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the Scottish coast.

0 The Scottish Thirties Third Eye Centre. 350 Sauchichall Street, 332 7521. 7.30pm. Charles McKean and Rudolph Kenna give an illustrated talk on the architecture and lifestyle of Thirtics‘ Scotland.


0 The Spring ol the Ram The Edinburgh Bookshop. 57 George Street. 225 4495. 6.30pm. Dorothy Dunnet discusses her latest novel. the second in the House of Niccolo sequence.

0 The Nature 01 the Land Edinburgh University Photographic Society. David Hume Tower. George Square. 7.30pm. Colin Baxter talks about the country‘s nature


0 Literary Evening at the Burrell The Burrell Collection. 2060 Pollokshaws Road. 6pm. £12 (ticket price includes dinner etc). Tickets available from Mrs A Mackenzie. Strathkelvin District Library HQ. 170 Kirkintilloch Road, Bishopbriggs. Glasgow G64 2LX. Tel 762 01 12. In association with the Scottish Library Association.

0 A Caledonian Feast Hatchards. 50 Gordon Street. 221 0262. 7—9pm. Annette Hope combines cookery with social history.

0 Roadworks Third Eye Centre. 350 Sauchichall Street. 332 7521. 7.30pm. Lyrics and songs from the Wildcat Theatre company‘s song book as performed by Dave Anderson and Dave Maclennan.


0 Mary Stuart’s Scotland James Thin Penguin Bookshop. Waverley Market. 556 6743. Noon. Judy Steel signs copies.

0 Whisky Distilleries ol the UK Waterstone‘s. 114 George Street. 225 3436. 7—9pm. Three experts including Wallace Milroy. Glenfiddich Whisky Writer of the Year. talk on this important subject.

0 Publishing lor Children Glowworm Bookshop. Main Street. Balerno. 031 449 4644. 7.30pm. For parents. teachers. writers and interested adults a discussion about the problems involved in publishing for children.

0 Scotland and Russia National Library of Scotland. George [V Bridge. 6.30pm. Dr C. Cooke of the Open University talks about aspects of the Historic link

between Scotland and

Russia. Wine.


0 The Bridge John Smith. 57—61 St Vincent Street. Glasgow. 221 7472. 1230-] .30pm. Iain Banks signs copies of his novel.

0 Score and More John Menzies, 36—38 Argyle Street. 204 0636.204 0636. Sandy J ardine signs copies of his biography.


0 Roadworks James Thin Penguin Bookshop, Waverley Market, 556 6743. Noon. Dave Anderson and Dave Machnnan with more of Wildcat‘s popular theatre songs.

FRIDAY 6 Glasgow

0 Concert ol Matt McGlnn Songs Moir Hall, Mitchell Library. Granville Street. 221 7030. 7.30pm. Singing from Stramash Folkgroup.


0 Score and More Stockbridge Bookshop. Waverley Market. 557 1415. 1—2pm. Sandy

J ardine signs more copies of his new biography.

0 The Nature ot the Land Bauermeister Booksellers. 19 George IV Bridge. 226 5561. 6.30pm. Colin Baxter gives an illustrated talk on the country‘s nature reserves.

0 Meggie's Journeys Waterstone‘s, 114 George Street. 225 3436. 7.30pm. Margaret D‘Ambrosio explores the magic in her new book through readings and dance. The book. published by Polygon . is launched tonight.

SATURDAY 7 Glasgow

0 The Scottish Thirties Milngavie Bookshop. 37 Douglas Street . 956 4752. 11am. Charles McKean signs copies of his book.

0 Moira Miller John Smith. 57—61 St Vincent Street. Glasgow. 221 7472. 3pm. Stories from the author of Masque fora Queen.


0 Who is Santa Claus? James Thin. 53—59 South Bridge. 556 6743 . Ham-Noon. and Glowworm Bookshop. Main Street. Balerno. 031 449 4644. 3—4.30pm. For eleven year-olds and older. the truth behind the Christmas legends with author Robin Crichton (includes a video show).

Frm the cheap and nice to the

bizarre but delicious;

Foodlist offers a fortnightly guide to what’s cooking in Edinburgh and Glasgow eating houses.


Prices quoted are the approx cost at a meal tor

two including a bottle of house wine.

o The Gourmet House 19

Ashton Lane, 334 3229. Last orders 11pm. Open Sun. Authentic, beautifully prepared Cantonese cooking in slightly cramped surroundings. On a particularly greedy night. everything- dim sum. crayfish in ginger and garlic. Peking Duck. crispy chili beef was excellent. Just keep the saki flasks coming. (£25) 0 The Peninsula 19a Sauchichall Street. 332 3192. Last orders 11pm—1.30am. When quiet this basic. unpretentious restaurant seems a mite forbidding; when busy it feels like walking off the Buchanan Street Bus Station into Hong Kong. Highest quality menu offers vast range. from creamy satay to braised chicken feet. Amazingly inventive presentation. and cheerful. unintelligible staff. (£18)

0 Amber Royale 336 Argyle Street. 221 2550. Last orders 11.30pm. Closed Sun. Extremely glamorous and upmarket - baggy blinds. shades of muted pink and complementary prawn crackers with your cocktails. Businessy clientele. due to (steepish) prices and its neighbour. the Holiday Inn. but the food gives new meaning to the Chinese art of beautiful presentation. (£35)

