Wednesday 4

0 Edinburgh Final Flat meeting at Musselburgh Racecourse (8 miles from Edinburgh on the A1). Club £7; Paddock £3.50. First race 1.15pm.

0 Hamilton Park Last of the season at the Lanarkshire track as well (access from both M74 and M8 at Hamilton). Club £8; Paddock £4. First race 1.15pm.


Saturday 31

0 File Flyers v Murraylield Racers Kirkcaldy Ice Rink, Kirkcaldy (0592 52151). 7.15pm. £3.00(£1.75). Heineken League. Congratulations to Racers on becoming the first British side ever to win a European Cup tie, but the home side fancy their chances of knocking the champions off their pedestal this season. adding further spice to an already red-hot fixture.


o Murraytieid Racers v Whitley Warriors Murrayfield Ice Rink. Riversdale Crescent. Edinburgh (031 337 6933). 6.30pm. £2.80 (£1.70). Heineken League.

0 Glasgow Eagles v Cleveland Bombers Summit Centre. Minerva Way. Finneston. Glasgow. (04] 204 2215).5.30pm. £2.00 (£1 .00). League.

Sunday 8

o Ayr Bruins v Whitley Warriors Ayr Ice Rink. Limekilns Road, Ayr (0292 263024). 7.15pm. £2.50 (£1.50). Heineken League.

0 Livingston Rams v Aviemore Blackhawks Summit Centre Icelandia. Almondvale West, Livingston (Livingston 416141). 5.30pm. Scottish League. Scotland‘s newest team in action on their brand new rink.


Saturday 31

0 Scotland v USA Peffermill, Edinburgh. 2.30pm. Under-23

International. Details from Scottish Lacrosse Association, ()360 22391.



Saturday 31

0 West of Scotland v Watsonians Burnbrae. Glasgow Road. Milngavie. 2pm.

0 Edinburgh Acads v Selkirk Raeburn Place. Edinburgh. 2pm.

0 Heriots FP v Melrose Goldenacre, lnverleith Row. Edinburgh. 2pm.

0 Boroughmuir v Hawiclr Meggetland, Colinton Road. Edinburgh. 2pm. Boroughmuir‘s good start promises

an exciting match against the holders.

Wednesday 4

0 Edinburgh District XV v Midlands District XV Meggetland (as above). 7pm. Representative Match.

Saturday 7 0 Stewart Melville FP v West of

Gay Cox (lett) oi Filmhouse andne

Scotland Burnbrae, Glasgow Road, Milngavie. 2pm.

0 Watsonians v Kelso Myreside, Myreside Road, Edinburgh. 2pm. Kelso are fancied as the team most likely to end Hawick‘s domination. o Musselburgh v Edinburgh Acads Stoneyhill, Musselburgh. 2pm.

a Glasgow Acads v Boroughmuir New Anniesland. Helensburgh Drive, Glasgow. 2pm.

Wednesday 11

0 Glasgow 021 v Anglo Scots 021

Hughenden. Hughenden Road. Glasgow. 7pm. Representative


Thursday 12

0 Stephen Hendry inmmy White Forum, Almondvale West, Livingston. 7.30pm Tickets £5, £4


Congratulations to Judith Parsons and Maureen Watson. the winners of our Birthday Questionnaire. Judith wins a pass for a year to both the GFT and the Grosvenor. Maureen wins a pass to The Filmhouse and the Cameo.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to answer the questions According to our survey 85% ofour readers are under 35 but despite this a majority of you are concerned about ageism in society. (Only 38% were not concerned.) Of course discrimination on the grounds of age works both ways but it would be a reasonable guess that many of our readers are concerned about prejudice against older people. Those who completed the survey had a pretty healthy attitude about their allotted span oflife. 68% thought that their generation would live longer than their parents‘. Interestingly, our final age connected question chosen randomly from a number ofissues where age ofconsent is a factor revealed a strongly held belief. 70% of those who responded believed that the age ofconsent for gay men should be reduced from 21 to 18.

Good news for female List readers looking for a male partner through our Lonely Hearts. Apparently we go against the national average with more male readers than female (53%—47% to be exact). 12% ofyou did resent being asked your sex and 83% thought the woman‘s movement had changed society for the better but perhaps not far enough. . . A matter ofconcern, 21% ofyou revealed that you had at some time been sexually harassed at work. Only one man told us he’d

Campbell (right) from The Cameo present Maureen Watson with her prize passes.

