0 Terry Neason (Scottish) 10.30—1 1.10pm. Neason continues to belt'them out.


o Casualty(BBC1 ) SIB—8.55pm The harrowing drama of the casualty department must rank as the most improved series of the autumn.

0 Dance from America (BBCZ) 8.05—9. l9pm. The multi-racial dance group from New York. The Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre. begin a season of American contemporary dance. performing Blues Suite. Fever Swamp. and Rainbow Round My Shoulder. ' o SportisaTough Business(C4) : 8.30—9.3(lpm. Iltigh Mcllvanncy begins a new series of interviews with American sporting stars. In the first programme he talks to George . Steinbrenner. ruthless boss of the , New York Yankees baseball team who once forced the whole team to take a lie detector test to find out who had leaked a story to the press. (Coverage of the 1987 World Series begins later tonight.)

0 Film Club Five Easy Pieces/The Shooting (BBCZ ) 9.5(lptn— I 3.55am John Boorman. director of I lope and Glory. introduces these two Jack Nicholson films made in 1970 and 1966 respectively

0 The Dame Edna Experience (Scottish) 10.30—1 1.20pm Germaine Greer and Charlton I leston (due to open in London in A .llanfur All Seasons) suffer the experience.


o Worzel Gummidge Down Under (C4) 11.3(latn—noon. This new series has Jon I’ertwee as the bad tempered scarecrow following his Aunt Sally (Una Stubbs) to Australia. Written by Keith Waterhouse and Willis Hall. the unusual care that goes into this children‘s fantasy has to be admired.

0 Le Corbusier(C4)8.15—9.15pm. Part one of a two-part French documentary account of the life and work ofthis prolific artist and architect. Unbuilt buildings are ‘created‘ from blueprints using computer graphics. Part two. I 1 Oct. 0 One Fine Day (C4) 9. 15-1t).55pm. Compared to his film work since. this season of Alan Bennet plays (first shown on ITV at the end of the seventies) is somewhat disappointing. But this play. directed by Stephen Frears and

starring Dave Allen was perhaps the best. In it business man Allen decides that life in his office block is preferable to life at home so he moves in.

0 Review ( BBCZ) 5.50—6.3(lpm Saturday Review moves to Sunday. Strong rumours that this will be its last series as the BBC shapes up plans for a nightly arts programme. Still. a programme that has brought many good reports often stylish and usually fresh. Amongst tonights items. John Sessions looks at the rise and rise of the one-actor show including a report on the Edinburgh Traverse production of Man to Man starring Tilda Swinton.


o Mavis on Four ( C4) 4—4.3(lpm. Like a certain Irishman on another channel. Mavis Nicholson now chats three days a week (Monday. Wednesdays and. from 23 Oct. Fridays).

0 on The Page (C4) o—o.3t)pni. Thriller writer I’.I). James talks about her work (to be followed in later programmes by Trevor Griffiths. Sue Townsend. Angela Carter. Benjamin Zephaniah. Miroslav IIolub. Victoria Wood. Ted I Iughes and Roger McGough). 0 Nine 0‘Cloclt News ( BBCI) 9—9.3(lpm. New look to BBC news tonight as the presenters swap chairs. Martyn Lewis takes over as lead presenter at 9pm and Michal Buerk presents the lunchtime ( 1pm) news.

0 Seven Ages: Bossy Wee Things (BBCZ) 9—9pm. Ron Eyre‘s entertaining series goes to Glasgow to find life in its prime and where else‘.’

0 Outland (Scottish) 10.30—12.30am The Sean Connery season continues with entertaining space age High .me.


0 Open to Question (B BCZ) 7—7.3(lpm Edwina Currie in the hot seat.

0 Raiders of the Lost Ark (Scottish) S—lllpm. Set new standard for edge of the seat watching when it was released in 1981 . Starring I Iarrison Ford.

0 First Tuesday ( Scottish)

10.30—1 1.45pm ‘The Granny Business‘. Is there cause for concern from the boom in private nursing homes‘.’ First Tuesday uncovers evidence of neglect. abuse and indifference.


o The General (C4) til—11.30pm. Buster Keaton gets the ‘Thames Silents' treatment. To tie in with the documentary (the seCond part is on Scottish immediately before this film and the third next Wednesday at 9pm) the TV premiere of the restored version of the 1926 masterpiece which stars Keaton as a confederate train driver in pursuit of his train which in civil war America has been stolen by the yankies. Unlike sortie of the greats of the silent era. The General is immediately enjoyable.

o Wideworld ( BBCZ) .s’. Ill-9pm. Start of a new real life adventures series featuring in this programme a film showing the recovery of two bodies - almost perfectly preserved in Arctic ice from the lost Franklin expedition. The programme reveals how examination of these bodies may have explained what happened to the ship bound for the North West passage which mysteriously disappeared.


o Equinox (C4) 8—9pm. Will computers ever be able to think like humans? Comedian Stephen Fry investigates. Taking part will be Dr Henry Thompson of Edinburgh University‘s Department of Artificial Intelligence.


