Cobra bass amp.

0 Energy Recording Studios 20 New Broompark. Granton Park Avenue. EII5.5520209. I6-track. All kinds of music. from classical to rock. and advertising jingles. Previous clients: Paul llaig. IIeart Industry. Watch With Mother. Trixx. Rates: £l0per hour. but always open to negotiation. Mics: AKCr. Sennheiser. Beyer Dynamic. Desk: Allen and I Ieath. Tape machine: Fostex lo-track. Mastering: Technics 16 PCM. Instruments available: Ensoniq Mirage sampler. Yamaha DX7. Ensoniq ESOI synthesiser. Selection of guitars and basses. drumkit. drum machine. Session players: ln-house keyboard player. and various other instrumentalists can be arranged. Extras: rehearsal is£l2 per session (depending on availability of space). Control room 350 sq ft. recording area 450 sq ft.

0 Frontline Studios Roslin. 4404337. 16-track lin. but Steinberg software on Atari computer can give 24 more tracks. Exclusivelydeals with indie bands and labels. Previous clients include We Free Kings. Rip Strip. Shattered Family and Dancing Bears. Rates: £12 per hour. Two recording areas and small control room. Mics: AKG. Calrec. Shure. Neumann. Desk: Allen and Ileath System 8 24.8 with 16-channel twister automation. Tape machine: Tascam lin. Mastering: Digital PCM 701 with Revox B77 1 Mn mastering. Instruments available: most keyboards. Strat with trem. Burman valve pre-amp. Fender Champ. Session players: any. Relaxed country environment. but no accomodation.

0 Han Street Studios-1 lIart Street Lane. 552 3685. Three studios in the building. previous clients include Simple Minds. Nazareth. Jesse Rae. Shop Assistants. Fiction Factory.

24-track studio. used for all kinds of music. from rock groups to film soundtracks. Rates: £25 per hour. approx £200 per day. though rates are negotiable according to length of stay. Mics: Neumann. AKG. Beyer. Shure. Desk: MCI 60026 channel. Tape machine: MCI JII 24 track. Mastering: MCI J11 110 onto '/4in tape. Around 400 sq ft plus isolation booth and extremely large control room. Apple Mac songwriting computer

plus operator available. 16-track. mainly electronic demo studio. £15 per hour. Desk: Soundcraft 800. Tape Machine: Fostex B 16. Mastering: Revox. Control room plus two booths. 8-track. Small control room. no booths. ‘programming suite‘. Rates negotiable: Desk: Seek. Tape machine: Fostex 8 track. Mastering: Fostex 2 track. Instruments available: Various Roland. Sequential Circuits arid Yamaha synths. Mini-Moog. EML' 2 Emulator. drumkits. Roland and Yamaha drum machines. piano. Just about any session players available. classical or pop. Kitchen and toilet. o Impulse Recording Studios 25 West Savile Terrace. 131 1‘). 668 2020. 24 tracks. Previous clients: Big Country. Talking Drums. etc. Record all kinds ofmusic. Rates: £34 per hour ( no hidden extras). Mics: Neumann. AKC}. Beyer. Sennheiser. Desk: MCI. Tape machine: Studer. Mastering: Studer. with option of Dolby. Instruments available: Yatnaha drum computers. DX7 and TX7 expander. Roland 106. Akai S900 sampler. TC Electronics 2290. guitars. amps. but no drumkit. Session players: anything. Two engineerson every session. Separate drum booth and two playing Acoustically-balanced control room. Main playing area of about 450 sq ft. Live isolation booth 72 sq ft. 0 Palladium Sound Recording Straiton llouse. Loanhead Road. Straiton Village.1511204401084. 24 track. Previous clients include Lindisfarne. Cocteau Twins. Prefab Sprout (and other Kitchenware bands). Run Rig. Rates: £21 per hour plus VAT. £15 per head accommodation. Mics: Shure. Neumann. AKG. Sennheiser. Desk: Soundcraft T324 32 channel. Mastering: Otari MTR 90 mk 2. MTR 12 and Sony PCM 701 Digital onto (in. Instruments available: Yamaha DX7. TX7 11. C3 grand piano. Rhodes. Chroma. Roland JX 3P. SBX 80. sync box. Pearl drumkit. Korg organ. Latin percussion. amps. Session players: anything. 0 Pier House la Granton Square. E115. 552 3549.16 track (soon to be upgraded to 24). All kinds of music recorded. Previous clients include Dick Gaughan. The Crows. Run Rig. Shop

