o Multi-track recording up to 24 tracks 0 Excellent rates and Rehearsal facilities (including back line drums and RA. systems)

Phone 041 959 6251 171—173 Curle Street, Glasgow G14 (24-hour answering service)


Spacious Rehearsal hahms

For all music services. themes. pngles. soundtracks. dISCO mixes etc

I Professorial Multi-Track A Recording Studio







Alastair Mabbott gives a guide to what’s available in Edinburgh.

o Bandparts Music Stores

Ill Antigua Street. Ell]. 556 6621. Sells mainly sheet music. small instruments (they have a very good collection of harmonicas) and spares. like drumsticks. strings. etc.

o Calder Music 3 Main Street. Mid (alder. Mid (ldder880220.SeH electric (Fender. Gibson. etc) and classical guitars. no brass but some woodwind. They can order instruments they don't have in stock. though. Not enough room for keyboards. but good selection ofamps. like (‘arlsboro. Vox. Marshall and Torque. Second hand instruments sold. Part exchange possible. No hire purchase. but there is an account system for customers. (‘alder Music also repair all kindsof instruments.

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In Edinburgh. laws about tlyposting are rather contused. Well. the law isn‘t. but the way it's enlorced during Festivaltime. when the police tend to turn a blind eye to the hordes ol overalled billposters with their swilling buckets. ditlers radicallylrom the rest at the year. You could be arrested. but prosecution is very rare. Be caretul - go in groups of two so that one can act as a lookout. Never paste over any posters that are still


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o Canongate Music 49 Blackfriars Street. E111. 557 3090. (ieared towards folk musicians. with an exotic array ofbanjos. flutes. bagpipes. bozoukis. harmonicas. zithers and a harp. Books of folk songs and tutors sold as well.

0 Edinburgh Organ Studio

98 (‘anongate. E118. 556

3005. Specialist keyboard shop. mainly dealing in Yamaha. but also Casio. 'I‘raditional home organs to digital electric pianos. Also books and sheet music.

0 Hans Music l61)undas Street. 556 3999. Piano specialists. from traditional uprights and grands to modern digital electronic pianos. Sheet music and music books.

0 Gordon Simpson o—a Stafford Street. Edinburgh El 13 7AY. 225 630.5.Biggest and most extensive music shop in Edinburgh. All the big

current. This is pointless, and will probably lead to your posters being covered over by irate victims. Going round shops. asking itthey can put your posters in their windows. is elteclive. and has the advantage at being pertectly legal. There are people who will llypost tor you. Obviously. we can't tell you who they are. but keep your earto the ground. and expect to pay around 10p a poster. "you're serious about your gig. start tlyposting about a lortnight in advance and carry on until the day belore.

names in rock and classical instruments and equipment. Also second hand equipment. part exchange and instant credit. Repairs carriedout on all kinds ofequipment. o Mev Taylor’s Music Shop 159 Morrison Street. 13113. 229 7454. Guitars include Gibson and lbanez. plus many lesser-known makes. large range of secondhand. Amps include Session. Cougar. KNI). plus second-hand selection. Possibly the best range ofsaxophones to be found in the city. Keyboards coming soon. Part~exchange and credit scheme.

0 Murray Seaton's Drum Centre 66 South (.‘lerk Street. E118. 667 3844. Specialist drum and cymbal shop. All leading names. including Yamaha. Ludwig. Pearl. Tama. Sonor. Premier. Paiste and Zildjian. All spares. instruction books. etc.

o The Music Shop 22 (irindlay Street. E113. 229 8392. Guitars: Fender. Epiphone. Antoria. Westone. etc. (mainly acoustic). Keyboards: (‘rumar. Eko. etc. Amps: llohner. Torque. Wem. 11+ 11. etc. Occasionally handle drums. (‘an order. Brass and woodwind by Boosey and Hawkes and others. Harmonicas. usual extras. About 60‘}? ofthe servicing is stuffother shops send in. Repair anything except concertinas.

Rae Macintosh Ltd 6—8 Queensferry Street. E112. 225 1 l7]. Mainly sheet music and book stockists— enormous range —‘ a few musical instruments. mainly of the classical variety.

0 Rikki's Music Shop 102 Leith Walk. E116. 553 5084. All leading makes of guitars. keyboards. drums and amps. Rikki‘s are also the sole Edinburgh agents for the American Jackson/Chanel guitars. They perform repairs. and build guitars and PAs. Part-exchange and credit scheme.

0 Sanderson and Taylor Ltd 9 Alvalney Terrace. E119. 2292051. Woodwind specialists. Repairs and accessories.

0 Scayles 2—4 West (‘rosscausewayu E118. 667 8241. Almost entirely second-hand dealers. but new equipment can be ordered. They offer reasonable prices for instruments as well as sell them. A vast range ofstuff passes through their hands. and there are occasional rarities. No hire purchase available. but a 10% deposit will secure an instrument for a fortnight. Scayles are

ao'rhciia’ii—Xug— 3 Sept