Victoria Street. 226 3816. 9.30pm. Free. I Willy Logan (‘anny Man's. Morningsidc Road. 4-17 1484. 8.30pm. Free.

I Ears at a Madman Music Box. Victoria Street. 220 1708. 9.30pm. Free.

I Bo'Weevil l to be confirmed). l.ord Darnley. West Port. 2294341. 10pm. Free.

WEDNEDAY 2 Glasgow

I Punch/The River Detectives l-‘ixx. Miller Street. 9.30pm. Free. .-\notheracoustic set from the River Detectives. Punch have been promising me a tape for ages. but have yet to deliv er the goods. although everyone w ho has seen them seems to be fullof praise

I Nailan 1 fall liar. Woodlands Road. 9pm. Free.


I Dennis Brown and The Ambassadors Assembly Rooms. (icorgc Street. 225 3614. See panel lor gen on the renowned reggae master. and be sure to turn up early for'l'he Ambassadors. who say they're only play itig a short set tonight. but will dutllilless he called back lol‘ more. Probably the rootsiest and most danceable reggae band north of the border.

I Loo-Aka-Bop Boston Bean (‘o. St James Centre. 55601 1 1. Alter egosof’l‘he Peristalsis Brothers,

I Tam White Negociants. Lothian Street. 225 6313. 9pm. Away from the Dexters Tam plays around with a variable set of mlISiL‘lillls.

I RAM lord Darnley . West Port.229 4341. 10pm. Free. lsense the slightest hint of a leg-pull here.

I Thomson McCall Mtisic Box. Victoria Street. 220 1708. 9.30pm. Free.

THURSDAY 3 __ Glasgow

I The Straight Men .‘ylcNees. liglinton Toll. 9pm. Free.

I Billy Mclsaac Riverside Tavern. Waddell (‘ourt. 9pm. Free.

I Anaconda Platinis. West .‘s’ile Street. 9pm. Free. Well. what a stunning Thursday night. The best advice is towait and see if anything else crops up in the interim if not it is probably worth going to see INXS in Edinburgh.


I INXS Playhouse Theatre. (ireenside Place. 557 2590. Australia's greatest contribution to popular culture since. .. hm. . . a certain newspaper baron. And about as welcome. lNXS got their first big break on Live aid but. we were allfeeling generous that day. weren't we?

I The Pharoahs Venue. Calton Road.557 3073. 7.30pm. Rockabilly. .

I The Dan Blocker Experience Negociants. Lothian Street. 2256313. 9pm. Free. See Mon 30.

I Bedlam Preservation Hall. Victoria Street. 2263816. 9pm. Free.

I Los Supremos (‘anny Man‘s. Morningside Road. 447 1484. 8.30pm. Free.

I The Big Blue World Music Box. Victoria Street. 220 1708. 9.30pm. Free. More lightweight pop given the big synth treatment.

I Spiral Dance Lord Darnley. West Port. 229 4341. 10pm. Free.

FRIDAY 4 Glasgow

I Johnny Thunders Rooftops. Sauchiehall Street. 10.30pm. One of rock and roll‘s ultimate casualties. but he has survived— and that in itself is a major achievement. Said to be releasing an album ofSixties‘ covers next year.

I Vow Wow QML'. University Gardens. 9pm. £3. The thought of a Japanese heavy metal band is bad enough I have


G-Spot Tornado, who came second in our recent demo tape contest, have

' only been together

I a matter of

months, but have

lound their reception lrom audiences very encouraging. Their energy and enthusiasm on stage makes a relreshing change, they feel, from the majority of bands in the Edinburgh area who seem to treat their live gigs as public practice sessions. G-Spot Tornado aren’t too cool to show that they enjoy what they do. Their first gig saw their manager being showered with telephone numbers lrom people wanting them to play again, and over the Christmas period they will hardly have time to let their blistered lingers sonen.

A common comparison has been with Mitre Scott’s Waterboys, and guitarist Steve admits he was quite a tan of theirs when the band was lirst lormed. He also recalls the early music they made as being ‘the sort of stuff you'd sent to 4AD’, until the addition at drummer Donald brought in what he calls, for lack of a better phrase, ‘a

managed to avoid listening to them so far. If the audience is halfas funny as theone at the Motorhead gig at the same venue. then £3 is a positive bargain.

I Apres Ski Jarvey‘s lnn. Kelso Street. 9pm. Free. More. more. more.