Assistants. Proclaimers. Soup Dragons. Rates: £15 per hour. control room 196 sq ft. two recording rooms of 225 sq ft and 90 sq ft. Mics: Neumann. Schoeps. AKG. Beyer. Calrec. Electrovoice. Desk: 32 channel computer-controlled. self-made. Tape machine: Studer A80. Mastering: Analogue A700 ( Dolby A). digital Sony PCM. Instruments available: (iretsch drumkit. Roland keyboards. Session players: anything. Kitchen.

0 Pizarro Ltd 128 Duke Street. Lcith. EII68HR. 553 6512. 8-track demo studio used by many local bands. including 1 Ieart Industry. Rates: £5 per hour. Mics: Shure SM58. Bang Olufsen condenser. Beyer. Desk: l8-channel Seek. Tape machine: Fostex A8. Mastering: Akai 2 track: hopefully DAT when all the wrangles are sorted out. Drum machines. digital delay. noisegates. etc. Instruments available: Ensoniq Mirage sampler. Ensoniq ESQ] . Yamaha TX7. Roland Juno 106. Session players: keyboard. brass. backing vocals. etc. can all be arranged.

0 Planet Recording Studio 34a Broughton Street. [2111.556 1707. 24tracks. popular with groups outside Edinburgh as well. such as Wet Wet Wet. Secession. Shamen. APB and Lowlife. Rates: £150 for 9 hours. Mics: Neumann. Sennheiser. AKG. Beyer. Electrovoice. Desk: Bel/Munro 32-channel. 6 auxiliary sends. Mastering: Digital Sony PCM 701 . Analog Revox B77 (in. Instruments available: Roland DX7. TR808. MC500. Mini-Moog. Rickenbacker 12-string.

Other equipment. notably

a Premier drumkit and an Emulator with sound library. can be hired in. Studio around 1100 square feet; isolation booth for drums and vocals. and live room.

0 R.E.L. Studios 41)

Sciennes. IiI l‘). 668 3366.

24tracks. ()nelarge ambient rootn and one acoustically-sectioned-ofl

room. Previous clients

; include Iggy Pop. Big , Country. Run Rig. Billy

McKenzie. Rates: 12 hours for £450 £45 per

hour. Deals for smaller

bands with limited

resourcesavailable. Mics:

Neumann. Sennheiser. AKU. Beyer. Desk: Trident Series 80. Tape

; Machine: Atari multitrack. Extensiveand

high-quality digital outboard processing equipment. Instruments:

Piano. drums. sythesisers. samplers. Session players available. Kitchen. 0 Rocking Horse Studios Mosside Farm. Blackburn. Bathgate. 5632540. No information presently available. A producer we asked described it as ‘a part-time studio.‘ 0 Slurpy Gloop 31 Chapel Street. Dunfermline. 3730177. Never really expected to be able toget through to the weirder element ofthe Fife recording business. but they may get their phone re-connected. so give it a try'.’


o Mactrack Duplicating 95 Ilercus Loan. Mussclburgh. EH21 . 665 5377.1’rice depends on length of tape and amount oftapes required. Mactrack won't do any less than 50. Cases are extra. They will print labels. but bands should supply their own graphics. Tapes take at the most

7— 10 days to run off.

A trend that is becoming increasingly popular these days is to send a video demo instead of the normal audio one. It certainly makes A& R men sit up and take notice. as it suggests a greater degree of commitment from the band. and if your act is" primarily visual in nature it could be a much better idea. Despite the plethora of video makers in Britain it's hard to find budget deals in thisarea.

0 Channel 5 54 Shandwick Place. E1 12. 226 2915. Virtually the only company in the city we have found who will make pop videos. They offer special deals to small hands. dependingon their budget. A decent. if simple. video can be made for between £150-£200for a day's shoot. Bands like The Cateran. The Soup Dragons and Lowlife have used this service. From there. there is virtually no limit. The Lo-band L'matic equipment they Use is good enough quality to be shown on TV. ifthe prog's producers see fit. Channel 5 will consider live videos. but generally work to a script. based on ideas provided by the band.


