From the Next lor Men new autumn/winter collection.


~ _ .‘9:~§K,f-‘ .. » ~ - _r e; : i t .4 g. _.‘ f; i‘ 7|" . I -. " Irv" A : '_‘- 5 fix. .. r 0 Warehouse Utility 0 What Every Woman Clothing Co 62 Union Wants 335 Argyle Street. Street. 248 3851. j Unlisted telephone no. Mon/Tue 'Wed l Hardly. 9am—5.30pm; Thurs O lchi Ni San 123 ‘9 9am—6pm; Fri (‘andleriggs. 552 2545. 9.30am—6pm; Sat Mon—Sat 10am—6pm; Sun 9am-6pm. Jeff Banks' 1.30—5.30pm. The most baby. and the best ofthe intriguing shop interior chain stores. High with fittings bythe fashion. with clever Glasgow Art Factory cutting and durability. and a welcoming one no Blousons teamed with : snotty staff. The emphasis flirty skating skirts. ison beautiful cut and

oversized chunky knits. cloths. classics with a little tailored suits. and for twist. The cream ofthe Christmas. lyera and innovative new designers. jersey cocktail frocks. many of them exclusive to Extremely reasonaly lchi Ni San outside

priced (check out the London. all under one other Warehouse for roof— Dries van .N'oten. comparisons). A winner. John Flea. Richmond

0 Closet 54 Wilson Street. ( 'Urm'jo. J m’ ( are/y-

552 5154. Mon—Sat Hayforrl: knits by 10am—6pm. Startling Artwork and shoes by Gothic evening clothes Patrick ( or and John combining gloss PV(‘ with Moore. The clogs (yCS. lace. leather with satin. clogs) are amazing. ()wnersJaniee and 0 Solo lb5a Hyndland Raymond describe the Road. 357 2334. Mon—Sat look as ‘unique and highly 9.30am—5.30pm. Sole individual.‘ From £30 to stockists of a number of £75 for a party frock can't extremely soignee

be bad. continental designers

O Palmers 79 Queen St. including (iasron Jaunet. 204 1512. Mon—Sat 1 Penny Black. Laurel and] 10am—6pm. Menswear to Blues. with exclusive appeal to any age group. jewellery and belts from Stock features Palmers' Germany and France.

own designs. plus baseball Fairly pricey.

jackets. designer socks 0 Dee & Co 170Trongate. and underwear and an 552 0066. Mon—Sat extensive range of Italian 9am—6pm. Mecca for the leather belts. ‘casual'. not the Armani 0 Next 38 & 3b Buchanan type the Trongate type. Street. 226 3810 49L53 Strange stock: luminous Union Street. 221 4600. socks. Fred l’errys and MonTue 9.30am--- winklepickers. Very high

Followm g last issue’s Glasgow Style feature, a directory 5.30pm; Wed pressure salesstaff—are of some of Edinburgh and Glasgow’s fashion shops by fi‘gmi-fll’in' _ ‘th? 93‘ “""‘9'_‘."“’."“‘ . . , . ursrf rt Sat 9am—6pm. crazy commission .’ Sally KIHHCS and Manna O Loughlln. New store in Argyle Street 0 Warehouse ()1 Glassford stays open on Thurs till Street. 552 4181. Mon—Sat o Debu 9521 Bytes Road. 0 Lake 171 Albert Drive. somewhere between Miss jumpers and knitted 7pm. The Next chain seem 3 10am—6pm. Three floors 339 9266. Mon—Sat Pollokshields. 423 1007. Selfridge and Chelsea Girl minis. Shoes available to burgeon at a i of upmarket. 9am-5.30pm. A new Mon—Sat 10am-5.30pm; Cheap, disposable include Bertie and there‘s breathtaking pace Next. ; adventurous. expensive addition to the menswear early closing Tue 1pm. fashion for all. with the a range ofchunky silver Next for Men. Next 1 designer clothes. men's scene at the ‘wrong end‘ of The aim here is an occasional wee find (good jewellery by Si Rulia. Collection. Next Too. ! and women‘s. Stockists of Byres Road. High fashion affordable designer Jeffrey Rogers knits). priced between £5 and Next B & G. Next Home some of the biggest names from names like 5.h0.wcasc Shop StOCks OPcn Sundays; £60. Clothes from about Furnishing what next'.’ (iaulrier. Ilamnetl. Marinique and Poco Loco limited editions of new unbearably busy £30 for a jumper to £300 The Next Wholefood Joseph. John (ialliano. at reasonable prices. Scottish designers. Lex Saturdays. for a classic coin Collective? The Next with an influx 0f some of O Blondes Briggait. 72 McFadyen. Pam Rennie, 0 Studio 519 Great 0 Blitz 102 St Vincent Newspaper Group? the influential Belgian Clyde Street. 552 3946. Incahoors and Spencer Western ROad. 334 4640. Street, 248 7730. Mon—Sat However. their preppv team Dirk Van .S'aene Mon—Sat 10am—5 .30pm; Railton. Also bags. Mon—Fri 9.30am—5.30pm; 9.30am—6pm. Menswear co-ordinated clothes seem and Anne Sun Ham-5pm. SpaCiOUS T-Shins and Levijeans. Sat 10am—5pm. lfyou outlet featuring a range of to sell and sell. Demenlemeesler. and colourful shop in the 0 WWW” 265 Argyle can't make it during these specifically designed suits. 0 Next to Nothing 83 Accessorised throughout. BriggaitCentrc. Sole Street. 221 0284;42 for an blazers etc. Suits seldom Sauchiehall Street. 332 bags. hats. jewellery. stockists of Transitclothes Sauchiehall Street. 332 appointment. An more than a very 4056, Mon/Sat shoes beautiful i from Copenhagen. Thé 9242; 186 Trongate. 552 amalgamation of Moon reasonable £100. Stockists 9.30am—5 . 30pm; blunt-[06d lace-ups by The and Lemon a 4228. All branches and Cobblers classy of Italian jeans and Tue/Wed/pri [511mm,], yuanngmim. comfortable. wearable Mon—Sat 9am-5.30pm. stuff. Elegant. tailored knitwear. and labels such 9am—5.30pm;Thurs anrlspike-heeled Sixties’ casual look. Prices range After having taken over feel from Nicole Fahri and as Charles and Brooks. 9am—6pm. Stocking what pumps by Katharine from 9250—52150. the Virgo chains. Wrygges Penn Wright and Manson Owner Tony Kennedy‘s Next couldn‘t sell last year Hamnerr. seem to be everywhere. With more relaxed aim: ‘A designer look at (obviouslv not very 0 Plait 15! Floor. Virginia Falls stylistically separates from Sabre: Gallowgate prices.‘ much! ), ' Galleries. 33 Virginia J

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