I A Certain Halo (to be confirmed). Venue. (‘alton Road. 557 3073. 7.30pm. Split from Factory Records indeed! The ravens'll be leaving the Tower next. A seminal influence on hundreds of hands up and down the country. whose lead guitarists decided to throw away their Strats and buy a set of bongoes instead. Should be a good turnout. and a good gig. I The Powerhouse Boogie Band Preservation Hall. Victoria Street. 226 3816. £1 after 9.30pm. R&B. blues and boogie.

I Alter Eight Mince (to be confirmed). Negociants. Lothian Street. 225 6313. 9pm. Free. See Sat 28.

I Just Add Water Student Union.Teviot Row. Free. Students and guests only. See Sat 28.

I Mr Rhythm Lord Darnley. West Port. 2294341. 10pm. Free.

I Future World Moves Music Box, Victoria Street. 220 I708. £1 after 9pm.

SATURDAY 5 Glasgow

I Jamie Barnes and Cochise Viva's. Union Street. 1pm. What happened to the time when you could go and see a band on a Saturday night? Sad. really.


I The Cult Playhouse Theatre. Greenside Place. 557 2590. 7.30pm. £7. £6. ‘Oh yeah. I‘ve always loved Led Zep. didn't you know that? And Steppenwolf. God. can‘t forget Steppenwolf. got all their albums. Unplayed. but still. these things always come back. don‘t they? Oh. they have come back! Might as well try to flog a few to some Cult fans then. Fifteen years out of date. but nobody seems to be bothering about that nowadays. I had that Robert Plant in the back of the cab once.‘

I Loop Venue. Calton Road, 557 3073. 7.30pm. Strange up-and-eoming indie noise. May be worth checking out, if you‘re a Stooges fan.

more heavy rock inlluence.’

They and the othermembers-Ali (guitar/vocals), Linzy (keyboards/vocals) and Andy (bass) have used their prize money from the contest mainly to update their existing equipment, and plan to break into the college circuit in the New Year. They realise that playing ceaselessly in Edinburgh would be the death of them, as it has been tor so many other bands in the area.

I Friends of Carlotta Negociants. l_othian Street. 225 6313. 9pm. Free. Yes. the group that managed to placate a rabid bunch of rock fans expecting Jim and (‘hrissie Kerr on stage any moment at their Venue gig earlier this year. They pulled it off. inviting a myriad \ arier of guests up to sing with them on Ra B soul numbers. Look otit for (‘hina (‘risisand ()MD members in the line-up. Will they be as drunk this time'.’

I Makossa Preservation Hall. Victoria Street. 226 3816. £1 after 9.30pm. Good-time reggae group. worth seeing. I Tam White and The Dexters Platform 1. Rutland Street. See Sat 28.

I The Charge Lord Darnley. West Port. 229 4341. 10pm. Free. Been so long since I've seen this group. but 1 seem to remember some hard rockin‘ goin‘ down. I Talking to Walls Music Box. Victoria Street. 220 1708. £1 aftcr9pm.

The individual members are reluctant to accept responsibility for their distinctive name (originally copped from a recent Frank Zappa track), but now that they're becoming better known they're glad that it‘s not easily forgotten. A number of people have commented ‘that's the worst name I've ever heard‘, but that could be their iortune. Check the listings tortheir numerous gigs. (Mab)

' SUNDAY . 6


I Loop Rooftops. Sauchiehall Street. 10.30pm. Plugging a soon-to-be-released album called Heaven's 15ml.

I River Detectives Rixs. .‘viiller Street. 9.30pm. Free. Their aoustic residency continues. ..


I Comedy ol Errors and Anaconda Sotmdcheck Rock ('lub. Venue. (‘alton Road. 5573073. 7.30an £1.50. Weekly heavy rock metal club.

I Tam White and The Dexters Preservation Hall. Victoria Street. 2263816. £1 after 9pm. See Sat 28.

I Spiral Dance Music Box. Victoria Street.

2201708. Afternoon.

RESTAURANT: Tue—Sat (evenings only) Table D‘Ht‘ne and a la carte menus

7 01.1) FIX/{MA R K127 (LOSE EDINBt "RU/I

Wide range of meals available

BRASSERIL: Seven days: lunchtimes and evenings

(Bl-225 5428


- then




Pws llIllll llIlI.


7. 30pm TICKETS £5.00 & £4.50 TEL. 031 557 2590

The List 27 Nov— 10 Dec 1987 29