0 The Loon Fung 417 Sauchichall Street . 332 1240. Last orders 11.30pm. Open Sun. Still a favourite. although no prawn sesame seed toasts. Don‘t forget to ask about their specials - we found out too late about the turbot in black beans. Try noodles rather than rice utterly delicious. and I've spent years trying to track them down in Chinese supermarkets. (£25)

0 Cale Gandolli 64 Albion Street. 552 6813. Last

orers 11.30pm. Closed Sun. Obviously not a new place but. a new menu! The Gandolfi has pulled the plug on its old wholemeal quiche image and replaced it with a sharp. tongue-in-cheek Franco-Scottish one. New and recommended are choux buns stuffed with profoundly garlicky dauphinoise potatoes. and they‘ve wisely retained their wonderful caramel shortcake. Power breakfasters can choose from oeufs en cocotte with ham or cheese. or a reliable old croissant. and the faint-hearted can try the delicious. scented dry Portugese Muscat. Palmela. to counteract the garlic. (£15)


Prices quoted are cost 01 house wine by glass, bottle, and average main course. 0 L’Attache Rutland Street. 229 3402/3. Mon—Sun 11am—1 1.30pm (Fri/Sat till 12.30am). Unashamed. candelit bastion of filofaxers - but the bar staff at least aren‘t elitist. Cellarish. spacious and comfortable in Conan Doyle style, it's part of the

uland Hotl. and offes

an unalarming and surprisingly well-priced selection of wines and bistro fare. (97p: £4.50 [La Couvée] ; £3)

0 Whigham’s Wine Cellars 13 Hope Street. 225 9717. Noon—Midnight. Food served noon-2.30pm; 6—9pm. Closed Sun. Offers an excellent if bewildering range of expensive wines. Vault-like niches would create a faintly monastic atmosphere if it weren‘t for the clientele who obscure everything. bar included. by six on Fri and Sat nights - stilletto room only. but definitely a gold star locale for being spotted. (85p/£1 .25; £4.20 [Blanc de Blancs];£3.20) O Pier's Point 1 The Shore . Leith. 554 5666. Mon-Wed 1 lam—11pm; Thurs-Sat till midnight; Sun 12.30—4pm and 7—11pm. Another offshoot of Leith‘s squeaky-clean resurgence. A broad and appetising salad selection and delicious cafetiere coffee make it worth a visit. as do passing dockside characters. who compensate for slightly characterless atmosphere. Brighter wallpaper may be the answer. (£1.30 [large]; £4.25; £4)

0 Ca Va 133 High Street. 556 3276. Usually packed. and rapidly establishing

an uncliquish atmosphere.

Gourmet sandwich bar serves attractive and subtly flavoured selection of main courses and gateaux. Drinks can be

Turtle soup, you'll be glad to know, is alive and kicking and going down well in Bruntslield. So are a great many other gourmet toods, lrom snails and squid to Beluga caviar (£24 per quarter) now that Nastiuk's Patisserie, Brasserie and Wholelood store has moved into the district. Glossin spanning a quarter block, and enticing in all types, lrom lur coats to anoraks, with the tempting aroma ol tresth ground collee, it gleams with ceiling-high shelves of the rare and bizarre, and looks set to become another Edinburgh institution.


Run by an enthusiastic young husband and wile team, sell-conlessed lood addicts ol Ukranian extraction, Nastiuk’s aims to cater lor all tastes- providing they’re relined. Constantly experimenting with dillerent loods, tracking down new ideas at trade fairs across the country and devising unique recipes for salads or bagels- their eataway best-seller the Nastiuks clearly live lor their work. ‘We like to run it as a lamily business, it's still extremely hard work, not at all romantic, and seeing other delicatessens tall by the wayside within months at opening only makes it more so.’ says Mr Nastiuk.

‘You know it’s worth it, though,’ says Mrs Nastiuk, ‘when people come in and lind something and say, “I've been looking lor that lor years!”

So will they be expanding elsewhere once this shop is established? Mrs Nastiuk hesitates, but her husband is certainb. ‘No,’ he says, grinning, ‘you shouldn’t get too much of a good thingl’ Nastiuks, 155/159 Bruntstield Place. Mon-Fri 8am—8pm; Sat 8am-6pm; Sun


rice. ut choie o

music. live and taped. is good. (85p; £5.25 [Baton]; £2)

Pub Fare

o Sheep’s Neid Inn Duddingston. 661 1020. Food served noon-3pm; 6—10pm Mon—Sat; Sin 12.30—2pm; 7-9pm. Nestling in an olde worlde nook by Duddingston Loch. this pub claims to be the oldest inn in Scotland. Interesting and reasonably priced menu is served. either in the bar. or in upstairs restaurant. choice ranging from basic scampi and chili con came to French-style steaks and seafood. Cosy. relaxed with friendly. unobtrusive service. (Meals £2.75—£10)

o The Mall Shovel l3 Cockburn Street. 225 6843. Food served noon—8pm. Far from flashy. but the sort of place you grow attached to. A traditional but delicious range of food is served with unfailing charm. and if the decor‘s a trifle dim. it only makes it the more relaxing. (Meals all approx £2.30)

0 The King's Wark 36 The Shore. Leith. 554 9260. Closed Sun. Self-styled as Scotland‘s only Cheese and Claret House. and ancient to boot. With enormous selection of patés and cheese board. pleasant jazzy music and recently revamped interior. it offers a refreshing slant on run-of-the-pub fare. (Meals£1.95/2.45)

44 The List 30 Oct - 12 Nov