Beverly Hills Cop ll (15) (Tony Scott, USA, 1987). Eddie Murphy, Judge Reinhold, Jurgen Prochnow, Ronny Cox, John Ashton, Brigitte Nielsen. 98 mins.Smar1-lipped cop Axel Foley (Eddie Murphy) is back in his native Detroit when he hears that his old buddy Captain Bogomil has been shot in Beverly Hills by a ruthless and eilicient criminal gang. Since he got to know Bogomil so well in the first movie our hero has no choice but to drop everything and head tor California in the sure knowledge that a sequel, however repetitive, will rake it in at the box-olfice again.

And ourAxel has a tine old time of it. With his mostly ad-libbed, rapid-lire patter he blags his way into a series at evermore sumptious sets, including the ultimate lig when he gate-crashes a party at the Playboy Mansion.

East cars, tast action, tast dialogue, even a lairly last cement mixer, lots ol

soulmate after the demise of his marriage. Sublime comic delight with a soulful Gershwin score. Edinburgh; Cameo

0 Miracle in Milan (PG) (Vittorio De Sica, Italy. 1950) Francesco Golisano. Paolo Stoppa. Emma Gramatica. 95 mins. A downtrodden village ofimpoverished yokels find their humdrum existence enriched by the cheering presence of’l’oto the Good. Another classic post-war Italian feature uses its humour to satirically underline the shameful plight ofdisplaced Europeans. Edinburgh: Cameo

o The Mission (PG) (Roland Jot‘t‘e. UK. 1986) Jeremy Irons. Robert de


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high-tech weaponry and pump action shot guns, a host of Playboy Playmates and Brigitte Nielsen as the tall, cool, ‘beautiiul but deadly' blonde with the evil-sounding toreign name.

Who needs soul? Who needs originality? This is the ultimate comedy thriller torthe eighties. It’s

Niro. Ray McAnally. 125 mins. In 18th century South America a Papal Prclate is called in to resolve a territorial dispute between Spain and Portugal. His decision is dictated by the political climate in Europe and has harsh ramifications for a mission run by Jesuit priests. Both a study of male friendship and an exploration of man‘s capacity for the noblest altruism and the most treacherous selfishness, The Mission is an operatic film ofdepth and considerable power. A must. Edinburgh; Filmhouse

o The Missionary ( 15) (Richard Loncraine. UK. 1982) Michael Palin. Maggie Smith. Michael Hordern. 86 mins. Absolutely delightful Palm-scripted comedy in the manner of Ripping Yarns in which a naive young man of the cloth returns from darkest Africa and is given the task of running a mission for Fallen Women. Beautifully performed and sumptuoust set. Glasgow; GET

0 Monty Python’s Meaning otLile (18) (Terry Jones. US. 1983) Eric Idle. Graham Chapman. John (‘leese. 9() mins. Uneven Python humour combining songs. sketches and general ruminations on the human timescale from birth to death. Glasgow; GFI‘

0 Mosquito Coast ( PG) (Peter Weir. LIS. 198(1) Harrison Ford. River Phoenix. Helen Mirren. 119 mins. A black-edged reworking of the Swiss Family Robinson as Ford‘s know-it-all inventor forsakes the decline of Western civilisation for the jungles of South America. lnterrnittently fascinating utopian parable. Glasgow; Grosvenor

0 My Lite AS A Dog (PG) (Lasse Halstrom. Sweden. 1985) Anton Glanzelius. Manfred Serner. Anki Liden. 101 mins. Wholly captivating rite of passage tale set in Sweden during the 1950s. Twelve year-old lngemar copes with his mother’s

last, it’s slick, it’s got stereotypes, it‘s got violence, it's got a ‘greatest hits' sound-track, it‘s got Eddie Murphy and most of all it’s got a guaranteed mega-bucks prolit margin. Who needs critics? After all, Eddie just got ‘a raise’. (Richard Reece)

terminal illness and his family‘s general indifference to his boisterous spirits by indulging in a high fantasy life. incuding the pretence that he is a dog. Sent to stay with his jolly aunt and uncle in the country. his natural ebullience and sense of ironic humour help case his unconventional passage into adulthood. Terrible title. absoluctly wonderful film. Edinburgh: Filmouse

