Hall. Claremont Street. 226 3868. £6 (£5). Presented by Platform Jazz. Miles Davis' sideman. Peerless guitarist. See panel.

0 Tarn White And The Dexters Riverside Club. Fox Street. 248 3144. Evening. £2. Big blues based soul and jazz outfit. brass and reeds and gritty vocals.

0 Sound On Sound Blackfriars. Bell Street. Merchant City 552 5924. energetic quartet.


0 That Swing Thang (‘afe Biarritz. Frederick Street. 225 5244. 9.30—11.30pm Swing songs and bow ties.

0 Pillow Talk Maxies Bistro. Nicolson Street. 6670845. Evening. Pop

7 music for violin a la Grappelli. guitar

and vocals.

o Templehall Stampers Temple Hotel. Esplanade. Joppa. 669 4264. Evening. Resident trad band.

I 0 Graham Blamire Jazz Band Basin

Street. Haymarket Terrace. 337 1066. Evening.



0 George McGowan Trio with Linda

Fletcher Blackfriars. Bell Street.

Merchant (‘ity. 552 5924. Evening.

Resident band with singer and guest 3 soloists.

' Edinburgh

0 John Scolield Group Queens Hall. Clerk Street. 668 2019. 9.30pm. £6 (£5). Presented by Platform Jazz. Exceptionally confident and powerful guitarist‘s band. Ex Billy



t l l

SEE LISTINGS FOR DETAILS 36 Bell St, Merchant City Glasgow. 552 5924

(‘obham. Miles Davis. 0 Peristalsis Brothers Aye Bar. 80 Queen Street. 9.30m. Skiflle jazz and old popular song.

0 Sophie Bancroft Trio (‘afe Biarritz. Frederick Street. 225 5244. Evening. 0 Spirits 0t Rhythm Basin Street. Haymarket Terrace. 337 1006. Evening. Riverboat decor and jazz posters on the stairs. The Trad venue.

SATURDAY 21 Glasgow

0 Riverside Blues Riverside. Fox Street. 248 3144. 7.30pm. £2. The Rootsie Tootsie Blues Band.

0 Jimmy Feighan Quartet with Shelagh Buchanan Glasgow Society Of Musicians. Berkeley Street. 221 6112. 2.15—4.45pm. 50p. Bar.

0 Boomerang Ilalt Bar. Woodlands Road. 332 1210. Evening. Returning blues band.

0 Curlers Byres Road. Afternoon. Free. Regular groups.

0 Resident Quartet (ilasgow Society ()fMusicians. Berkeley Street. 221 6112. 830—1 1.30pm. 50p. Bar.

0 George McGowan Orchestra Riverside ('lub. Fox Street. 2—5pm. £1.


0 Tam White And The Dexters Platform 1.Rut1and Street. Evening. Big brassy blues band. (iets crowded.

0 Alex Shaw Trio Platform 1.Rutland Street. 225 2433. Lunchtime. The piano man.

0 Toto And The Jazz Bostons

, Preservation Hall. Victoria Street.

_0 '0

BLV'I 111.1 6 ()1an —AVO 11V N3

£14519ng __

Once again Glasgow becomes a locus

at New Music energy. The tirst three

day event at what is destined to be an * annual celebration of the creation, composition and periormance ol

original music, takes place in the

; between classical andjazz. Modern ; ‘serious’ music and jazz, especiallythe

Henry Wood Hall over three days 26—28th. Charlie Parker's spirit lives in . his title, Now's The Time, used as the continuing lestival name, and in this year's theme, the relationship between composition and improvisation,

European compositional and chamber

1 jazz, have an affinity, with composers

within a score, and using rhythms that, it they don‘t quite swing, at least 9 syncopate. ‘We want to take the music

traditional base it comes irom.’ . Platlorm's Roger Spence believes


Platform pm...“ JAZZ 1N SCOTLAND

’the bestjazz singer in Britain'

Henry Wood Hall, Glasgow—Thurs Nov 12 at 8pm Queen’s Hall, Edinburgh Fri Nov 13 at 9.30pm

state ofthe art in New York/Miles Davis guitarist


Henry Wood Hall, Glasgow—Thurs Nov 19 at 8pm Queen’s Hall, Edinburgh Fri Nov 20 at 9.30pm

’a towering figure in contemporary music, a genius'


Queen’s Hall, Edinburgh Fri Nov 27 at 8pm

interested in using improvisation

out at its compartments, to let it be heard and enjoyed irrespective of the

‘contemporary music seems to most people ditticult, academic or hostile. Our aim is to make it more accessible’. And to that extent Plattorm is bringing one of the world's leading bass players over irom Norway, exceptional pianist John Taylor trom England and Forward Motion drummer Ian Froman over from North America to form three duos/one quartetwith the compositions and , tenor sax oi Tommy Smith. That . concert on the 26th is lollowed the next

evening by the llrst pertormance oi Bill

2263816. 2—4pm.

0 That Swing Thang (.‘afe’ Biarritz. Frederick Street. 225 5244 10pm till 9 late. Jive songs. ; o Yella Dug Jazz Band Basin Street. Haymarket. 337 1006. Evening.

. Glasgow

0 Tom McGrath Quintet Paisley Arts Centre. New Street. 887 1010. 12.30—230pm. Bar. Free. Presented by Platform Jazz. The writer/ playwright‘s roots are in 60‘s jazz.

0 Black Diamond Havanna Band V Glasgow Society ()fMusicians. 1 Berkeley Street. 8pm. £1. Bar. One I ofseries of regular Sunday concerts.

0 Frank Bolan Quintet The Tron Bar. Tron Theatre. Parnie Street. 552 l 4267. Lunchtime.


l L L serif“

e List 13 26 November 1987

Sweeny's new piece tor the combined talents ol clarinettists Alan Hacker. leading classical and modern player and Tony Coe, a leading British post-swing improvisor. From Glasgow, Sweeny is well known in contemporary music circles and has even written a clarinet work based on pibroch lorm. At , the same concert. Fellow Glaswegian Chick Lyall will pertorm over a previously programmed composition built up using digital sampling on keyboards intertaced to a computer. At the recent Musica Nova, he had a saxophone imrovising over the electronics but lor this second performance will extemporise at the piano. Saturday 28th is devoted to the piano. BogerWoodward is an Australian pianist with such an individual style that his reading at a well known classical piece can outrage conservatives. As a pertormer and champion at new music he stands by himselt. See Classical leature. Cecil Taylor attacks the instrument, and l people's notions oi musical meaning and lorm in a consistently innovative

and sometimes bizarre way. He has

been a unique voice at the outer edges ol spontaneous creation in sound 1 longer than Tommy Smith has been ' alive. Pianists and interested parties

are invited to join both of these virtuoso musicians on Saturday 11am for a workshop/lecture/demonstration in the Henry Wood Hall.

0 So What Tolbooth Bar. (ilasgow (‘ross. 5524149. Evening. Resident Sundayband.


0 Tam White And The Dexters Preservation Hall. Victoria Street. 2263816. Evening. £1. Solid blues/rock with horns. 0 Morris Traveller And The Jump Starts j ()ddfellows. Forrest Road. 220 1816. Evening.

0 That Swing Thang Music Box. Victoria Street. 220 1708. Evening. More work for the smooth swing jive outfit.

0 Bonnie Bae Trio Platform 1.

Rutland Street. 225 2433.


0 Jean Mundell And Embers West Hunters Tryst. Oxgangs. 445 3132. Jl