competition and support slots here and there have presented opportunities for local bands.

Recent gigs: l.yin‘ Rampant. Zero Zero. The Force. Centurion. Trident.

0 Vikki's 21 Croft Street. Kilmarnock. Have presented a variety of the best touring (mainly independent hands) over the last few monthson Sunday nights.

Recent gigs: Jesse (iaron and the Desperadoes. The Shamen. Flesh for l.ulu. BMX Bandits. Miaow.

0 Tony Morland P.A. 041 334 7381 (24 hour answering service). Equipment by Soundcraft. 'I‘urbosound. J.B.L. and Bose. All rates available on application. 0 Storm P.A. Hire 571 Sauchiehall Street. 221 5058. Contact: Derek Chalmers. Rates: on application. liquipment comprises full Martin modular system with Tac Scorpion 32 channel desk. All sizes of gigs catered for. Recent clients include Big Country. The Pogues. Blues ’n' Trouble. Radio Clyde. Storm also did the pa. for the Majestics'gig at the Pavilion!

0 Tone Zone P.A.

334 8228. Contact: Willie Knox.

0 CC. Music 421-433 (ireat Western Road. 339 0655.


'sriiiiios" ‘-

0 Cava Sound Workshops 49 Derby Street. (i3. 334 5099 334 6330. Contact: Helen Clark. Rates: On application'negotiable. Three different facilities. ranging from a modest lb-track demo studio. through to the recently installed 48-track facility— the only one of its kind North of Watford. 48-track: AMIEK (i2520 .56 frame Console with Audio Kinetics ‘Mastermix‘. Studio is Eastlake Audio designed and built. with live room holding up to a 45-piece orchestra.

24-track: MCI b()0console fully automated.

MCI (Otari machines 1r’2in 30ips and Sony PCM Fl Digital mastering. 16~trackrFostex B 2416 console.

Also available for use are TV video lounge. games room. kitchen. Clients include Wyoming (album recorded at Cava ) . The Lift (album). Hue And Cry (single). Wet Wet Wet. Love And Money. llipsway. John Martyn. and Heavy Pettin‘.

0 Tower Studios 92 Woodside Terrace Lane.

m” "“' Rememberthatyou're paying tor the session. so demand what you want from your engineer. but atthe same time avoid the obvious ways ol wasting time- and money. Workout beforehand who‘s going to produce it. and havethe songs tightly rehearsed. ll you're recording a demo, don’t bother recording more than two tracks: it's thefirst 30 seconds that count to an


MR man. Allow abouttwo hourslor recording each song and an hour for mixing it. Divide the cash you've got by the hours youthink you’ll have to spend, and you’ll work out what studio you can afford. When you're calling around studios. it the engineer won’t give you the time of day then you've picked the wrong place. It you know enough about what you’re doing, you've

got every right to ask to take overlhe desk- or at least tell the engineer where you wantthe taders to be.

Don’t drink (or use any other kind at intoxicant) in the studio, as this impairs objective judgement. Remember, a hall pint ol Iagercan halve your hearing in the upper ranges.

(i3. 332 (i725. Contact: CraigTannock. Rates: £6.50’hour (midweek 9am—6pm ): £7.50/hour (weekends and after (ipm). Package deals available. S-track recording on Fostex A80 8-track recorder. with SECK 18-8-2 Ill-channel mixing desk. Yamaha N210 Monitor speakers and Revox A77 (high speed) 2-traek master recorder. Free tea and coffee. Clients include the Hummingbirds. Blue Monkey Experience.

0 Centre City Sound 571 Sauchiehall Street. G3. 221 5058. Contact: Derek Chalmers. Rates: available on application. Equipment for l()-IT21CK recording through Tac Scorpion 24/26 console. includes Lexicom RCM 70. Bel BD80. SPX‘X). Desk has full auto locater and remote. Clients include The Kevin McDermott Orchestra. No Great Shakes. Centurion. The Straight Men.

0 Evenload Studios Auldhouse. East Kilbride. 03552 21146. Contact: Dave Thomson. Rates: On application special packages available. lb-traek recording facility. with outboards by MXR. Yamaha. Drawmer. Roland. Aphex. and 3 digital reverbs. Sampling by Akai. Simmons.

Keyboards include JXSP and DX 7. Mobile programming service available. Clients include Jesus And Mary Chain. The Force. (‘10 Go Street. 0 Toad Hall Studios 1433 Pollokshaws Road. (341. 632 1113. Contact: Fiona Cook. Rates: on application special packages available. Unlike any other studios. in that the idea is for the production of a complete package. with recording. videos and photographs all included. 16-track lin recording is available. as well as U-matic video recording in a custom-built video studio. Band photographs can be accommodated. either separately or as part ofa package. Clients include We Free Kings (Oceans single).

0 Dackshop Studios 413 Shields Road. (341.429 5555. Contact: Chris Adams. Rates: £10/hour (deals available on cash payment). 16-track recording through Tac Scorpion 24-16-2 desk. Other equipment includes Aphex aural exciter. assorted mics. Fostex

B 16. Mirage Synthesiser. 2 Yamaha Rev 7. Clients include White. Julia Please. Brian MeNeill (China Crisis).

