0 Rory Gallagher Pavilion Theatre. Renl‘ield Street. 332 1846. 7.30pm. Rory is back! And. surprise surprise.

his new album Defender (Demon Records) sounds just like all his

28 The List 2-15 oasis."

others. If you like Rory Gallagher then tonight is recommended. ifnot. don’t go expecting anything innovative! See panel.

0 We Free Kings Boulevard llotel. (ireat Western Road. Duntocher. 377 2381. 9pm. First of a series of dates with their debut album scheduled to follow on DDT [{ecords.

0 Jamie Barnes and Cochise \'iva‘s. Union Street. lptn. Platinis at Furlongs. West Nile Street. 9pm. Their mums had better have their tea ready at five o‘clock because there is going to be a lot of rushing about.


0 Loudon Wainwright Ill Queen‘s llall. Clerk Street. 668 3456. Witty and self-deprecating American troubadour. with an undiminished popularity among those who found the dawn of the 70s to be a bit of a shock. Worth seeing.

0 Rory Gallagher Playhouse Theatre. (ireenside Place. 557 2590. 7.30pm. £5. Sec panel.

0 The Shamen and The Househunters Speed 3. The Venue. Calton Road. 5573073. 8pm. £2.50. Always a Pleasure to see Aberdeen‘s psychedelic explorers return to the city ~ and their new single (reviewed opposite) is pretty lab. The llousehunters are the brainchild of TV personality Jowc Head. and their eccentricity should complement the headliners' seriousness quite well.

0 Deal Height Cajun Aces (to be confirmed). Music Box. Victoria Street. 220 1708. £1 al‘ter‘)pm. Bit of confusion over whether this will go ahead. as the bassist appears to be leaving. (io along if it does. for their attthentic-sounding recreation of Louisiana cajun is hot stuff indeed. 0 Grey By The Gun Preservation Hall. Victoria Street. 2263816. £1 alter 9.30pm. High energy rock band from Aberdeen.

0 Alter Eight Mince Negociants. Lothian Street. 2256313. 9pm. Free. See Fri 2.

0 Bulb Cormorant Lord Darnley. West Port. 22943-11. 3pm. 60s'

Rey B. country-rock. jam atmosphere.

0 Slave Trade Clowns. High Street. 556 1830. 9pm. Free.



0 Loudon Wainwright Ill Pavilion Theatre. Renfield Street. 7.30pm. £5. Expect hall of the show to be completely hysterical. and the other half to be completely boring.

0 The Force Barrowland (downstairs). (iallowgate. 2.30pm. Afternoon gig in the downstairs bar area. with a nominal charge to get in. The Force are just back from a tour in (ierniany . and have their third single ‘Sltout‘ out now on WliA.

o The Shamen Rooftops. Sauclliehall Street. 10.30pm. Their new single.

Christopher Mayhew Says (Moksha) is their least commercial and most psychedelic offering to date. Could be interesting.


0 Jethro Tull Playhouse Theatre.

Greenside Place. 557 2590. 8pm. SOLD ()UT.

0 Hold The Frame The Music Box.

Victoria Street. 220 1708. £1 after 1 9pm. Rock'pop band with a touch of

the U2'Simple Minds about them.

0 Trident and Machinegun Smith Soundcheck Rock Club. The Venue. Calton Road. 557 3073. 7.30pm. Weekly heavy metal club.

0 Shiver ’n‘ Shake Engine Room. ()ueensferry Street Lane. Another place opening its doors to live bands for the first time.

0 Strategy Fresh. Waterloo Place. 556 283‘). 9pm. Free. Commercial pop.

0 Tam White and The Dexters Preservation l lall. Victoria Street.

2263816. £1 after 9pm. Edinburgh‘s

premier bluesman leads his top-rank R& B band. plus brass section.

through their paces. (ireat gravelly


0 Billy Jones Lord Darnley. West Port. 229 43-11. 10pm. Free. Popular local singer songwriter. with a clutch ofgood old-fashioned acoustic rock 'n‘ roll numbers.

MONDAY 5 Glasgow

0 River Detectives Fisx. so Miller Street. 10pm. Free. A highly promising band lots of acoustic guitars give a 1970s-ish feel but the songs are strong. Expect A& R man to be on their backs soon.

