mostly from the local communitv "0"" A & J MurraY- 83 Bath Street~ . spatucwnL HOUSE Ardmthah f \ rcturnS. a new play by Dongfld POTtOhCIIO and POND Bath Terrace~ Gorgiev I Smith, ' ' Street. Portobello. Spun Gold sP'thOWO" Youth Pmletit Every ‘3“ Ac“ Galway Girl Wed 1 l—Fri 13 Nov. 1pm. present a tribute to the songwriter Monday- 7Pm- Calling “P a" Young (45mins) £1. A lunchtime show from [VOT NOVCHO- people between the ages 0t 14 and 18 The Oxygen House In Geraldine o ROYAL LYCEUM Grindlay Street, interestefdrin getting involved in any N T o Aron‘s two-hander. Dermot and 229 9697- 30" Office hum—sat mm“ 0 t cane production and in Maisie. talk about their married life Ilium—6pm. 10am-8pm 0n pcrf. becoming involved in E R E CU M N Y together~ evgs. Bar. Rest/Cafe. [D]. [E], Gorgie/Dalry‘s first youth theatre. The Lady Aio Wed 13.1?“ 30 NOV. (TheatreSaver Concession Cards The gmup Wt" mCCt Teghtat'Y- 1pm (45 mins) {Lon-gen House cost£1. last all year.give£1 offthe W()Tkthig(t:ward8 Pugihion ashow resent another (,r their short fttll price each time you come for you 31'0"" fiSImBSJ CI 01110 0

iitnchtime plays. a bizarre and exotic and it friend-available t0 OAPS- Which wt" be ‘Y‘mhg Pet’ptc at Wat‘t O tale ofinfidelity by Japan‘s famous U340“. StUdChtS~ DtSHhICd‘ Ct’hStdt’tthg the taCt that th 1914 writer Mishima The production Under-24 railcard holders. Y'I‘S young people of youth club age COUld - a new SCOt‘llSl‘i Comedy includes a dancer. scheme and young Pet’Ptc under 18). we” have been fighting in the b Lunch Wed 25—Fri 27 Nov. 1pm. (45 The Merchant of Venice Until Sat 21 trencht‘S-_ For any further . y mins). fr A suimhwwundmg Sho“. NOV, 7.45pm. gar mar~ 14 Nov. information call George Williamson Dthd PUNeS for a lunchtime performance. this is 3-15Pm- £3-7thfh-Thcatrcsavm 0" “31 337 1971 ~ 0' JUSt g0 along t“ in fact iess innocent than it sounds. hOldL‘rS £1 0”- 7~45Pm. [an the meetthg- Directed by being Steven Barron‘s rough. Wooldridge directs Shakespeare‘s The Magdalene Wed 25. Fri 27 and Charles Nowosielski voluptuous eXpIoration of a meeting masterpiece. in which Antonio. Sat 28 Nov. 7.30pm. £1 .5()(£1) between atttan and woman at a helping Bassanro woo the heiress SPt'thC” Theattc (Jmttfh 1‘ gmup 25 November 12 December beach cafe. Presented by ()xygcn Portia. becomes entangled tn a oflocally-hascd volunteers. present at 7 45 m House Theatre ( 'ompany as part of bargain that leads to his owing a 3 "CW Play 0" the htSth Of the i p their season ofshort lunchtime PfiUthfflCSh10thCJCWiSh Magdalene Asylum durthgthc 19th . plays. moneylender Shylock. See Review. century. and actually take the T'Ckets The Tale of Peter Rabbit Thurs 26—Sat Privale Lives Fri 27 NOV—Sm 12 Dec. imdtt‘nt‘c into the building which is Full Price: £3.75 zx Nm; 7pm Also “imam & 2pm 7.45pm. Sat mat on 12 Dec. 3.15pm. adjacent tothe centre. . . _ on Sat 28 Nov. Adults £2 , Sit. £2.7(L—£6. TheatreSaver holders £1 0 THEATRE WORKSHOP 34 Hamilton concess'onary Pnce° 22°25 ('hildren £1 5U. Beatrix Potter‘s tale Off FRFU Preview Thurs 2ft Nov. Place. 226 5425. BOX Office ' 10% discount on narrated by hrrtudc‘zislcr Neville Noel t‘oward's elegant comedyin Mon—Sat9.3l)am—5.3()pm. Bar. Group Bookings of 10 or more. (iartlen. Proceeds logo to l 'N1(‘F.F. which a formm‘hushand and Wife ( afé11311131- . . * We accept ACCESS and VISA. 0 PORTOBELLO TOWN HALL discover that they are . No performances this Issue. BOOK NOW ON l’ortobello High shot-r honcrmmmng In adtaccnt roomS m ' “"5335 "mm 1 12 West BOW‘ 031-665 2240 A" About Ivor Wed .3 NM _ 7 r man the same hotel with their respective Grassmarket. 226 2633. Box Office {3H1r'r'.eker\;,\;,rr_ in advance new spouses. Tue—Sat 10am—8pm. Sun 6—10pm. AA

