THE BIG EASY The Big Easy is a mean, moody and magniilcent New Orleans thriller that opens throughout List land on 20 November. Denis Duaid and Ellen Barkin star in dlrectorJim McBride’s nicely handled tale oi corruption and chlcanery among the city’s boys in blue, set to a wild caiun beat. Ten lucky List readers can win a copy oi the soundtrack by answering the lollowing question.

Which Jean-Luc Godard classic did Jim McBride remake in 1983 with Richard Gere as his star?

Send your entries, marked ‘The Big Easy Competition’ to The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 1TE, by Thursday 26 November1987.


Crazee Steve Martin redeems his reputation alter the tiresome Three Amigos with the comic delights oi Roxanne, currently playing at the Cannon Sauchiehall Street. A ioveiorn ilreman with a troublesome proboscis, Martin has also written this thoroughly engaging reworking oi Cyrano de Bergerac. Roxanne T-shirts will go to the first ten readers with the correct answerto this question.

Which 1984 Steve Martin lilm won him the New York Film Critics Award as Best Actor?

Send your entries, marked ‘Roxanne Competition’ to The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 1TE, by Thursday 26 November 1987.


Ronnie Logan, Alastair Dawson and Lorna Wlllocks at Glasgow, and Stephen Bonner and Ewan Burke of Edinburgh are the First Prize winners in Issue 51 's Newcastle Brown Ale competition. They'll each be receiving a credit-card size FM radio and, along with the next 25 correct entries, a 12-song compilation cassette.

A Who’s That Girl T-shirt and soundtrack album are in the post to

Judith MacLaverty, Keith MacGiiiivray, Mary Sawers, N.J. van Rijshergen and ‘Uncle Bill', who correctly answered that Shanghai Surprise was the lilm in which Madonna co-starred with her husband Sean Penn.

And John McGuire, Vicky Stephenson, Deborah Dougvay, Graeme J. Wilson, Yvonne

Ledgerwood, Robert Gibson, Brendan Hoey, Francis J. irvine, David Green and Jon Andrews will all be receiving Angel Heart soundtrack LPs tor answering that Midnight Express was the Alan Parker lilm about the American drug-smugglerBiily Hayes.


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be training it down to Europe with a lrlend, care oi CAMPUS TRAVEL and their CAPITAL EXPLORER competition in the List Student Guide. A EURDTRAIN T-shirt will be going to Jane Sawyer and Tony Roberts - both lrom Edinburgh as special extra prizes. All the other entrants still waiting tor their EURDTRAIN winter brochure should be receiving a copy within the next tortnight— apparently the printer was hit by the hurricane down South so things have been delayed.


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