This Autumn sees the release of one of the strongest sets of films for years as the revival in cinema fortunes seems set to continue. Here Alan Hunter picks the movies not .7 to miss and over the page we offer you chance to win a free pass for a year to four of Scotland‘s top cinemas!


Lett: Madonna in Who's That Girl?

Right: Rupert Graves in Maurice. the Merchant/ivory Silver Anniversary production. The llrst tilm since they made Room With A View, Merchant/Ivory's latest is also a screen adaptation oi an EM. Forster novel. Below: Simon Callovr as Mr Dulcle and Orson Wells as Young Maurice in Maurice.

Above: A scene from Hope and Glory. John Boorman's autobiographical look back at childhood durinpthe Blitz.

Left: Jack Nicholson in the comedy The Witches oi Eastwlck.

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