years. Mary Mclver took up painting only six years ago. Since then her work has flourished. with an exhibition at Edinburgh (‘ollege of Art earlier this year and another planned in 198‘) with the Scottish (iallery. ‘Richard started me off on this road’ she says and this exhibition is a document on the physical journeys to Poland. Germany. Holland and the West (‘oast of Scotland. she has taken with the Demarco (iallery. Mayan Highway Mon 5—Sat 24 ()ct. Photographs by the American. Iid ('omfort. 0 EDINBURGH COLLEGE OF ART Lauriston Place Mon—Sat l()am—5.3l)pm. o EDINBURGH UNIVERSITY LIBRARY (ieorge Square. 667 1011. Mon—Fri 9am—5pm (bttt check with venue). An Exhibition 01 Books l'ntil 18 Dec. An exhibition marking the contribution of the retiring Secretary to Iidinburgh 17 niversity Press. Archie Turnbull. and (ieorge Mackie. designer to the Press since 1955. O FILMHOUSE Lothian Road. 221’ 6382. Mon—Sat Noon—1 1pm; Sun 630—] 1pm. 0 FINE ART SOCIETY 12 (ireat King Street. 55603115. Mon—Sat 1(lam—6pm. (ieneral selection of 19th and early 2(lth century Scottish paintings. O FLYING COLOURS 35 William Street. 2256776. Mon—Sat 1 1am—6pm. The Autumn Collection l'ntil ettd Sept. (‘ontemporary watercolottrs by Scottish Lowland artists. 0 FRENCH INSTITUTE 13 Randolph (Tcsccnt.225536Kt3hin—Fri ().3(lam—— 1 pm and 2pm—5.3llpm. O FRUITMARKET GALLERY 2‘) Market Street. 225 2383f1‘ue—Sat 1(lam-—5.3(lpm: Sun 1.3(lpm—5.3(lpm. ('losed Mon. Licensed cafe. Enzo Cucchi Sat 3 ()et—Sttn 15 Nov. ()nc of Italy‘s foretttost artists shows his huge vistas of Rome. 0 GALLERY OF MODERN ART Belford Road. 556 8921. Mon—Sat lllam~5pm; Sun 2—5pm. Rest. [D] The Vigorous Imagination: New Scottish Art I 'ntil Sun 25 ()ct. You can't miss Sam Ainsley's huge 6(lft banner hanging on the portico of the gallery. And inside. colour and energy characterize the work by these young Scottish artists. the first group showing of Scottish contemporary art to be held during the lidinburgh Festival's 40-year history. It includes sculpture (by David Mach). photography (by (‘olvin and ( )’[)onnell). installations (by Kate Whiteford and Sam Ainsley) and paintings (by Redfern. Hardie. ('urrie \Viszniewski and others). See it now the summer thousands have flown. 0 GATEWAY GALLERY 2 —4 .»\bbeymount. 661 (1982. Mon—Sat lixhibitions Mon—Sat 1(1am—5pm. Francis Boyle Tue 6—8111 :4 ()ct. Political cartoons. drawn from Labour ll't’t'kly. New Statesman. News (m Starr/av etc.


Scotland Street 556 6112(1'1‘ue—Fri . 11am—-5pm; Sat 1(lam—1pm. [holography and Film Sat 3—Sat 31 (

)ct. Two young artists use film and

New Graduates of Glasgow School of Art, Metro Gallery, Edinburgh This show 01 students' work, chosen from graduates at the Glasgow School of Art, is a well-chosen and highly impressive attair in which the preferred mode is the personal and introspective rather than the politically attached and though very varied in treatment the pictures complement each otherwell. Seven artists have been chosen in all, among them Simon Laurie, whose work can also be seen in a somewhat weaker and less cohesive exhibition at students' work at the Mercury Gallery, Edinburgh.

At the Metro. Dorothy Stirling‘s

Assemblages are made of small wooden lrames which contain real or constructed objects. Forget Me Not, consisting of a small lrieze of objects set below the main picture to further expand the story 01, presumably a lite lost at sea, is not unlike a medieval altar panel in structure and leeling. Like Mark Greer in his lithographs which use packing cases crammed with theatrical puppets and toys stamped Syrup 01 Figs. recalling a slightly mystical world 01 the Victorian nursery, she contrives to be reflective, even nostalgic, without indulging in the luxury of nostalgia. (Sally Kinnes)

photography in their work. Harry Kerr's ‘Diana Series‘ makes non-traditional landscape photographs based on archaeological digs. Martha Mc(‘ulloch‘s ‘Family Album’ looks at the selective practices of preserving events. Her film cart be seen on request.

0 HANOVER FINE ART 1114 Hanover Street. 225 2451). Mott—Fri 1(1am—5.3(lpm;Sat lllam-me.

0 HM GENERAL REGISTER HOUSE Princes Street. 556 6585. Mon—Fri lllam 4pm.

Scotland and the Netherlands 1: ntil October. A small exhibition in the entrance hall. The not unhistoric surname Fleming is one of the few remaining hangovers from the influx of Flemish weavers who were invited to Scotland to pass on their skills so

as to boost Scotland‘s textile industry

following the 401) year-old act of 1587.