0 53rd&3rd 21a Alva Street.Contact: Sandy. Ilome of Shop Assistants. BMX Bandits.TaIulah Gosh. etc.


O DDT2la Alva Street. Contact: Sandy. We Free ' Kings. The Cateran. I 0 Supreme International 18 Saxe Coburg Street. Contact: Alan. Beat Freaks. Screaming Nobodies. to name but two.

0 Demon Radge Records

21 ll Leith Street. Contact: Wilf. Dog Faced Ilermans. so far.

0 Wump Records 3rd Floor Right. 43 Barclay Place. Contact: Angus. The Green Telescope. so far. 0 Drastic Plastic 2 Cluny Place. Contact: Kate. Currently Tribe of Benn. 0 Cracked Records 39 Pitt Street. Contact: Tony. Recent compilation of Edinburgh bands.

0 Snick Records 2121 Alt-a Street. Contact: David.

O DealJim 21a Alva Street. Contact: Jim. Bedtime Boy's attd their single‘NoSleep'I‘iIl 1 Bedtime'. i 0 Ridge Records 104 High Street. Dalkeith. Contact: i Calum. Folk.

0 Green Trax Records 3 Morvern Street. Contact: Ian. Folk.

0 Temple Records Shillinghill. Temple. ? Midlothian. Contact: Robin. Folk.

0 Hightshitt Records 229 Bo'ness Road. (irangemouth. Contact: Brian. Lowlife. 0 NEXT Big Thing 20 Albert ' Avenue. (irangemouth. Contact: Lindsay.

0 KDY 37 Dollar ( 'rescent. Kirkcaldy. Fife. Blazing l Apostles. Locomotive - Latenight. : 0 Kingdom Come 63 Salisbury Street.

Kirkcaldy. o Trigger Happy 41) Forth 1 Park (iardens. Kirkcaldy.


0 Regular Music Suite 2. : Castlecliff. 25 Johnston Terrace. Edinburgh El Il 2511 I. (Bl-22.5 6566. Promoters of the recent [12 bash at Murrayfield arid other very large gigs. 0 Dance Factory No 2. 125 Perth Road. Dundee DDI 4JB. 0383 21844. Promote a number of large bands. but few small bands from outside Dundee.

| o Cosmos Promotions 57 St

Stephen Street.Edinburgh EII35AII.031-226-1527.

Book bands for every major college in Scotland and the bands forthe Venue in Edinburgh most nights.

0 Random Promotions 45 Prince Regent Street. Edinburgh El I64AR. 031-553 6395. Recently-started. btit with a host of bands on its books. finding gigs for them at very varied venues around the country. though not yet Glasgow.

0 Aberdeen Rock 10 Belmont Street. Aberdeen. 0224 641931.

RECOMMENDED [33213111-

There are several industry yearbooks which list all the contacts you are likely to need. both in the UK and abroad. Dithese. the best 8T8:

o Kemps International Music Industry Yearbook Federation House. 230‘) Coventry Road. Shaldon. Birmingham B26 3P(i. 021-742 6717. Next edition should be published in November. 0 The White Book Unit 18. Central Trading Estate. Staines. Middlesex TW 18 4XE.0784 64441. Next edition should be published in January. and all information to be supplied by mid-October. o The Melody Maker Yearbook Berkshire House. 168-173 Iligh Ilolborn. London \V( 'l.


Bands in Edinburgh might find the Edinburgh Musicians Collective useful. They meet once a week. and their aim is to find gigs for member bands. There have already been exchange gigs with collectives in other parts ofthe country. Call Andy ortll3l 5566372 to 110001” 0 Perlorming Rights Society 29- 33 Berners Street. London \V I I’ 4AA. (ll-5805544. 0 MCPS Elgar l lottse. 41 Streatham Iliin Road. London SW'lb II': R. (ll-76‘) 440i). 0 Musicians Union 15 Windsor Street. Edinburgh. 1131-5564485 0 Musicians Union 135 Wellington Street. (ilasgow . 04 I -248 3723

The List 21 Aug 3 Sept 43