Top Left: Ascene lromthe 1909 tilm version with Viggo Larsen playing Holmestorthe titthtime. Top Right: Jeremy Brett and David Burke in Granada‘s taithtul tvversion. Below Right: The Sherlock Holmes Room in the Chateau de Lucens' Holmes Museum. Far Lett: Royal Doulton I

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version at the storyremade 1 torGranada's Christmas 1 adventure this year. Below

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“mum,” tun- km and characterstromthe mama wit-,5 storiesteatured on Turt A Stoll Production cigarette cardsin1923. THE SHERLOCK HOLMES COLLECTION Allthe pictures on this spread are taken from I CharlesHall‘sentertaining and inlormative new book.

g Published to coincide with the hundredth birthday celebrations. 'The Sherlock : HolmesCoIlection'(Charles Hall Productions. Edinburgh. £10.95) aimsto 3 be a guide to Holmes atticionados and would-be collectors ol the great . detective'smemorabilia. With an introductory section on Conan Doyle and a subsequentbrietanalysisot Holmes' background. there ,7 is certainly enough here to set any detective oil on the scent The bqu at the book is devoted to assembling, with an impressive array ot illustrations. a catalogue ot items inspired by Conan Doyle's creation. From cigarette cards to pub signs and tilm posters to Charles Hall's own range at metal liguresdepictingthe stories‘ characters. the scopetorthe collector seems intinite. The only problem with a book like thisisthat it hasto be addedto the collection. (NB)