(£1). Latest in an attractive series featuring the young Scot, this time

taking on the popular Jimmy White.



o Newtongrange Victoria Park, Newtongrange. 7pm. £2.50 (£1 .00).

Note the switch to Sunday for the last

meeting of the season.


Sunday 8

0 East of Scotland Open Championship

Meadowbank Sports Centre. London Road, Edinburgh. 10am. Details from Scottish Table Tennis Association, 031 225 3020.


Friday 6—Sunday 8

0 Scottish Senior Indoor

been harassed which leaves the alarming conclusion that nearly half of the women who replied to our survey had been harasssed. On a more positive note, 87% of you

believed men had a equal moral right

to bring up children by themselves. 8'/2% unemployment puts List readers below the national average and on a par with the local averages; 84% of readers still believed there was a stigma sttached to being unemployed. 24% of replies were from people in full time further education, and 72% were happy in ‘what they did‘. With 16% unable to decide, the rest of you were split exactly down the middle on whether

you earned a fair wage. but at least in

Thatcher’s Britain a majority (54%) believed your standard of living had .2: :3 N


Glasgow prize winner Judith Parsons th John Wright from The Grosvenor (Iett) and Jim liamilton from the GET (right).

improved over the last five years and only 41% of you thought that there was likely to be a radical change to

the pattern ofwork - such as job share

The Government‘s legislation for a poll tax (Community Charge) got a decisive thumbs down (82% disapproved) but philosophies more in tune with that of the Government could be seen with regard to other housing matters. Only 25% thought society shouldn’t encourage people to own their own home and 50% supported the sale of council homes to tenants (37% were against with 13% abstensions).

Readers of The List. not surprisingly perhaps, are revealed to spend a lot of their leisure time actively involved in the entertainment industry. 89% go to the cinema at least once a month (31% go every week). 6% of readers don‘t ever go to the theatre surely a

I: a"

Championships Allander Sports , Centre, Milngavie Road, Bearsden, Glasgow, 041 942 2233. Details from Scottish Lawn Tennis Association, 031 225 1284.


Saturday 7

o MIM Livingston v Soitol Vienna Forum, Almondvale West, Livingston.

Sunday 8-'

0 Kyle v Stade Francais Magnum Centre, Irvine. Details on both these European Cup matches from Scottish Volleyball Association, 031 225 731 1.

market someone should woo? but 91% go twice a year, 45% once or

more a month. 56% go to a rock concert twice a year and a further 15% more than once a month. Classical concerts aren‘t far behind with 57% in total going at least twice a year. More people (39%) however admitted never going to a classical concert than any other leisure activity on our list. You are all to report to Carol Main‘s Classical Listings where. as AlfGarnett might say. ‘you might LEARN something’.

All ofyou are buying books and records as if there were no tomorrow and indeed ifwe were to scale the results up for the whole population all Scotland‘s bookshops would be emptied many times over. And yet 44% still find the time to do the healthy thing and play sport at least once a week.

A sign of less permissive times perhaps, as many as 37% (a further 13% abstained) could see no reason why TV shouldn’t be subject to the Obscene Publications Act. A massive 88% thougt the Arts should receive more money from the Government (7% thought they shouldn't). A sign surely that few List readers at least believe that the arts are an e’litist drain on the country‘s resources. A greater danger revealed in our uniquely juxtaposed list of questions was of young people becoming fashion victims (65% though that a danger).

While almost all ofthose who responded to our survey were old enough to vote, for whatever reason only 74% did. 61% thought Scottish Devolution was a live issue amongst Scottish voters and even more (69%) were in favour of some form of Scottish Devolution. 71% of readers who replied were in favour of unilateral nuclear disarmament. Opinions were more divided on the success of the Government AIDS campaign. 42% thought the campaign had altered people’s sexual lifestyle, 45% thought it hadn’t.

Finally we asked our readers about the need for a Freedom of Information Act. This question

brought the biggest show of unanimity— 90% thought there should be one.

The List 30 Oct 12 Nov 39