In many ways Primal Scream were synonymous with the indie sound oi1986-

POPU '- l 3" sirens.

on them by the music press. It was always doubtful whether the band warranted the description —the early singles on Creation were no classics, but gave enough evidence (especially ‘Velocity Girl’ - a B-slde), to suggest that the band had something more than , their contemporaries.

Side one olthe debut album, Sonic Flower Groove, featuring the rather endearing ‘Silent Spring’ and the single ‘Gentle Tuesday’ is a good indication that they are not the wimps some have made them out to be. The album is oi course on Alan McGee’s Elevation label (through WEA), and was not an easy ride iorthe band.

Apart lrom line-up changes In the process, linding a producer proved to be ditticult. Eventually the album was completed with Mayo Thompson, alter an abortive and expensive attempt at recording with Stephen Street (of Smiths’ tame): ‘I think the problem with Stephen was tl it he was more oi an engineerthar J producer as such,’ explains trontman Bobby Gillespie. ’He was also very young to be a producer which was maybe a problem as well.’

Apart lrorn the music, Primal Scream have always laid stress on the importance oi attitude as well, and the spontaneity oi the band's evolution and their songwriting: ‘We just drifted into

being in a band. None of us woke up one morning and said i am going to be in a band today, or I am going to be a musician. When we started we were just making a total racket in a Scout Hall, and lrom that we developed into writing pop songs. i think the biggest development in the band has been in a spirit side of things. We all share the same attitude musically, which is good!

Friday’s listings.

0 Chiefs of Bellel Rooftops, Sauchiehall Street, 322 5883. CANCELLED.

O Felt Kilmarnock (venue to be confirmed). Promoting their compilation, Gold Mine Trash

change their name fairly frequently, so may have a completely different one by the time the gig rolls around. 0 Los Supremos Canny Man‘s, Morningside Road, 447 1484.

O The Ju-Jus Blues Basement, Broughton Street, 556 7147.

Blues/jazz. (Cherry Red), this gig was scheduled a Debutant The Cavern, Cowgate, for Vikkis, but at time of writing 226 5641, furious attempts were being made to find another venue in the Kilmarnock area. 0 Gaye Blkers On Acid Ayr Pavilion, G'aSQOW _ Ayr. 7.30pm. Part ofa mini-tour. 0 Trident The Venue, Sauchiehall Support by the Blood Uncles. Street. 10.30pm. Regular heavy b h metal slot continues into its second In “'9

week, with Trident, heroes of last 0 The Shadows Playhouse Theatre,


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ANDY warn:

36 The List 16— 29 October

The two singles from the album have reached the bottom end oi the top hundred, so it will be interesting to see how the album fares, giving as it does a broader impression of the band. ‘I would say we are 75% happy with the album,’ said Bobby. ‘lam really happy with all of side one, but there are a couple of tracks that could have been better. It is better for people to make theirown minds up though. . .'

Greenside Place, 557 2590. 7.30pm. £7.50, £6, £5. Profound thought for the day: Isn’t it humbling, considering their unfashionability, how Hank Marvin’s guitar sound influenced some of the greatest guitarists in the world today? Profound thought over. On with the rubbish.

O The Bodines The Venue, Calton Road, 557 3073. 7.30pm. ‘Most likely to‘ of the shambling C86 bands, now with major label backing. Jaded hack’s seen it all before. Go and see Don Cherry at the Queen‘s Hall instead.

0 Shiver ’n’ Shake Lord Darnley, West Port, 229 4341. 10pm. Free.

0 Erroneous Zones Négociants, Lothian Street, 225 6313. 9pm. Free. 0 Mr Rhythm Blues Basement, Broughton Street, 556 7147. 8pm. Free. R&B.

0 Wasted Days Rolling Stone, Greenside Place, 558 1270. 9.30pm. Free. Appearance depends on availability of venue.

O Bluefinger The Cavern, Cowgate, 226 5641. Rockin’ blues.

SATURDAY 24 Glasgow

0 The Bodines/The Church Gems Glasgow College ofTechnology, 70 Cowcaddens Road. 9pm. £3. Good that the universities and colleges are back, giving a variety of good music to choose from. The Bodines debut album had some great moments, and

they should impress in the live context, going by previous Glasgow igs. O The Christians Queen Margaret Union, University Gardens. 9pm. £3.50. Responsible for one of the best gigs of the year when they played the same venue in June. Now minus one brother, it will be interesting to see the effect this has had on the wondrous harmonies. Their debut album, out now, should also be worth a listen. 0 The Damned/T he Crows (to be confirmed) Strathclyde University, John Street. 9pm. More oldies but the Crows. while hardly my favourite band, have an admirable amount of passion and commitment in their live show. 0 Gaye Bikers 0n Acid/Blood Uncles Louis, Sauchiehall Street. 10pm. Virgin‘s latest signings and the name is probably the best thing about the headlining grebos. The Blood Uncles, fresh from a P.I.L. tour, have just released their cover version of ’Let‘s Go Crazy’ as a single and the specs worn by the band on the posters were quite excellent. Enough said? 0 Jamie Barnes and Cochise Vivas, Union Street. 1pm. Residency.


0 Bad News Playhouse Theatre, Greenside Place, 557 2590. 7.30pm. £6, £5. £4. ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ was quite funny, but a whole set like that? A friend informs me they can play now. Maybe so, but are they having a heavy metal band as support? If so. why bother to turn up at all: they can parody themselves well enough without the help of Mayal, Edmondson, etc. What is the point of this tour?

0 Felt and House of Love The Venue, Calton Road, 557 3073. 7.30pm. When teen angst carries on well in to the 205 it‘s time to worry. See LP Reviews.

0 Blues ’n' Trouble Heriot-Watt University, Riccarton Campus. Students and guests only. If you haven‘t spent your grant cheques yet (and only the wallflowers haven’t) and like a good night out (and only the chemists don‘t), there‘s worse deals than this: Edinburgh’s finest blues ‘n’ boogie combo, described once by BB. King as ‘the best white blues band around’.

0 Roy Harper George Square Theatre. £5. Old English eccentrics never die, they just play smaller and smaller venues. Be sure and pop along if nothing else tonight takes your fancy.

O Alter Eight Mince Music Box, Victoria Street, 220 1708. £3 after


0 Bo’Weevil Blues Basement, Broughton Street, 556 7147. 8pm. Free.

0 Fool's Gold The Cavern, Cowgate, 226 5641. Heavy rock.

SUNDAY 25 Glasgow

0 Felt/The House of Love Rooftops, Sauchiehall Street. 10.30pm. Felt impressed at Fury Murry’s earler in the year when sharing the bill with Hurrah so expect to see some of