O Omnibus (BBCI) 10.25—1 1 .25pm. Marking the start of a a season of programmes on Soviet art (to be seen on both BBC chanels) ()mnibus tonight looks. in the wake of glasnost. at Russian cinZ‘ma

0 Terry Neason (Scottish)

l().3()—l 1.15pm. Tonight’s guests are Tam White and The Dexters. Susie Maguire and Ilue And Cry.


o What on Earth is Going on? (C4)

7. 15-8. 15pm. Paul lleiney presents this new fortnightly look at the environment.


O Hombre (Scottish) 10pm. 1967 suspenseful western starring Paul Newman.


0 Chiefs (Scottish) III-11.44pm Charles I Icston and Keith Carradine star in this three part mini series set in a small Southern US town haunted by a series of unsolved murders.

o A Week in Politics (C4) 8.30—9pm Nick Ross is joined by Martha Kearney for the new series of Channel 4‘s political magazine.


o Bodymoves (C4) 9—10. lllpm The National Theatre Trust ofJamaica perform the last play in Channel Four‘s briefscries ofdramas by black writers. Set in Jamaica it concerns a school teacher who falls in love with a Rastafarian broom seller.


An illustration in the Rut/in l‘t'mey about a year ago show ed a w orrried lookingUriental casting a shadow not quite in keeping w ith his ow n form. rather like a popular advertisement for a w ell-know i) drink. Three playwrights w rote a play on whatev er it inspired and the plays are broadcast on R4. 'l'ues l3

1 lam and 3pm and Thursday l5. 3pm. King Priam by Andrew Rissik. the second play has a particularly illustrious cast including l’aul Scoficld. Michael Pennington. Ronald Pickup and Susan l-‘leetwood and an even tnore illustrious theme. that of the seduction of I lelcn of Troy by Paris.

Edinburgh writer Anne line changes genres this \\ cek and it)iit)\\ s her highly successful nov el. ’l’lic Kill/(iv with her first play . The Captain’s Court Case. 'I'ttes o. R4.

1 lam. like her novel it is written as a sort of confession. though the point of view keeps changing and the themes and tnood are \ ery different. She is an imaginative and suspenseful story teller and this is a well-written piece which is lull of surprises. More local flavour from Radio Scotland comes on Sun 4 when Andy Cameron‘s Sunday Joint R Scotland. Sun 4. l latn. follows the race between Musselburgh running star. Yvonne Murray. running from Bathgate to Edinburgh. and Scotrail’s new ‘Sprinter’ trying to get there before her from Dundee.

Also on Sunday. not taking any chances with new writers this time. there is a production of the talented Michael I’rayn‘s. Clouds R4. Sun 4. 2..~(lpm with l)insdale landen as the hard-bitten journalist and the first of a series ofsix adaptations from last year‘s Booker Prize Winner. Kingsley Amis. To See the Sun. begins the Kingsley Amis Sextet on R4. Sun 4. “pm.

Another new series. this time ofol documentaries starts shortly on R Scotland on Tuesday evenings. S.55—‘).55pm. ltswide-ranging thetnes will include a profile of the inimitable Victorand Barry. the am-dram stars of Kelvinside. and will uncover some of the lesser knownsimilarities between (lint Eastwood and Sir Walter Scott. ()1) Tueso ()ct. 8.55pm is a report from the (’aledonian Paper Mill at Irv me. Irvine, The Glossy Paper Story.

l’lacido Domingo. the hugely popular tenor. takes the tilte role in Massent‘s Le Cid. R3. Sun I l. 3.30pm and the Ii.\'( )‘s new production of Bi/ct‘s The Pearl Fishers. It) be revived soon by Scottish ()pera. comes ‘live' frotn the Coliseum. London on Thurs IS. 7.30pm. Sir Charles .‘ylaekerras conducts Adrian Martin. Sergei LeifcrktIs and Valerie Masterson.

Radio 3‘s Reliance World Cup Coverage begins on Fri 0 ( )ct Sam—13.50pm. World Cup Cricket Special. with commentary on England v West Indies and India v Australia.

The List 2—15 October 41