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‘Brilliant. . . Intriguing . . . Outrageous’,

Bill Forsyth in Blitz ‘Put it high on your list of things to see’ , Derek Malcolm in the Guardian

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Bigloot And The Hendersons (PG) (William Dear, US, 1987) John Lithgow, Melinda Dillon, Don Ameche. 111 mins. The Hendersons are an all-American Spielberg-style suburban lamily; typical to the point of caricature. Dad is an emloyee in his father‘s gunstore ‘Shoot ’n’ Stutt’, mom i tends to the home front, teenager ' Sarah worries about her corsage and the prom whilst little Ernie is a pint-size ; Rambo lusting after his first blood. 1 En route home trom a tamin weekend in the wilderness dad crashes into a 1 large creature that turns out to be the | legendary Bigloot, an eight-loot cross l between a man and an ape. “What it ' we’ve just rendered an entire species extinct?’ squeals Mom. Hedging their bets and straining their muscles, they manoeuvre Bigloot on to the root rack and cart the evidence away from the woods. However, the Bigloot is a resilient beastle and the leartul Hendersons awake in the middle of the night to tind the hungry corpse raiding their lridge. Adjusting to the situation, they discover that their unwanted houseguest is a bright, loveable and surprisingly domesticated softy that 1 they christen Harry. Harry is almost adopted as a new family pet but then

(ilasgow; GFI‘

I Dune (PG) (David Lynch. US. 1984) Kyle MacLachlan. Francesa Annis. Sting. 136 mins. An intergalactic trade war rages over the planet of the spice melangc. which is exclusive to the planet Dune. Unwieldy. uninvolving big-budget spectacular. bereft of any emotional resonance. Weird. laughable and interminable. Glasgow; OFF

I 84 Charing Cross Road (U) (David Jones. UK. 1986) Anne Bancroft. Anthony Hopkins. Judi Dench. 99 mins. Mild-mannered but effective depiction of the affectionate twenty-year correspondence between garrulous American Anglophile and the altogether more reserved London bookseller Frank Doell. A rarified experience not for more muscular tastes. Edinburgh: Filmhouse

I Eraserhead ( 18) (David Lynch. US. 1976) John Nance. 90 mins. You may never eat jelly babies again after the I repellent but compelling tale ofHenry. his : haircut. his girlfriend. his strange l offspring and a good deal ofpus. if Disturbing stuff. Edinburgh; Cameo i I E.T. (U) (Steven Spielberg. us. 1982) l Henry Thomas. Drew Barrymore. Dec Wallace. 117 mins. A lonely suburban youngster befriends a stranded alien creature in this fairly irresistible movie

the outside world intervenes in the shape of nosy neighbours, sensationalistic newshounds and a hunter whose life’s work has been to track down the Bigloot in preparation tora famous kill.

Although sultering lrom the contemporary cinema affliction ol excessive length, Bigloot provides reasonably diverting and amusing fodder for holidaying youngsters; a kind at modest cross between King Kong and ET Accompanying adults may enjoy the joke too, as lodged within an apparently innocuous entertainment is a very strong anti-bloodsports message. Scrutinising the sorry species called man, Harry is suitably appalled by the meat on the table, the trophies on the wall and the clothes on our backs. The film blatantly demands that we respect all creatures great and small and stop killing them, eating them, wearing them or sitting on them. It may make you choke on your turkey but Bigloot is probably the first Disneyesque drama in a vegan vein; an intriguing extra dimension to an otherwise standard example at well-acted, sentimental Christmas tamily tare oil the Spielberg product line. (Allan Hunter)

magic. Edinburgh: Dominion

I Fanny and Alexander ( 15) (Ingmar Bergman. Sweden. 1982) l’ernilla Allwin. Bertil (iuve. Erland Josephson. 188 mins. In a Swedish provincial town in 1907 the fortunes of the well-to-do [ikdahl family take a turn for the worse when the recently widowed mother remarries a stern bishop and the children go to live in hisausterc residence. In what he has admitted to be his last film and the sum total ofhis filrnmaking career. Bergman belies his gloomy reputations by producing a work of [)ickensian stature that flows with simple joie-de-vivre. ()ne ofthe great works of European cinema in the '80s. Iidinburgh; Cameo l Ferris Bueller's Day Dtt( 15) (John Hughes. US. 1986) Matthew Broderick, Jennifer Grey. Charlie Sheen. 103 mins. A sunny Spring day in Chicago is far too good to spend locked in a classroom so the irrepressible Ferris Bueller feignsa malady. cuts classes and promises his two best friends a day to remember. (‘haracteristically uneven Hughes teen comedy that scores with fresh dialogue and appealing characterisations but has the drawback of some laboured farce and the need to make meaningful statements. Edinburgh; Filmhouse

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