O ITALIAN INSTITUTE 2a Melville (‘rescent 226 3173 Mon—Fri 111am~5pm (closed l--2pm).

O KINGFISHER GALLERY 5 Northumberland Street Lane. Opening Exhibition This new gallery opens with an exhibition of work by a selection of artists including John Bellany. Alan Davie. Hatnish Lawrie and sculpture by Dame

Iilisabeth Frink.

O MERCURY GALLERY 2 3 North Batik Street. 225 3201). Mon—Fri 1(1am-—5.3(lpm; Sat lilam—lpm.

New Generation Scotland Until Sat 17 ()ct. The Mercury unveil their annual selection of work from new Scottish graduates. Artists from the four Scottish art colleges will be included.

0 NATIONAL GALLERY OF SCOTLAND The Mound. 556 8921 .Mon--Sat lllam—5pm; Sun 2—5pm.

French Master Drawings from Stockholm £1(6(lp)1.'ntilSun11()ct. Fine examples of drawings by 18th century painters like (‘hardin. a master of dotnestic detail. the frothy \Vatteau and the delightful Boucher selected from the National Museum in Stockholm.

0 NATIONAL LIBRARY OF SCOTLAND (ieorge IV Bridge. 226-1531. Mon-~Fri ‘).3()am—5pm; Sat

‘).3(lam— 1pm; Sun 2pm—5pm. Scotland and Russia l'ntil 8.1an 1988. Following the Festival‘s celebration of the October Revolution. this exhibition examines the historic links cultural. scientific. economic and military between Scotland and Russia.

Burns in Edinburgh Until 8Jan 1988. An exhibition to celebrate the publication of Burns' l’ot’ms ("lite/7y

in the Scottish Dialect. when the poet came to Edinburgh and charmed all the people ofconsequence.

O NEGOCIANTS BAR/RESTAURANT 45471-othian Street. Bar hours. Table Tops Until Sat 31 Oct. An exhibition of pastel painting by Joan Gillespie. Table tops take a still life theme.

0 NETHERBOW 43 High Street. 556 ()57‘). Mon—Sat 1(1am—4pm and 6pm— 1 (1.30pm .

Vibration oi Harmony ’l‘ttc 6—821! 31 ()ct. Textiles and calligraphy from Yumiko ()gawa ofJapan.

Judith Bromley Tue 6—Sat 31 ()ct. ('afe exhibition.

0 ODDFELLOWS BAR ()ddfellows Hall. Forrest Road. 11.3(1am—11pm. Janice McNab L'ntil Sttn 11()ct. Recent paintings.

Georgio Woollson and Rory Smith Sun 11—Fri3(1()ct. Drawings of sculpture.

0 OPEN EYE GALLERY 75 (‘umberland Street. 557 1020. Mon—Fri 1(lam—6pm. Sat lilam—4pm.

Two Artists Sat 3—Thurs 22 ()ct. (‘hristine Woodside recent

3 paintings.watercolottrs and ; drawings. Stuart Beaty ‘Birds and

Beasts’ Sculpture in Wood.


. 5568921. Mon—Sat 1(1am—5pm: Sun

2—-5pm. The great Scots of the past and present are collected here in a gallery of faces and figures.

The Queen’s Image and The Queen’s

3 World Until SunJOct. £1 (511p) (‘hildren tip to 16 years free.

Whatever personality Mary may or

- may not have had has been easily

subdued by the massive amount of

propaganda surrounding her. To the

16th and 19th centuries she was

either a scheming traitor ofthc deepest dye or a martyr to her faith. ! dependingon your political

persuasion. Both schools ofthought are well represented iii the portrait exhibition. The Queen's Image and as

5 a piece ofpolitical comment it is a , fascinating collection. 1t also says i much about the (now largely

defunct) role of the artist in shaping the image ofa political figure. William Carrick Until Sun 18()ct. Pre-revolutionary Russia recorded by Scots-born photographer. William (‘arrick.

O PRESCOTE GALLERY 5 Northumberland Street. 557 (1081). NB New address. 2pm—6pm.

No exhibitions during ()ctober due

to renovations.

o PRINTMAKERS' WORKSHOP GALLERY 2.3 Union Street. 557 247‘). Mon~Sat 1(1am—5.3(lpm.

Weekend Course 21 22 Nov. Etching. T lithography and silkscreett for

: beginners and those who would like I to brush up their skills. Please book

with the workshop in advance.

Lite Drawing Thursdays at 7—9pm. £2 per session or save by buying a season ticket.

A Private View UntilSat2-1()ct. ln aquatints and etchings Robert Shaw portrays people on the edge of society in fairgrounds. cafes and bars. See panel.

0 OUEEN'S HALL (‘lerk Street Box ()ffice 668 201‘).

Murder in the Dark Until Sat 10 Oct. Etchings and drawings by Anne (iilchrist. Exhibition can be viewed

38 The List 2— 15 October