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Subsidised by the Scottish Arts Council McGrath got hold of it and said why don't you have a loolr at it?’ So reluctant was Cilltord to open the drawer that McGrath had to send him a y / h -

TH F photocopy ol the play to malre him read I H E A I R E it. Then he became interested. > _ y B The Play. ‘HOW "*9 3" Milerv “3 than psychiatric nursing—‘it's almost

CIIItord's Itrst. and covers VOW about human potential' was written A C R S dlllerent territory irom his more recent some "me am, among my the

Eltoflfllivyfiglgfingy"litt'axggced a" hospital. ‘it was an incredibly exciting THEATRE (; 1. A .v c (2 w ' ° ' ’”

play to write. l’d spent twelve years . . , "‘9 T'avmev "a" pf°"°"°d mm '0 trying to write novels and stories and ( ()M PA N V lntemational tame. How Like an "mm Whom much success. "are, at “"99" ("0" '0 "9 “mm” by "mm" last, was something that was like a Co-Operatlve) is set in a psychiatric

With great release oi energy.’ hospital. Iocusslng on one young man In "we the may show 0m, 3

K T E In pamwlar’ and if large" considerable contrast to Clitlord’s O ' M A R A (V 3:333:'lscfleofggramggd more recent historical plays with their : it t n I l J l J who worked in such an institution as a edge 0' “may " "as w" e" a a "‘9

. when l was trying to be naturalistic. it's 1" M student nurse. There was a young man vow documentary In some “3688..

“"0 "WW “9 '3‘ a" “0‘”- "d "9'" Going back to it, he has lound hindsight

D mm down’ "d 9m" mm “7' ""3 lascinatlng and benellclal. ‘lt’s litre a O t e distressed me enorrnousiy and I had to b" o, the past comm back to you . o . write it down. The problem was that it

M0“ 30 NOV ' you looked at it trom another point ot fligfiggdggfi' '13: remuynmmgs Sat 5 Dec A] y '_J \ \ view his insight might have been m because my happened, not “can” 5:85 7 rJ :z'ai-‘Efi; "$333123: are the story needs them. So I’ve done a urs at i , - little rewriting.‘ T. —J 'm' ""mcm- helptul tor his present writing: ‘What ickets - Wall o At the time ECT treatment, which pm hoping to do and trying to no i; to £2.50-E8.50 I lam Pm“ 3" 0'93"": WWI“ "WWIIh "'0 get to a point where i can write about

tl t' t l , . , ‘ghakespeare :2m::v:rs°l:1?&ilt:r:l‘wlzsy appalled by ma pmomagam’mom dine", 'm

, teaming a lot lrorn this play— l’m sure it. ltsliong term eltects had nev" bw‘ it’s going to have an effect on my work, pm” V "mm"- P°°m 3 "‘3" a" but I can't tell what it will be yet.’ much more complex than you thinlr. But

Facilities .

Box Office/Credit Cards 041-331 1234/332 sooo parrot my tmstratlonand distress was Sfiflifi’flflifo’i lspertonned in

Also at Ticket Centre 041-227 551 1 "m ' “mm” "’3'" “3 "h" 'm V0" Theatre Co-Op at Wlilrle House

coTullgdr.’ M M I d b "no" Theatre,Cowgate, Edinburgh trom3 This visit is made possible by the Strathciyde Regional Council, 9 av, ' c u on ya on Doc. 8" “mum.

“359°” 0‘5"“ C°”"°" 3"" ""3 56m" “"5 “m” _

18 The List 27 Nov 10 Dec I987

John ClitIord