programme and events such as open rehearsals, discussions. workshops, receptions, many of them free of charge. It‘s impossible in this short space to cover the enormous range of music and related happenings Musica Nova is offering. A free brochure with full details is available from the SNO, 3 La Belle Place, G3 7LH. tel: 332 7244. People from as far away as the Philippines, Czechoslovakia and Sweden have already booked. It is strongly recommended that people from Edinburgh, Glasgow and environs do likewise.

Musica Nova. SNO Centre and various Glasgow University venues, Sunday 13 Retrospectively, the German B.A. Saturday 19 September. Details: 332 Zimmermann, who died in 1970, is 7244 (8N0) (Carol Main)

concert. . . . . Zimmermann for Violin. Viola and K. .t'a.’ ' it“ fifi;:’-; // -' n. p" . . 21/ (I ' / g I ’1 / , /

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