every Wed & Fri. Open to all. Anti-Apartheid Movement to focus 0 East Lothlan Youth Theatre attention on the fact that large Workshop Brunton Hall, numbers of young people have been Musselburgh, 031 667 3711 ext. 244. arrested and detained without trial in 7.30—9.30pm. Free. Regular drama South Africa recently, under the workshops for young people aged ‘state of emergency’ conditions 13—21 , every Wednesday. For there, many of them under the age of further details contact ELCHAT on 18. 031 665 371 1 ext 244. o Computer-Aided Architectural Design Boyd Orr Building, Lecture TH U 19 Theatre Two, University of o Positively Unemployed: Drama Glasgow. Dr A. James from Springwell House, Ardmillan Mackintosh School of Architecture Terrace, Edinburgh 031 337 1971. gives a lunchtime lecture. 1-30-4Pm. See Mon 16. o Aromatherapy Session Well P The Open “3‘ is 3 "9° "3""95 "Wm M 0 N DAY 1 5 o Positively Unemployed: Puppets Woman Centre, 10 Orwell Terrace, [mm- . Gay and Leshlan Acllnn in Scotland SpringweIlZICIi-lOSSa tABcgrliglgnlgn Eldinburgh. 031 337 5543. lior time ' and Ga Centre, 58a enace» "1 Ufg - . p ease contact centre. A re axing :3228332:mbly IBitSEShIton Strezt. Edinburgh. 7pm. 10~30am-1-30pm. See Tue 17. sessinn using aromatic oils. Bring a ' A free meeting, open to all, to towe . Eggatfigggsg 18332? discuss lesbian and gay tights. FRIDAY 20 o Positiver Unemployed: Puppets door Tiekets in advance item Virgin o Positively Unemployed: Drama 0 Gore Vidal Queen’s Hall, Clerk Springwell House» A'dmlua" and Ripping Reentds and the Springwell House, Ardmillan Street, Edinburgh. 6.30pm. £3 Terrace, Edmburgh- 031 337 1971- Assembty Rooms. A benefit night Terrace, Edinburgh. 931 337 1971 . (£1.75). Tickets avail. in Edinburgh 1-30-430Pm- 586 Tue 17- organised by the Nicaragua 1.30—4pm. Part of Springwell from James Thin Bookshop, South N Solidarity Campaign. Nicaraguan House‘s ‘Posmvely Unemployed Bridge; Waterstones Bookshop, musician Luis Enrique Godoy joins programme. Ian St Clair Shaw leads George Street and the Queen’s Hall 0 No More Censorship Gig The Billy Bragg among the line up. Mon & Thurs workshops in. Box Office and in Glasgow from Venue, Calton Road, Edinburgh, . cosmic impact Royal Observatory, techniques of v01ce production, John Smiths Bookshop, St Vincent 031 557 3073. The Cateran, Fini Blackatd Htll’ Edinburgh, 7,30pm, movement, improvisation, acting Street. ‘Meet the Author’ presents Tribe, Dog Faced Hermans, Free. A lecture given by 1), john and performance skills every the celebrated writer in conversation Therapy, and The Alexander Sisters Davies. Monday and Thursday. Open to all. With Scottish writer Allan MaSSle. are among the rock groups and 0 Positively Unemployed: Mime 0 Decorative Art and the Military See Feature. comedy acts. joining the line up in Springwell House, Atdmtllan Royal Museum of Scotland. 0 Art and Literature Auction this gig to raise funds for the ‘No Terrace, Edinburgh. 031 337 1971. Chambers Street. Edinburgh. 2pm. Fruitmarket Gallery. Market Street, More Censorship Defence Fund,’ a 24pm. See wed 13, below, Free. For details call 031 225 7534 ext Edinburgh. 6.30pm. Approximately fund initiated to pay legal costs for 206. Charles Burnett gives a lecture 100 oil paintings, water colours and The Dead Kennedys’ obscenity case, 14 in the Museum’s series of talks on other works of art, and now a fund that exists to help protect The Scottish Soldier. approximately 100 manuscripts and other artists against prosecution. See . many“ “The swam? '0' Peace books, all being auctioned to raise Rock panel. Euchanf'gueegtfefgjglin m A m funds for the Scottish Poetry 0 Too Many Cars 23 East Claremont dgecgngctiwfitgflgémsed byPScettish . Your Diet and Fatness Boyd 0” Librdary. “(The anilctioln Willclm Street, Edinburgh. 8pm. Thismonth Medical Aid for Nicaragua_ Butldinet Lecture Theatre Two, con ucte y r A exan. er the group discusses The Scottish . . booksta" balloon race University of Glasgow. Meddowes, Deputy Chairman of Road Safety Campaign and asks, is it h t ' h. hbition Sin ers and 1.154 isspm. Good timingl _ 3 Christie 5. Scotland, works Will be an insult to non-motorists? p 0 .Ograp 'Cdex ' k g lunchtime lecture by professor displayed between 10am and 5.30pm 0 Rudoli Steiner's Social impulse— gutstgcia‘t: :2? $36.3 Cassi-$1 MP J v G. A. Dninin (physiology). on Thurs 19 & Fri 20 Nov and a How It Lives Today Rudolf Steiner R; [gilt/id MC’La’EEPan. 