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l past. Sebastian Rice Edwards is Bernard MacLaverty‘s Lamb and : he received for The High! ofrhe prestige but I fear the the kind of

! Boorman‘s alter ego. Sammi Davis something in that character Phoenix in 1965. His distinguished prestige films they make now are

i his sister. Sarah Miles the mother. i reminded him of his grandfather. I‘m I film career alone includes work with rather kind of ‘official art”. The kind

i David Hayman the father and Ian i 59 and the character is quite elderly I John Huston. Robert Aldrich. of films that are not really art but

! Bannen the feisty grandfather. but we thought that maybe he could Richard Brooks and well --

' 9 ‘David had a wonderful kind of g be played as ()5. However. the remembered titles like The Hill. The with ambition resemblance to my father and had make-up woman decided to go the Offence and. more recently. (iorky . that boyishness which my father had. 1 whole hog and I think I can pass for Park and Defence ofthe Realm. He i people can convince themselves that

I Wonderful actor; very disciplined. ' 75 in the film. ' has recently completed a film called they‘re seeing art when they go to

' terribly good technically. What I i I The ('ourier. is currently workingon watch it but. it is. in fact. actually tried to do was a little bitofa risk. ; ‘Adults seem so grotesque : a mini-series for Scottish'l'elevision formulaentertainment disguised as YOU know hUW thn YOUTC a Child 1 V and is considering an offer for the art to make them feel better. The the behaviour of adults always seem l (.‘oatbridge-lmrn Bannen was new Peter (ireenaway film. One of whole film industry is incredibly so grotesque. exaggerated and eleven when war broke out and can our most respected ‘old reliables' he depressing isn‘t it'.’ But whatever you ridiculous. So. I tried to get that. still remember the first air raid in has scarcely lacked for employment say about films. somehow or other tried toexaggerate slightlytheir I Scotland before he was evacuated to in his 35-year career. Unfortunately. they go on being made andevery characteristics. A grandfather is l the relative safety of rural the same cannot be said for John now and again a terrific film gets always an extraordinary figure in a Leicestershire. Boorman‘s family Boorman who is hoping to work on a made and the whole thing is child’s life and they‘re much larger l provided him with their own Russian project next. ‘I think its a worthwhile.‘

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