0 Arch Studios I71Curle Street. (314. 9596251. Contact: Archie. Rates: 24-traek: £10/hour

(basic). lo-track: £6 hour (basic); £7.507hour (weekends and eveings). S-traek: £4 hour (basic): £5’hour (weekends and evenings). Rates donot include tape hire -- but packages are available to lower the cost (eg. 9hr on Ib-track for £75: 9hr on 24-track fori 100 including tape). Recordings are made through AMEK desk with SECK auxiliary desk. Clients include Rubber Yahoo. Styng Rites. Primal Scream.

0 Sing Sing Studios 1084 South Street. Scotstoun. 954 9546. Contact: Jake Mcllvenna Peter GahaganiStephen Tait. Rates: £7.50 hour- reductions for block bookings.etc. l()-lf£ICK recording facility. TAC Scorpion 24—16—2 desk with Fostex Ii 16 multi-track recorder. Yamaha and Tannoy monitors. massive range ofoutboard effects. Roland keyboards. Akai sampling. Other facilities include TV, video. drinks and snacks. Large parking space. Clients include Hearts And Minds. Glasgow. Kick Reaction. Punch. Nightshift.

o Sirocco Studios 1 Glencairn Square. Kilmarnock . 0563 36377. Contact: Clark Sorley. Rates: negotiable. Viewing themselves as more of a ‘music

production company" than a straight recording studio. Sirocco claim to approach recording from a musical rather than a technical one. Sirocco reckon that to survive. studios need to diversify and themselves have been taking tentative steps in the areas of publishing. and the setting-up of an Association of Recording Studios in Scotland. In any case. the technical details for the 24-track studio are: MCI 24-track. AMI-1K Angela console. ‘The usual' outboard gear. Tannoy- Yamaha speakers. selection of mics. Range of instruments available including I).\’7. acoustic grand piano. sequencers. S900sampler.

0 Berkeley Street Studios 87b Berkeley Street. 248 7290. Contact: Steve Chey'ne. Currently in a semi-state of flux. as engineer (iordon Rintoul is involved in producing the album for Dunfermline band Shine. Also some flitting is expected in the next few months so phone for any further details.

0 Park Lane Studios 974 Pollokshaws Road. 030 1218. Contact: Rab Andrew. Rates: ()n application. L'pgraded from lo-track to 24-track a few years ago -- and has since established itself along with Cava as one of (ilasgow's fittest recordingfacilities as proved by the list ofreccnt customers. Clients liav e included Big Country (Restless Natives soundtrack). Lloyd Cole And The Commotioiis. 1130. The Painted Word. (demos).

o Clyde Cable Vision Anderston ()uay. 221 7040. Contact: (ieorge Cathrow. local cable TV channel. w ho have to date been supportive of a

div erse selection of local bands. by w ay of interviews. making Videos. etc.

o Toad Hall Studios 1433 Pollokshaws Road. o32 1113. See Recording Studios section.


Considering(ilasgow's indie heritage from the early liiglities' Postcard days. there is surprisingly little in the way of independent labels who would actively seek local bands to put out records. Most indie labels are set up by bands themselves for the purpose of putting out their own. usually one-off singles. while the

recent demise— not necessarily permanent of Stampede and .\'o Strings Records has closed other outlets for young bands.

0 The Precious Organisation 24 (iairbraid Avenue. 020. 94o 33oo. Home OT Wet Wet \Vel. but also responsible for singles by Kick Reaction and ( ioodl‘y e Mr .‘ylacKen/ie. l’t‘eclotis works as a self-contained unit. eov ering the management. publicity and presentation ofthe bands connected with the label.

0 Sticky Musicm Barringtoii Drive. ( i4. 334 solo. label that has recently released an album by Talking Drums as well as a single by Soul Doctor and Talking Drumsagaiii. like all independent labels. operations are limited by financial considerations. 0 Witness Records 1" Caird Drive. (11 l . 334 5020. Released a single by the Night Swini’iiiers earlier in the yeai . and the intention was to try and create a label capable of releasing material by other bands. Whether this comes to fruition or riot remains to be seen.

0 M.S.B. Derby Street. Kelvingrov e. 35—~ 1 I57. Not an indie label. but a (ilasgow-based publishing company. operating through S.B.K. Soiigsin America. Currently responsible for publishing works by (iiaiit. Sliiiic. The .laniestow ii ( 'iits.

o Linn Records 235 Drakeniuir Driv e. (v34 0371. Contact: Nigel Dewar-(iibb.

0 iii-Fibre 2b Katrine Place. Castlepark. Irv inc. 0294 7(i10S‘. The Big( it111. Basil Perroiii.

0 Union City Recordsimfi S2973o. Dragsters' label. 0 Cathexis Recordings Pt) Box 284. Contact: Robert. Iiini Tribe. w eird compilations of experimental stuff.

0 Planetarium Discs :5 Meadow View. Cumberiiauld. Contact: Mark.

0 Narodnik Records 11 l.auristoii Park. Contact: liddie. Home of Jesse (iaron and The Desperadoes.15in Bombs. Baby Lemonade.

0 Copy Two Tapes 155 Stock“ ell Street. (ilasgow'. 041-552

()9o9. Realtinic or high-speed copies lioni niaster. Cheaper than studios. and no restriction on numbers. though it's cheaper the more copies you want. l'nder 50copies it‘sabout £1 per tape incltisive ()1 cases. No inlay cards.

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