Smith Gallery, Stirling

Lighting the lamp on the luture ot Scottish art, the selectors ot the Smith Biennial in Stirling this yeartorged an exhibition trom a submission of 810 works. A tirst prize at 23000 and the reputation at this young competition tor being at the tront line, tempted over 500 artists living in Scotland to risk retusal. In the end. 74 pieces were gleaned lrom the heavy entry.

At the door there is Trash by Malcolm Dickson. A diet at video with old cans and waste technology on the side. Second prize this year also used the video box. ‘Sniper' by Pictorial Heroes (which you must ask to watch in a room oil the hall) targets the newscasters, amongst other voices in our world, ‘trying to contain the situation'. The message is clear. We live on red alert. How then to get itout otthat empty room to tell more people?

First prize went to a painting, large, cool and certainly not unimpressive. The delicate leathers and twigs tor which Eileen Lawrence is known are there. lined up in Egyptian tile. Gold leal shines god-like from up high. All is in control here. But a streak at blue splashes across the centre untidily. Has the artist tound trustration in her painstaking technique? It‘s a beautitully bold try, but somehow hesnant

Through the three Biennial galleries, painting predominates. Lys Hanson's Actt Scenet has more thrust than most. A monumental head bends back in vivid, streamlined colour. Kerry Kirkwood‘s Jacob Sheep (hung in the entrance and too easily missed) blends large scale with sensitivity, while

Sun 2 4.30pm. This railway and cotnmunity museum publishes its first book in conjunction with Third liye ( ‘cntre and Polygon Books. (ilasgow: locomotive Builder to the World by Mark ()'.\'eill and Murdoch .\'ico1son lollows theirsucccsslul exhibition ol the same name. Price £4.05 it is available Irom bookshops. 0 THIRD EYE CENTRE 350 Saucltichall Street. 5.52 7521. Tue Sill 10am 5.30pm. Sun 2 5.30pm. (ale. l|>l Georges Rousse1983—1987 t‘ntil Sill ltl()ct. This French artist photographs interiors large and in colour. llis drawing 01 the places puts him in the same catagory in which Ron ( )‘Donnell and (‘alum (‘oly in tall between photography and painting sculpture. Born in Paris in 104". Rousse has recently eshibited internationally in .r\msterdam and New York. .lointly organised by thc Arnoll'ini (iallery in Bristol. Moira lnnes t 'ntil Sat lll()ct. Work by a Scottish artist who makes sculpture I'rom bits and pieces. ladders and rope and things lying about. CaterpillarWorkers t'ntil Sat 10()ct. l’igltting l-‘or A l-‘uture. A visual record by the .Ioint ()ccupation (‘ommittce Photography (iroup.

l .-\ndy\IcKinnonandtheUIasgow


36 The List 2— 15 October

Philip Reeves pictures a dusky abstract. Sculpture is present but on the tringe—Joanne Risley‘s crazy table trimmed with tur and dripping grapes and Artlab UK‘s Marsh Warrior among the few which demand attention. Robert Maclaurin‘s Kurdish man holds a tlame which lights his striking picture red. Butthe Smith Biennial has no such detined direction. Scottish art

Film and Video \Vorksltop. l'ior Ill} days the workers of Caterpillar LK occupied their l‘actory in art attempt to save 1.200 jobs. This esltibition documents a community hanging on. New Work/No Definition Pertormances throughout ()ct. See also Theatre and Dance pagcs.

Keith McIntyre and Rotating Dancers Scotland pertorm A Gala Celebration Wed Thurs. 14 15()ct. Spm. L3 ( £2). l-‘irst shown lidinburgh Ticstlyal 1986. then Maylest and lidinburgh Pestile 1987. thisart dance music journeys between east and west by way ()1 the Borders. See Dance Page for lurthcr details. 2 Matters 01 Gravity by Mona Hatoum Wed 14r-l5ri 1(i()ct Noon-Spin. Daily. ('ontinuotts performance l'rom 2pm onwards. l-‘ree. Based on her Iatltcr‘s diaries ol ten years ol war in l.ebanon. this performance installation is about the displaced person at odds with his environment. Alastair MacLennan—‘Dut the ln' l-‘ri ltv—Stm lts‘()ct. This is the second time Alastair .‘slacl .cnnan has appeared at Third liye. ()n the first occasion. he spent a week living in the gallery. his body naked and painted and tied to a pillar. llis nakedness caused tabloid controversy. but anyone w ho saw the piece could not fail to be moved by its raw exposure. .‘ylaclennan is an artist ol'our titnes.

is lrom this evidence a moving target in 1987. This cross-section ol known and new artists makes tor a blend so varied and mixed in quality that strength and purpose teels sapped. Dilution is perhaps inevitable in a competition show, but nevertheless trustrating. Competition may be the soul at trade but it is certainly not the soul at art here. (Alice Bain)

Dogs in Honey ‘Saccharine Muscle‘ Fri 1o ()ct. Spm. L3 ( L2). This art performance group appear in (ilasgow alter an lidinburgh Festival spell in the window of the (‘ollective (iallery.