'The day i’s . Women anti Mental Health well catalogue is available from 16 Nov School Hall, 14 Spylaw Road, aimed at raising awareness about the woman Centre, St BrideS (please send an A5 envelope bearing Edinburgh. 8pm. Dr Lissau gives a Central American peace plan and Community Centre ll) Orwell an 18p stamp to the Scottish Poetry talk on the German philosopher the US Government funding of the Terrace, Edinburgh. ml 337 5543. Library, Tweeddale Court, 14 High 0 What Have You Done in the Last Ten Comm rebels in Nicaragua. For time please call the centre. Di St'reeetnEdinburgh EH1 tlTE. Years? Well Woman Centre, 10 . Meditation intensive: nata Yoga Judy Greenwood item the Royal 0 es t vely Unemployed. Mime Orwell Terrace, Edinburgh. 031 337 Salisbury Centre, 2 Salisbury Road, Edinburgh Hospital iS on hand tO Springwell House, Ardmillan 5543. FOf'tlmC please contact centre. Edinburgh. 031 667 5438. discuss the issue. Terrace, Edinburgh. 031 337 1971 . A discussmn open to allt 10.30am—5.30pm. Free. Vegetarian 903mm” unemployed: Puppets 24pm see wed 18- 0 Pcsltlvelv Unemployed. htime lunch included. A daylong Springwell House. Ardmillan D . Springwell House» Ardmln‘?‘ 971 workshop aiming to give practical Terrace, Edinburgh. 031 337 1971. Terrace, Edinburgh 031 33 1 - experience of the benefits of 1.30-4.30pm- Part of Springwell 0 Wine Tasting at Waterstones 10°303m'1Pm- 3“ wed 18’ meditation. During the day there House’s ‘Positively Unemployed‘ Waterstones Bookshop, George . East Low“ Youth meat” will be talkst group meditations, programme. Regular workshops Street, Edinburgh. 031 225 3436. womshop Brumo‘} Halli 5 wetltshops and guided meditations, with Lorna Nisbet every Tue & 7—9pm. Free tickets avail. after 16 Musselbmght Edmburgh' 031 66 Thurs on making and working with Nov. Come and try your hand, or 3711- “1244- 7-30'9'30Pme See W puppets. All welcome. rather, tongue. Hugh Johnston, wed 18° o An Introduction to Chinese Medicine WED N ESDAY 18 :03) 2:35;? cm“: w'" be TH U R S DAY 26 t , tethteti Vetoes item the Spanish cm. o The Scottish Soldier and the iiorih o Calthness: The Land, The Wind and Please book in advance, More“ We, Loanhead Lihtaty, Leanheadt American Experience Royal Museum The sea Third Eye Centre, 350 9.304 1.30m“. A look at the history Midlothian. 7.30pm. Two Spanish of Scotland, Chambers Street, . Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow. 041 332 and philosophy of Chinese Medicine Civil War veterans, WhO v0lttnteeted Edinburgh. 2pm. For further details 7521. 8pm .t£2 (£1). A talk in the cafe and how it relates to our lives in the from Scotland, talk about their call 031 225 7534. Stephen wood given by Iain Sutherland, founder of west today. Taken by Jane experiences With the International gives the latest talk in this series of the Wick Soc1ety, historian and t Chisholm member of the Register Brigade. Also tallting Will be [an lectures on the Scottish soldier. author of the play The Silver Sprig. “Traditional Chinese Medicine and MaeDeneallt editet 0t tveiees from o Positively Unemployed. orama Using early colour films, t t the British Register of the Spanish Civil war _ personal Springwell House, Ardmillan photographs and tales he depicts life Acupunctufistst Recollections of Scottish voltinteers Terrace , Edinburgh, 031 337 1971. among the herring fishers at the turn . Salisbury Centre mend: nay in Republiean Spain; 1.30—4pm. See Mon 16. ofthe century. . Salisbury Centre, 2 Salisbury Road, 0 Positively Unemployed: Mime TU ESDAY 24 'Spgfimg't‘i' ggz'gg'xgflmfl' Edinburgh 031 667 5438' ipnngwegyogse’ 971 0 Free South Airlca’s YOUch ROCK Tgnagc: Edinbutg’h, 031 337 1971. 103m”5pm- Please Prebook enace' m “’3 ' , ' Concert Fury Murray’s, Fox Street, 1 304 in See Mon 16 (Mon-Fri 9.30—1 1.30am). Free, 10.30am-1pm. As part of Springwell Glasgow. £3. Tickets avail-from “in”? i' u i P" t shared lunch. A day of workshops, House’s ‘POSitiVCIY unemployed, Virgin Records. Rock bands Horse - n y "mp 0" . ' p” talks and discussions for all those programme, Pat Keysell . former and The Wild Children a ' Springwell House’ Ardmluan . e - PPear at this Terrace Edinbur h. 031 337 1971. Wanting to know more 3b0‘" the Presenter 0f V'S'O" Ont leads concert or anised b the Scottish g centre, workshops in mime and movement g y lo'wam'l '30pm' 8“ Tue 17'

44 The List 13 26 November 1987