Bar. Rest. Tickets also avail from the «

Ticket Centre. 22 Market Street.

(Seats fromth S£u2n218ys all seats £2 N non~mem ers .. .

Most of the exploratory theatre in ‘New ' The HourTue tit—Sun )15 Nov. K E M N Y Worlr, No Definition' season

co-ordinated by the Traverse and Third Eye Centre has come from further afield than Edinburgh, but at the last minute a late addition to the programme scurried in - a piece of theatre by four local women performers: one dancer, one artist, one clarinettist and one cellist.

‘The idea for a piece of theatre with very strong visual elements originated


with Karen Wimhurst (the clarinettist),'

in the group. ‘But it evolved from ideas t“ scottahd than that" P909“ "33"“ - Shakespeare

that we found we a" had when we ‘I “’8 happening in DOCRCtS a"

The group, including dance, Gme barrierto its development is money. ‘It Matinee ‘4 NOV 3J5 Pm (0" 500's £170) Morgan and artistic designer Anna :3 datittctt'tt-thhte's a Shomlle 0' Sponsored by Scottish Life lngleby, have neverworlred together as "h "9 0' P'olects otthts hthd Which Grindlay Sue”, Edinburgh EH3 9“

a foursome before, although all four of 3'9 “Flotato'W She tee" "touch. that them have tried individually to expand the he" woh‘ "0 hetthtttm‘ 39330". the range of their particular slrill. With Whtch encomhasses a hm“ 73009 0' rhrs prece my hope to “prom runhe, performances from the idiosyncratic how "ream, can break do“ me and comic to the deeply serious, may

conventional barriers between music, matrixffieflmgfiyh;:ggmbxfi‘n” W

dance and visual art: 'The interaction

‘Wondertul . . . fine new production’ The Guardian

between us is where the sin wide range of people. People tend to no ' /‘ happens; w to see the thing they like - such as A Fantasy Adventure '5‘“ I

The show, wrung" Wang" begins dance or music —we hope this'will help 2" with a sleeper. ‘All of us are interested them to "033 the hhhhda'tt’s- (s-h-i / AND . . ' in aspects or dreamrng and how Hunger Waits, Traverse Theatre, llj/ THE 5 M dreams relate to real life, how they tell Edthhufllh' 39° LtStthfls- ' . I you things about yourself.“ says ' th°"'°""9"°"°‘! “V3 Adapted by Stuart Paterson " ' Sanderson. “The piece explores the “homahce 0t hm“ hY cratil i hungry part of yourself, the part which ffifigfilgfihtmgm: composder Dec 7, I 987 to Ian 2, I 988 is never satisfied and is always Ioolrlng r V W093"! ro,rhrnos_me marerrarrsrrc, guitar. 'Aracu' is a mythological tish TICKETS FROM ‘2' 73-fib‘pp ' ambitious, jealous part. There is a rnhtfigzegxfi't‘??? my???“ Btg “tvas for groups (an Ta’mltesl- positive side to that kind of urge as t h 3 "t c TheatreSaver and children's concessions available

r. m or, rm“ m r rem structure, on Indian tala. Slonczewsltl .

:3" "b.- y om e o 8 plays on the guitarwith objects, such Family Otter Closes November 23

Sanderson feels that there is more of 33 “0"” 3"“ hmett’ts- GRINDLAY STREET EDINBURGH EH3 9AX.

_ BOOKING NOW! OBI-229 9697

The List 13 - 26 November 1987 25