crowds there. Capacity of about 400.

0 Coasters West Tollcross. 228 3252. Just re~opened after a closure earlier in the year. Although there are no large bands scheduled for the main hall (which last yearsaw such acts as llalf Man llalf Biscuit. Fuzzbox and (iil Scott-l leron ) in the immediate future. the old lloochic ('oochie Club may be opening up again. providing a much-needed outlet for live music.

0 The cavern ( 'ow gate. 2299416. Local bandson nearly every night. usually a broad range. from reggae to high-energy rock. Colourful language on stage gets the plugs pulled. though. Capacity 300-350. Contact Mr Taihi.

o The Mission Victoria Street. 225 3326. The scene of a three-week long hand contest recently. but since the ()nion Cellar

(now known as Speed 3) left. things have been quieter than they used to be. (iigs this year by The Shamen. The Pastels. Fizz Bombs and similar.

0 Dillingers King‘s Stables Road. 228 3547. Disco most of the time. but plays host to musical acts occasionally. usually

soul MORartists.

o BusterBrown’s Market Street. Another disco. available for hire. Ran a series of gigs by local bands earlier this year. which fizzled out.

o The Amphitheatre Lothian Road. 229 7670. Plush disco most ofthe time. ()nly hooks acts big on the club scene but small in terms ofchart action. Can‘t think ofa single local band to play it since it opened. though it was once the Caley Palais.


0 FTCSI’I The “'aterloo Bar. Waterloo Place. 556


2839. Revived after its popularity with local bands many years back. the Waterloo Bar now plays host to commercial poppy bands on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Nothing too

o The Preservation Hall Victoria Street. 226 3816. Popular pub with an island bar. and small stage which large hands get quite cramped on. (iels very busy. especially at weekends. when there is an entrance charge on the door. Rek B and blues-rock is popular here. but broad range from pop to heavy metal. Nothing punky. though. Monday is the regular heavy rock metal night.

0 Lord Damley West Port. 229 4341. Random Promotions recently started booking the hands here. and there are now a wide range of rock bands


Manyfamous customers including BIG COUNTRY, LLOYD COLE, HIPSWAY, WET WET WET Large range of spares and

accessories; stockists of new range of EMG Select p/ups from £19.95

974 Pol/okshaws Rd, Shaw/ands. Glasgow.

Tel: 041-632 9526




for a copy of our showreel, please contact JAMIE SWINTON at



24a Ainslie Place, Edinburgh EH3 6AJ

031-225 2186/7 fax 031 -225 6944

one band so farfrom Manchester and a few

from Glasgow.

0 Nicky Tam's Victoria Street. 226 5301. Amazingly. only a year ago The Proclaime rs were singing upone end ofthis fairly small bar (above 2 The Mission). Just goes to show.

0 The Canny Man’s Morningside Road. 447 1484. Pub acts. booked by the manager.

0 The Rolling Stone (ireenside Place. 558

1270. Minisculc stage.

right next to the window. Current residency by

small band.

0 Négociants Lothian Street. 225 6313. Bands play in the basement. and tend to be ofeasylistening variety: jazz-funkers

After Eight Mince. for instance.

0 The Blues Basement Broughton Street. 556 7147. A lot of blues-rockx‘R&B bands. naturally. but the management are quite open. A few Saturday nights have seen punk bands playing there.

0 Clowns High Street. 556 1830. Local bandson three or four nightsa

week. Small downstairs room and larger one upstairs. A fair bit of

heavy metal lately. and

one band travelling from Glasgow got a very substantial audience.

0 Top 0' the Walk St James : Centre. 557 2631 o The King George George g lVBridge.2251681.Just ! started live music. Bands like Capital CYC have appeared.

0 Boston Bean (:0 St James Centre. 55601 11. Residency by a fairly quiet 3 band on Wednesday

nights. Not a lot else.

0 Scayles Music and

Octagon PAs 2 West Crosscauseway. El 189

9] P. 667 8241. PAs from 800w for £35 per night (self-operated).Anything I larger comes with an operator for the mixing desk. and prices are not inclusive of transport outside Edinburgh. 2k (2.000 watts) rig £75 per night. 3k rig £95. 4k rig £1 15. 5k rig£l35. Ask for 1 details of anything larger.

A separate monitor mix (also called foldback. i.e. i a mix so that the hand can hear themselves on stage) from the side of the stage rather than the main

mixing desk is an extra £60 f upwards. Full range of ASS speaker cabinets. mixing desks are Soundcraft and Studiomaster. Scales also sell strings. guitars. keyboards. amps. pedals. brass. woodwind. and carry out repairs on electric. brass and

woodwind instruments.