o The Name at the Rose ( 18) (Jean Jacques Annaud. W. Germany/Franccrltaly. 1986) Sean Connery. F. Murray Abraham. 131 mins. Marvellous medieval mystery with the masterful ('onnery on the trail of a monastery murderer. Glasgow: GFI‘. Edinburgh: Filmhouse

o The Night is Young ( 15) «5: (Denis Lavant. France. 198(1) Denis Lavant. Juliette Binoche. Michel Piccoli. 119 mins. See panel. Edinburgh; Filmhouse

o Outrageous Fortune ( 15) (Arthur Hiller. LES. 1987) Bette Midler. Shelley Long. Peter (‘oyote. 9‘) mins. Feuding. fussing thespians Long and Midler team up to exact revenge on the boyfriend that done them wrong only to discover that the jerk is a ('1A turncoat holding the country to ransom with the stolen prototype of a dealy virus that could destroy all of California. ('hased by the (‘1A. the KGB. the boyfriend. Indians etc. our intrepid gals ultimately wind up the best of chums.

Dumb. bland. horribly overplotted cartoon of a farce that even Midler lovers may find hard to endure. G1asgow;()dcon. Edinburgh: ()deon

o Pinocchio (1:) (Walt Disney Productions. 194(1) 77mins. 'l‘echnically breathtaking animated tale of the little puppet toy ofpine brought to life by the Blue Fairy who must earn his right to be human by outwitting some rapscallions and escaping from the belly of a whale.

Disney‘s painstaking craftsmanship reached an unrivalled peak with this utterly charming. ageless feature. Glasgow; Grosvenor

0 The Pit and the Pendulum ( 18) (Roger Corman. US. 1961)Vincent Price. John Kerr. Barbara Steele. 80 mins. Devilishly delightful Corman—Edgar Allen Poe adaptation with mad Vince convinced that he is his father - the most vicious torturer of all during the recent reign of the Spanish inquisition. The ominously swinging pendulum is worth the wait. Edinburgh; EUFS

o Platoon ( 15) (Oliver Stone. US. 198(1) (‘harlic Sheen. Willem Dafoe. Tom Berenger. 121) mins. A landmark in grimy authenticity. this is a classic war film that happens to be set in Vietnam as Stone portrays the experience of the ordinary infantryman on combat duty around the turn of 1967-68. Glasgow: Grosvenor

0 Radio Days (PG) (Woody Allen. US. 1987) Mia Farrow. Seth Green. Dianne Wiest. 89mins. Amiablylaid back family reminiscing about the early forties and the golden age of radio. Potpourri of modest charm held together by an armful of reliable performances from old hands and the usual flashes of wit and wisdom but still a pleasant time passer for both director and audience. Glasgow; (‘annon Sauchiehall Street 0 Red Shoes (PG) (Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger. UK. 1948) Anton Walbrook. Moira Shearer. Marius Goring. 136 mins. Superbly stylised ballet melodrama shot in ravishing'l’echnicolour. Edinburgh; (‘ameo

0 Red Wedding (Les Noces Rouges) (15) (Claude (‘habrol. France/Italy. 1973) Stephane Audran. Michael Piccoli. Claude Pieplu. 91) mins. Provincial France is the setting for this typical Chabrol dissection of murder and adultery among the bourgeoisie. Audran and Piccoli are a straying married couple each viewing murder as a means of breaking the wedding ties. Edinburgh: Edinburgh Film Guild 0 Repo Man ( 18) (Alex Cox. US. 198-1) Emilio Estevez. Harry Dean Stanton. 9?. mins. Bored LA punk takes up a job as a repo man (one who repossesses cars for finance companies) and an old hand shows him the ropes. Wacky. satirical cult sci-fi classic. Lotsa fun. Edinburgh; EUFS

o The Rescuers ( LI) (Walt Disney Productions. US. 1977) Less-than-classic anthropomorphic Disney animation. Glasgow; ()deon

0 Rita, Sue and Bob Too ( 18) (Alan Clarke. UK. 1987) Michelle Holmes. Siobhan Finncran. George (‘ostigan 95 mins. Blunt. funny. vivid British comedy of sexual manners and the class divide. Love it or hate it. you‘ll certainly be arguing about it for quite a while afterwards. Edinburgh; Cameo. Glasgow; Grosvenor

0 Room With A View (PG) (James lvory. UK. 1985) Helena Bonham Carter. Maggie Smith. Daniel Day

12 The List 2—15()ctober