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, Edinburgh; Edinburgh Film Guild

rner Herzo , W. German , (13%) Klaus Kingski. Cecilia Riiera. '. ' Mists Films 0' "'9 505 “(1505 (18) 95 mins. 17th century conquistadors 75 ""95; A Programme Of films on a mission to explore the Amazon, anmmmg theway that POSI'WZ‘r court disaster when the zeal of their l l“delo’endem filmmakers Often leader remains undampened after a l 90"“th 0f Palmerst SCU'PEOTS 39d numberofcncounters with hostile dancers eagerto extend their art into Indians. 1 multi-media experiences.

Shot on the actual locations. this Edinburgh; FilthUSC

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l g Nicely animated pCTIOd melOdfama WitnNm-m—vwm‘lwm.‘IFF'ZR'lih'lV-TLFI‘W'LMSEATI-VIM.“ 0 A“ Ammicafl Tall (U) (Don Bluth. as Basil of Baker Street attempts to

US. 1986) With the voices of Dom foil a dastardly scheme to replace FROM 19”) OCTOBER FOR 6 DAYS De Luise. Christopher Plummer. Queen Victoria with a mechanical Madeline Kahn. 81 mins. Cutesy. substitute, Glasgow; Cannon

The List 16 29 October 9