Dogs in Honey ‘2am Erotic Time' Sat 17 ()ct. 8pm. {3(L'2).

Conversations A chance for the artists to meet their audience and discuss their work. l-‘rec.

Alastair MacLennan Thurs 15 ()ct. 2.30pm.

Rotating Dancers Thurs 15 ()ct. After performance in evening. See above. 0 TRANSMISSION GALLERY 1} (‘bisholm Street. 552 4813. Mon—Sat Noon-bpm.

Pertormances and Installation by Three Artists Sat 3 Oct at b.30pm. Louise (‘rawl'ord -- Marilyn-(iodess. Suicide. Legend: .laync Bartlett Shoes. . . Fragmentsand Sabine Bttrger —- A Prayer For Iingland. Transmission Goes Verbal Sun 18 Oct at 3pm. Itinerant Poets reading. (iraham Fulton. Jim Fergusson. Ronald McNeil and Bobby Christie. 0 WASHINGTON GALLERY 44 Washington Street. 221 (3780. Mon—Fri 10am—5pm; Sat 10am—1pm.

Stanley Cursiter Until Fri 1(i()ct. ('entcnary exhibition.


0 BACKROOM GALLERY Underneath the Arches. 42 London Street. 556 8329. Mon—Sat “lam—5.30pm. Paintings by CA. Burchell, M. Hills and M. Gibbons Until Sat 10 Oct. The Backroom continues its exhibitions of young artists. Both Burchell and Hills have graduated recently while Gibbons is still studying at Edinburgh (‘ollege of Art.

0 BLUE PARROT 4‘) St Stephen Street. Tue—Sat 10am—3pm and 7—1 1pm: Sun 1 lam—3pm.

The Blue Parrot well-known ltmch haunt in Stockbridge is now open in the evenings and has begun exhibiting the work of Edinburgh artists.

Sarah McLaren Work by a young graduate.

0 BOURNE FINE ART 4 Dundas Street 557 4050. Mon—Fri 10am—6pm.


This privately run organisation began term on Mon 21 Sept. Drawing classes are available at all levels and are run on a once-a-week basis in the evenings (apart from beginners drawing held on Monday morning). It is in fact a one woman show. Nanny Mulder. who trained in Amsterdam and Krakow and has taught both at Edinburgh and (Ilasgow art colleges teaches all classes. Phone for more details.

0 CALTON GALLERY ll) Royal Terrace. 556 1010. Mon—Fri 10am—6pm; Sat l0am- 1 pm.

Fine paintings. watercolours and brortzesol'the 18th and 19th centuries.

0 CENTRAL LIBRARY (ieorge IV Bridge. 225 5584. Mon—Fri 9am—9pm. Sat 9am— 1 pm. Yugoslavia Then and Now Until Mon 26 ()ct. Looking back to 1914 when Dr Elsie Inglis set tip hospitals and nursed the wounded in Serbia to the tourist attractions of the country today. this exhibition brings the 20th century workings of Yugoslavia a little closer. Organised by the Scottish Branch of the British Yugoslav Society.

Edinburgh Images Until Tue (T Oct.

0 CITY ART CENTRE 2 Market Street.

225 2424 ext 6650. Mow-Sat

10am—6pm. Licensed cal'e. [D]

Open Space (‘ommunity (II'OUPS are

invited to apply to the (’ity Art (‘entre for 1988 exhibition space.

(‘ontact llerbert (hulls. ('ity Curator. lluntly l louse Museum.

143 (‘anongate if you have a good


Chinese Prints From Sichuan t1 ntil Tue 13 ()ct. Not old bttt new. The prints have been selected from The

E Sichuan Fine Art Institute which was

' founded in 1940by the ('ommunists

and are mostly black and white woodcuts. Thirty one prints will be shown ranging from work by a first-year student to a seventy-four year old ex-lecturer.

Leith—Turning the Tide Until Tue 20 Oct. The story of the port of Lcith fast turning into a yuppiesvillc.

100 Years at Women's Banners Until Tue 20 ()ct. Banners made by women over the past 100 years from all over Britain. A display by the