0 Deacon Blue Stirling University. Stirling. 9pm. Part of another mega UK Tour for Deacon Blue - this is one that no aspiring student should miss. as it will probably be the best band you will see for ages. Edinburgh

0 Lothian Preservation Hall. Victoria Street. 226 3816. 9.30pm. Heavy metal.

0 Shiver 'n‘ Shake Lord Darnley. West Port. 2294341. 10pm. Free.

0 Bon Ton Roulez Engine Room. Queensferry Street Lane.

0 Stripes Music Box. Victoria Street.


ln hit single terms Rory Gallagher is very dodgy property. He is also a very uncool name to drop these days, with the old guard at 70s rock all but discredited since the punks tried to burn all the bridges to the previous generation’s music. But Gallagher, once dubbed ‘the Vasco da Gama at rock‘ tor his interminable tour schedules, is still with us, and has just released an unpretentious blues-rock album (the latest in a line ol nearly 20) entitled Delender, on his own label, Capo Records. It's a tough, gritty album, and the singer/guitarist is more than ably assisted by drummer Brendan O‘Neill and long-time bass-playing partner Gerry McAvoy. Mark Feltham, lrom the late great Nine Below Zero, drops into blow the hell out at his harmonica on one track, and the mood is very delinitely blue. Gallagher has resisted all at the myriad trends ol nearly two decades ol change and reluses to compromise his love ol the blues. This 39 year-old lrom Cork, who lormed the post-Cream

power trio Taste alter a background in Irish showbands and honed his craft, like The Beatles, in the clubs at Hamburg, gets a great John Lee Hooker sound on the sell-penned ‘Loanshark Blues’, and the current set also includes a respectful cover version at Sonny Boy Williamson's ‘Don’t Start Me Talkin'.

The title ‘Delender‘, incidentally, comes lrom a tale Gallagher heard about the old Chicago bluesman Billy Boy Arnold, who sold copies at the newspaper Chicago Delenderto pay lor his harmonicas. The ‘various reasons' it seemed like an ‘ideal title' to Gallagher have not, however, been disclosed.

Gallagher, McAvoy, O’Neill, a guest keyboard player and hopelully Mark Feltham will be playing Edinburgh Playhouse on Saturday 3 Oct and Glasgow Pavilion on Sunday 4 Oct, and alter quitting the UK, the band are to head all on —yes— another world tour. . . (Mab)

220 1708. 10pm. Free.

0 The Volunteers Canny Man's. Morningside Road. 447 1484. 8.30pm. Free.

0 The Nick Robertson Band Negociants. Lothian Street. 225 6313. 9pm. Free.

0 Yes Yes Juliette Mandela Centre. Potter Row. 10pm. Free. Students and guests only. lndie Pop.



0 Rich Fixx Bar. Miller Street. 10pm. Free. A showcase fora talented

(ireenock~based band who are

spoken highly of by the Fixx

management. Worth a look for '1

1 saw it first value'.

1 0 Bobby Wishart Halt Bar.

Woodlands road. 332 1210.9an Free. Popular and long-standing residency.

2 Edinburgh

0 Le Rue The Venue. Calton Road. 557 31173. 7.30pm. World-renowned cajun band who. when not out on their own. back the legendary Queen Ida.

O Bogart Lord Darnley. West Port.

: 22943-11. 10pm. Free. Supported 1 Heart lndustrytheother week.

i which seemed the ideal place for ‘theni

O The Detours Engine Room. ()ueensferry Street Lane.

0 Bo’Weevil Preservation Hall. Victoria Street. 226 3816. 9.30pm. Free. R6213.

o The Peristalsis Brothers Negociants. Lothian Street. 225

5 6313. 9pm. Free. Fifties-style skiffle

and swing.

0 Cosmo Music Box. Victoria Streets. 220 1708. 1(1pm. Free.

0 Willie Logan Canny Man‘s. Morningside Road. 447 148-1. 8.30pm. Free.

0 Yes Yes Juliette King‘s Buildings Union. West Mains Road. 10pm. Free. Students and guests only.


0 Origin Sins Fixx. so Miller Street. 10pm. Free. They describe themselves as ‘alternative rock‘ but the same label has been applied to horrors like the Cult. Don't be put off. because Origin Sins are as good as anyone locally in their given field. which is a bit limited.

0 Nailan llalt Bar. Woodlands Road. 9pm. Free. Residency.


0 The Voice ol the Beehive and Boys Wonder'l‘he Venue. Calton Road. 557 3073. 7.30pm. Boys Wonder are the industry‘s lates ‘Most likely

to . . .‘ 11o hum. Beehive are a lot more appealing and more genuinely glamorous. two Californaian girls and their band. wearing their Paisley proudly. and casting around for great pop hooks. Can't remember the name of the track they played on The Tube. but it was a cracker.

0 Hold The Frame Hard Rock Cafe. The Mission. Victoria Street. 225 656‘). See Sun 4.

O The Detours Fresh. Waterloo Place. 556 2839. 9pm. Free.

0 Driving Sideways Music Box.