A Day Down a Goldmine Thurs lO—ch 30

Dec. The work of George Wyllie. that whacky scul?tor. is mounted into a large book for easy viewing.

I ROYAL MUSEUM OF SCOTLAND Chambers Street. 225 7534. Mon—Sat

10am-5pm. Sun 2-5pm.

I ROYAL MUSEUM OF SCOTLAND Queen Street, 556 8921. Mon-Sat 10am-5pm; Sun 2—5pm.

Scotland‘s antiquities share premises with the Portrait Gallery.

I ROYAL SCOTTISH ACADEMY The Mound, phone 226 6051 for info.

Edinburgh International: iieason and Emotion in Contemporary Art Sat 19 Dec-14 Feb. A major show organised by the Scottish Arts Council which brings together the work of 19 European and American artists. This will be the first time a show on this scale has been organised in Scotland outside the Edinburgh Festival and will provide a litmus test as tothe viability of such a project at this time of year. The 18th century building, well-sited and in keeping with the classical theme which runs throughout the work, will be kitted out with cafe and bookshop for this event. See next issue of The List for Feature on this exhibition. See also Crawford Arts Centre (Outside the Cities section at end of Art section) for detailsof the satellite exhibition.

I ST DRIDES COMMUNITY CENTRE Orwell Terrace. Mon—Fri 9.30am—4.30pm;

6. 30— 10pm.

A Day Down a Goldmine Until Tue 8 Dec. An exhibition bound into a book by the scul?tor George Wyllie.

I THE SCOTTISH ARTISTS SHOP8 Howard Street. 556 6337. Mon—Sat 10am-4pm. Sun 2-4pm.

Sir David Murray Until 31 Nov. Scotland and the Alps in sketchbooks.

I SCOTTISH CRAFT CENTRE 140 Canongatc. 556 8136. Mon—Sat

lOam—S .30pm. Crait Centre Christmas Show Until end Dec. Crafts from Scotland suitable for seasonal presents.

I THE SCOTTISH GALLERY 94 George Street. 225 5955. Mon—Fri 9am-5.30pm. Sat 9.30am- 1 pm.

The Art oi Giving Sat 28 Nov—24 Dec. A seasonal mix of work including paintings by Knox and Houston, colourful Italian ceramics. small bronze sculpture by Jill Watson and jewellery by nearly 50young British designers.

First prize in the Christmas draw is a lithograph by Francis Walker. The winner will be drawn on Wed 23 Dec at 11amin the gallery.


Newtongrange. Midlothian, 663 7519. Tue—Fri 10am-4.30pm; Sat/Sun Noon—5pm; Thurs late opening 6.30—8pm. Prestongrange (between Prestonpans and Musselburgh) Tue-Fri 10am-4pm. Sat/Sun Noon—5pm. Visitor Centre, Historic Cornish Beam Engine and displays showing coal-mining through the


I STILLS GALLERY 105 High Street, 557 1140. Tue-Sat Noon-6pm.

The Actual Boot Sat 28 Nov-Mon 16] an. The photographic postcard 1900—1920. In 1914 an incredible 880 million postcards went through the post. Seaside views, family album shots and historical events all take their place in this delightful exhibition.

I TALBOT RICE ART CENTRE Old College, University of Edinburgh, 667 1011 ext 4308. Mon-Sat, lOam—Spm, Sun 2pm—5pm.

Alexander Fraser Until Sat 12 Dec. First solo exhibition for this North-East artist in four years. Fraser moves from abstraction towards figuration over a series of seven large canvases. 1n the upper gallery, drawings and sketches show the workings of the larger paintings.

Artists in Residence Glyn Banks and

Hannah Vowles who work under the name ‘Art in Ruins‘ will be working atthe university until spring. They hope to be setting up an installation at the Royal Museum in Chambers Street in early December. They can be contacted through the Talbot Rice.

I THEATRE WORKSHOP 34 Hamilton Place. 225 7942. Open all day Mon-Sat.

I TORRANCE GALLERY 29b Dundas Street. 5566366. Mon—Fri 11am—6pm; Sat 10.30am—4pm.

Christmas Exhibition 30 Nov—31 Dec. Twenty—seven artists show together in this cosy basement gallery.

I 369 GALLERY 209 Cowgate , 225 3013. Mon—Sat Noon-5.30pm.

Christie Cameron Until Sat 28 Nov. Romantic figures. the Clyde estuary, children and animals - these are the subjects of Christie‘s work, all new.

Art in General - Four Artists From New York Until Sat 28 Nov. Stephan McKeown, llene Sterns, Gerald Weinstein and Martin Weinstein. Art in General was founded in 1980 by a group of artists fed up with fashion trends in art and determined to show the art which slipped that fickle net. In a space donated by the General Manufacturing Company their rule is to show group exhibitions to bring as much work as possible to public attention. This is an exchange show and 369 will be taking three Scottish artists to New York next year.

Autumn Classes Run until Sat 12 Dec. Contact gallery for details.

I WARE ON EARTH 15 Howe Street, 558 1276. Mon—Sat 10am—6pm; Sundays by appointment.

Sculpture and Drawings Tue l-Tuc 22 Dec. Work by Edinburgh College of Art graduate Mary Bourne, currently artist-in-rcsidence in Irvine.

I W.A.S.P.S. GALLERY Patriothall, Hamilton Place (near Theatre Workshop) Tue-Sun 12.30—5.30pm.

Studio Artists Group Show Until 1 Dec. A selection of work by the artists working at WASPS.

Peter Hill 5—12 Dec.

Group Exhibition 14—24 Dec.


I This section lists exhibitions oi special note held outside Glasgow and Edinburgh. Galleries should contact Alice Gain with iniormalion at least two weeks priorto publication.

I PEACOCK/ARTSPACE GALLERY 21 Castle Street, Aberdeen (0224) 639539.

Memory and Imagination Sat 28 Nov-Thurs 24 Dec. The satellite show of the Edinburgh International exhibition organised by the Scottish Arts Council. (See Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh). This touring show concentrates on works on paper by the nineteen artists contributing to the project. Cy Twombly, Sol le Witt and Stephen McKenna are included in the list. The tour continues in Scotland until August 1988.

I CRAWFORD CENTRE FOR THE ARTS 93 North Street. Mon—Sat 10am-5pm; Sun 2-5pm.

Scottish Society oi Women Mists Until Sun 20 Dec. Formed in 1924 when it was difficult for women artists to show their work, the SSWA still has a role to playin the Scottish art scene today. As their statement points out, women were given a back seat in two important shows this decade - New Image, Glasgow 1985 and relegated to a small minority and lumped together in The Vigorous Imagination 1987 . Though the majority of artists in this group (painters, sculptors, jewellers etc.) are women, men are invited to join as associate members.

. St Andrews University has announced

that it will not be funding the Crawford Centre, now 10 years old, after March 1988.


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