0 Odd Man Out (PG) (Carol Reed. UK. 1947) James Mason. Kathleen Ryan. Robert Newton. 113 mins. Mason gives one of the finest performances in a distinguished career as the hunted rebel leader delirioust hiding out in a poctically visualised Ireland. Edinburgh:


0 Order of Death ( 18) (Roberto Faenza. Italy. 1983) Harvey Kcitel. John Lydon. Sylvia Sidney. 99 mins. Intriguing psychological thriller with Keitel as a New York cop being victimized by the mysterious John Lydon. Johnny Rotten that was. Edinburgh; Cameo

0 Out olthe Blue ( 18) (Dennis Hopper. US. 1980) Linda Manz. Dennis Hopper. 93 mins. An alienated teenager turns to punk culture and eventually violently strikes back at her father's incestuous advances. The Iiasy Rider one generation along. Glasgow: GF’I~

0 The Outsiders (PG) (Francis Ford Coppola. US. 1982) Matt Dillon. C. Thomas Howell. Emilio Estevez. 91 mins. A story of violent conflict between the poor kids (Greasers) anti the rich kids (Socs) in a middle American town based on S. E. Hinton’s million selling novel. Coppola‘s earnest. and some might say sentimental. treatment of his material is a return to the sort of movies you thought they didn’t make any more. Glasgow; GFI‘

0 Peggy Sue Got Married ( 15) (Francis Ford Coppola. US. 198(1) Kathleen Turner. Nicolas Cage. Maureen ()‘Sullivan. 102 mins. Irresistible

romantic drama as Turner collapses at her high school reunion to find herselfback in 1959 with a chance to do it all over again and maybe get her life right second time around. Edinbrugh: EUFS

0 Les Portes de la Nuit ( PU) (Marcel Carne. France. 1946) Yves Montand Nathalie Nattier. Pierre Brasseur. 120 mins. A memorably acted tale of ordinary people in post-war Paris. Edinburgh; Edinburgh Film Guild

0 Prick Up Your Ears ( 18) (Stephen Frears. UK. 1987) Gary ()ldman. Alfred Molina. Vanessa Redgrave. 110 mins. Wickedly tart and funny biographical portrait of the seesaw relationship between playwright Joe Orton and his lover Kenneth Halliwell. Highlyrecommended. Glasgow; Grosvenor

o Prisoner NumberThirteen ( PG) (Fernando Dc Fuentes. Mexico. 1933) Fuentes; trilogy of films was amongst the first major work in the Mexican sound cinema and all three are to be screened as part of Filmhouse’s Latin-American season. The first instalment deals with a corrupt military leader forced to order the death of his own son. though censorship apparently forced the film-maker to compromise his intended ending. Edinburgh; Filmhouse

0 Radio Days ( PU) (Woody Allen. US. 1987) Mia Farrow. Dianne Weist. Seth Green. 89mins. Amiably laid back famin reminiscing about the early I’orties and the golden age of radio. Potpourri of modest charm held

“An operatic film like no other"

Sunday Times

“The most formidable line up of directors ever to work together" sat.

1mm \Rl\l| RT-\l\\ll \1'8 \ |R(.l\\ ISIU\


R I A.

Produced D on B0 Y D Directedby Robert ALTMAN - Bruce BERKSFORD - Bill BRYDEN Jean-l .uc GODARD - Derek JARMAN Franc RODDAM - Nicolas ROI‘ZG Ken Rl lSSlil.L - Charles STI .‘RRIDGF -.lulien TEMP] .F. Music composedbyGustave (it iARl’liNTlliR ' Erich KORNCOLD Ruggiero LEON CAVAI .I .0 - lean-Baptiste l .I '1 .1 .Y Giacomo PI ICCINI lean Philippe RAMliAI,’ Giuseppe VliRDl ' Richard \VAGNER



together by an armful of reliable performances from old lags and the usual flashes ofwit and wisdom. A pleasant time passer for both director and audience. Glasgow; Salon. Edinburgh; Dominion

o Rebel Without A Cause (PG) (Nicholas Ray. US. 1955) James Dean. Natalie Wood. Sal Mineo. 111 mins. Moody. middle-class delinquent Dean is misunderstood by parents and peers alike but finds a sympathetic shoulder in pretty Wood. Seminal portrait ofalienated adolescence. Glasgow: GFT

0 Reed. Mexican Insurgent ( 15) (Paul Leduc. US. 1970) 104 mins. Feature film account of the Mexican Revolution based on the writings of John Reed. the American journalist an activist played by Warren Beatty in Reds. that achieves a rare documentary feel. Edinburgh; Filmhouse

