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It is a quarter to seven on a cold. And I don‘t suppose I'm the only clear September morning. Thesun is one who always turns to the Letters already Up and 80 21m 1. l say thlS page of the newspaper first, whether because there are those who read it be the problems the Star invents

this column who think that the only

. and solves for its lay readers or the hours of the day I see are opening reheated soup in The Scotsman. But ones. Maybe I give this impression. best ofall even now are those in The but I want it to get about that l mas Times, I was sent a copy of the latest industrious as the next man. Even

anthology of letters penned to The

when it looks as if all I‘m doing is Times by readers which are to be Concentrating 0h PINS 0f Plain my published later this month, called mind is a vat of ideas. throbbing The Last Cuckoo (Unwin Hyman away at the frontier of knowledge. £11.95) I’m rationing myself to one At this hour. the silence interrupted a day, every day the postman doesn’t Only by the nglc (“the 0P0” ring twice. Like real mail they‘re best Univers1ty and the cough ofan -

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exhaust. I fancy myself to be Scott. room in the house. But she who kills rattling out Pei'eril oft/1e Peak or . all known household erms dead Ivanhoe, before descending to join Alan Taylor, m searCh Of says it’s unhygienic. Ogne day I shall my géilestsjatftiireakgast .lelntzjtlideSllCL‘ the perfect mail, becomes ask for scientific proofbut in the to a 00 y arv. eyi e '1 neys. ' ° ' b ' '

. , a cuckoo 1n the . meantime I retaliate y Singing POdChLd eggs and All Brim neSI loudly to the tune of the German

The truth is less attractive. Fora national anthem ‘Deutschland Uber start there s no need to descend. In

flats you don‘t. If there are am No favourite “10mg in the English with. ‘Be round to sort you out‘, Alles’: ‘Coughsland sneezes spread guests. and if they have any sense. lfmguagc are I hgquc “nc'osfdi‘ ICIIIIIIICZCIIIIIIIII IS IIIIII II IhIeaI OI a dIseaseSI IIII’IilI II geniis IfII IOUI h they stay locked in their rooms until sadly underused m my.cxPcncncc' pIOIIIIIII: AnywayI I Wanted you a“ II'IIdIIIWII'IIII IIIIeaIII O IIIII cnoug les enfants terribles have been And people don‘t write letters to know m case anythmg untoward I m IOId II can III onCOIIIiItS IIIIIIIIII d whisked away to their institutions. “n-me' Th“ “.‘03‘ You can hope for happen} to me' III“ to IIIIIII :10 IIIIIh'IIlCi dIea The devilled kidneys haye long since are pOStmIdI with curt mcssagcs' I I don.I WIIIII IIIaIIy IIIIIIIIS myself a ICIIeIlIIiISilIII kaly IhC hIlc me been exorcist and in their place is a had one from Cherry a few days ago' IIICIIIIIIIISI III IIICI I bougIII some so mu: 1 I "III I III/III

glass oforange. sundry vitamins It “3‘5 a phOtOgmph "IIIMCR and . pIIItCIIdI the OIheI day IIIIII my IIIimI'I I I0 IIIsbal VIIIIIIhSIiIIhII I which look ridiculous on a piece of Whnc “Imih Spells ARI and commg IIIIIIIC III'III IIIII'IICSS IIIIIIIII'IIICII'aIId I so IIIIIZiIIbII?)iI IIIIIiIlIl CIIII II III

toast, and a limp bowl ofcornflakes, from Who It came from‘ TROUBLE Ic-CI'IOII II I WII'IC on IIOIII SIdes III do'gge I IOII I III SIlIiICc d

‘the sunshine breakfast.‘ There was a “aided Ina.” m a corduiOy Jacket IIIIIIIIIIIIIII pIIIII I need never say“ GUICIIIIbeIgI Na"iii III lin'7 Xelf'lone time when the post arrived just after is staring Withintellectualintent at a {more than a hlmdred Words' Wh‘Ch tea? ml ecd: on co. 21g IS'. hr

the kettle boiled and depending on naked ‘T‘Odc' F” the Pomp‘d‘“ '5 da-II smce I like "owing-mom than MI I}? m IIIIIinI'I iiIImIiIi w 0 what was in it regardless of the Centre m parw Shc has her back to getting letters, longtgosmpy, hast e answerf. it s eetsa rill; laway rePast. it could kill or make my day. the 9am“ IVthh IS JIM as well' our IIIIIIII'IIOIaI ICIIIIIS WhICII' have been to find I pIiiIII o 'SCISIOkIS III II For me. as for Dorothy Parkei. my 905"“ has CHOUgh PmblcmS ‘0 COPc sent “m for the he” om' you know 0w It WOI I OUII

44 The List 18 Sept 1 Oct