0 System PA153 Broughton Road. EH7 4.1]. 556 2678. Systems available: 300w vocal PA with mikes for £20per night. 1600w PA rig £70. 3.5k rig £90. Price includes operator but not transport. Speaker cabinets are Elite. giving hi-fi sound at high volume. Mics: Shure. Beyer. Sennheiscr. AKCr. Monitors and power amps are all Traynor. System PA can arrange to pick up the gear in a van. and occasionally hire out instruments.

0 MB Martin 26 Roseneath Place. Marchmont. EH9 IJD. 229 4784. Systems available: Turbosound 2k rig. Bose 2k rig. Prices upwards of£150. Desks are Soundcraft and Studiomasters. up to 24 channels. and an operator can be supplied. Main emphasis on equipment hire only. Fourtrack recording system available.

0 GBPA 167 Morningside Road. 447 5012. Will hire anything from single units (mics. amps. speakers) upwards. Vocal-only systems hired out for £30-£40 (collected from shop). PA rigs from 800w for £60. with operator and transport included. 1.5k rig £80. 3k rig with separate foldback mix approximately £150. Virtually no limit on size of rigs. Studiomaster desks. Bose and Martin speaker cabinets. Shure and Beyer mics. GBPA also supply personnel to take out on tour. supply backline (kbds. amps. etc) to order. manufacture and hire flight cases.

0 The Sound Co. Woodhead Farm. Newburgh. Fife KY14

61 lZ. 0337 40251. PAs up to 4k. monitor systems up to3k. Full separate monitor mix. Prices vary between £100-£300. depending on gear. transport and operators. Soundcraft desks. Amcron power amps. JBL and Celestion speakers. Shure. AKG and PZM mics.

O EFX 5 Lutton Court.667 6127. Any system from 300w vocal PAs to 8k rigs. anything up to 2k self-operated. Prices negotiable. so it‘s worth enquiring. Soundcraft desks. Martin speaker cabinets. Shure mics.

0 Northern Light 39 Assembly Street. 553 2383. Up to 2k Bose rigs. Soundcraft desks. Beyer. AKG and Shure mics. Operator can be sent if required. Price between £50-£100 per night. depending on requirements. Lighting and mobile eight track

studio available.

0 Harbour Sound la West llarbour Road. Granton. 552 0252. Complete 7k rig. used for Win. Love and Money. llue and Cry. Run Rig and bandsof similar stature. Harbour Sound generally don't do anything smaller. ‘Amazing' selection of mics. Beyer M88 for vocals. JBL cabinets. Yamaha amplification for PA and monitors. Soundcraft 800 26/16/2 desk. Effects like Clark Tekriics analyser. Yamaha and Roland reverb. Roland SDE2000 delay. Drawmer noisegates and compression and an aural exciter. among other pieces of specialist equipment.



0 Castle Sound StudiosThe Old School. Pencaitland. 5340143.

24-track. Three separate ‘recording environments' and one large control

room. All kinds ofmusic. from classical to rock. Previous clients include Simple Minds. Big Country. The Blue Nile. Wet Wet Wet. The Silencers. Currently revising rates. phone for details. Mics: Breul. Kajer. Schoeps. Shure. Electrovoice. AKCr. Neumann. Desk: Amex 36 input in line M2 500. Tape machine: ()tari MTR 90 rnk 2. Mastering: Lyric 12in and Lyric lain. Sony Fl Digital. Clark Teknic DN 780stereo reverb. AMS RMX16 reverb. Bel stereo editor sampler delay. AMS delay. AMS limiter compressors. Pultec valve equalisers. BS201 noisegates. A621) scamp rack. Instruments available: Yamaha grand piano. honky tonk piano. Premier drums. Extras: kitchen. lounge with TV. stereo and pool table.

0 Chamber Recording Studio 28 Lady Lawson Street. 228 1939. l6-track. Small but central. Previous clients include The Cate ran. The Styng-Rites. The Thanes. Rates: £6 per hour plus Vain tape cost. Mics: Beyer. AKG. Desk: Studiomaster 16 8’2. Tape machine: Tascam 38 multitrack. Revox 2 track. Drawmer noisegates and compressors. Yamaha SPX90 multi effects. Alesis XTC digital reverb. Aphex aural exciter. lnstrurnents available: Ensoniq Mirage sampling keyboard. Yamaha drum machine. acoustic and electric guitars. fretted and fretlcss basses. Tama drums. Roland JC 120 combo amp. Carlsboro 90

42 The List 21 Aug— 3 Sept