0 Room With A View (PG) (James Ivory. UK. 1985) Helena Bonham Carter. Maggie Smith. Daniel Day Lewis. 117 mins. Elegantly mounted with an agreeable crispness of tone this is a nigh-perfect version of the Forster novel with some top hole acting. Strathclyde; Odeon Ayr 0 Rumble Fish ( 18) (Francis Coppola. US. 1983) Mickey Rourke. Dennis Hopper. Matt Dillon. 94 mins. Electrifyingexpressionist visuals grace an existentialist parable about the need to forge one‘s own identity anti the alienation it can bring. Glasgow; GFI‘ o Salvador(18)(Aliver Stone. US. 1986) James Woods. Jim Belushi. John Savage. 122 mins. Raw. abrasively brilliant drama of journalists under fire. as a sleazy ‘war junkie‘ photojournalist Woods travels to Salvador and finds his sense assaulted by the corruption and fear abounding. and his conscience finally pricked by the sufferings ofhis fellow beings. Angry. bravura filmmaking that not only demands your attention but deserves it. Glasgow: GET 0 The Searchers (U) (John Ford. US. 1956) John Wayne. Jeffrey Hunter. Natalie Wood. 119 mins. Confederate veteran Wayne undertakes a dogged. unrelenting quest for the Indians who murdered his brother and abducted his niece. Splendid. sober western classic: much imitated but seldom rivalled. Edinburgh; Edinburgh Film Guild 0 The Shooting Party ( 15) (Alan Bridges. Uk. 1984) James Mason. Edward Fox. John Gielgud. 96 mins.

Langorous evocation of a country weekend in Edwardian England on

the eve of the epoch-changing World War. Blandly unoriginal but superby performed by Mason and a fine ensemble. Glasgow; GFI‘

0 Something Wild (18) (Jonathan Demme. US. 1987) JeffDaniels. Melanie Griffith. Ray Liota. 113 mins. Another yuppie-in-peril laff fest to top After Hours and Desperately Seeking Susan with its deft blend of kooky Komedy and emotional resonance all floating around in the most eclectically non-stoppingest soundtrack in years. A movie with style and savvy that

treats its audience on equal terms. Don't miss it. Edinburgh: Filmhouse

O Stalker (PG) (Andrei Tarkovsky. USSR. 1979) Aleksandr Kaidanovzky. Anatoly Solonitsin. 161 mins. Somewhere in the future. the Zone is a vast rural area prohibited to the public. at the centre ofwhich is The Room. where visitors have revealed to them the path to their innermost desires. Three intrepid pilgrims investigate.

Another reflective sci-fi movie in the manner of his earlier Solaris, Tarkovsky's bleached-out quest for enlightenment proves hollow in its result and so offers a victory for reassuring rationalism. Edinburgh; Cameo

o Streets of Fire ( 15) (Walter l 1111. US. 1984) Michael Pare. Diane Lane. Rick Moranis. 9-1 mins. When a rock singer is kidnapped her former boyfriend rides to the resuce. Swaggering comic strip rock 'n‘ roll fable that is hard to take seriously on any level. Edinburgh; Cameo

0 Sunday in the Country ( 15) (Bertrand 'I‘avernier. France. 198-1) Louis Ducreux. Sabine Azema. 94 mins. In the French countryside of 1912 an elderly artist is visited by his headstrong. beloved daughter and more down-to-earth son. Their presence causes him to look back in langour on his work and the nature ofhis family relations. Beautifully photographed. this is a film ofsheer perfection that speaks some universal truths in exquisite fashion. Edinburgh; National Museum of Scotland.

0 Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (PG) (Sidney Furie. US. 1987) Christopher Reeve. Gene Hackman. 90mins. Shoddy. pcnnypinching adventure in which Superman decides to rid the world of nuclear weapons and comes up against Lex Luthor‘s latest miscreant. Nuclear Man. You‘ll believe a man can dangle. Strathclyde; Odeon Hamilton

0 Sweet Liberty (PG) (Alan Alda. US. 1985) Alan Alda. Michael Caine. Michelle Pfeiffer. Bob Hoskins. 107 mins. Small-town professor Alda juggles domestic disharmony and professional problems during a summer visit from a Hollywood film unit intent on turning his serious tome on the American Revolution into a work of popular appeal. Pleasant comedy-drama that affectionately lampoons the movie business. Glasgow: Grosvenor

' 0 Swimming To Cambodia ( 18) :5:

(Jonathan Demme. US. 1987) Spalding Gray. 87 mins. Director Jonathan Demme. the focus ofa special Filmhouse retrospective this month (see panel). brings the sensitive clarity of presentation he applied to the Talking Heads concert movie Stop Making Sense to actor/satirist/performer Spalding Gray‘s one-man show. Based on his experiences as a bit-part player in The Killing Fields. Gray's monologue is a personal history of US military aggression and Cambodia year Zero that encompasses surreal poetry.

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